Top 10 Tips for Women With Shaved Heads

While women have been doing this daring hairstyle for years, it wasn’t until recent years that shaving your head became a common thing, for women. I feel it’s empowering for a woman to try crazy hairstyles that may not be the “norm” to regular society.

A lot of people equate hair with beauty, and if you don’t have hair, if you are a female, then you aren’t beautiful.

But taking a closer look at celebrities can cause a person to question that statement.

Celebrity with a Bald Head

Take a look at these beautiful females who decided to toss their tresses.

Grace Jones

From early childhood, I remember Grace Jones and her cropped top.

She varied on the look of her shave, sometimes having a tiny afro on top with shaved sides, or just having it completely shaved. I felt her shaved head give her power.

She looked like a Goddess of strength and she actually intimidated people with her head shaved.

But while she lacked in hair, she was far from lacking in beauty.

While her look was masculine it was also elegant.

Sinead O’Connor

Another memory from my youth was Sinead O’Connor. I learned about her when I heard her song “Nothing Compares To You“. I saw her as very edgy and fitting right into the scene I enjoyed at the time. Her music was ok, but her look was classic. I’m finding that when you strip the hair away from a woman you can really see her beauty, and I feel with Sinead, this was really the case. She has a more classic beauty to her.

You could easily see her as the girl next door.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver’s bald head came in the form of her kickass character Ripley.

It must be easier to kick alien booty without your hair getting in your face. And let’s face it, folks, she’s a little scary looking with the shaved head.

She looks like she shoots first and asks questions later.

But honestly, I’d kind of want this type of person defending me if the planet was attacked by aliens.

Just saying.

Robin Tunney

If there was one person I idolized, it was Robin Tunney.

She just seemed so cool and like someone, I could easily befriend. She had roles in movies I loved, and she could play different roles which showed off what a great actress she was and still is.

Robin shaved her head in a scene where her “Empire Records” character went a wee bit nuts and went for the fuzzy peach look. A young girl shaving her hair off and still looking cool and was still chased after?

I was so jealous. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore was always taking interesting roles. One popular role forced her to have to shed her lovely looks for her Army character in G.I.Jane.

I loved getting a chance to see her without hair.

She was stunning with hair and equally as stunning without it. She took on a sort of Sigourney kickass intimidation, and once again, if someone is going to be defending me I want them to look intimidating.

So yeah, loved it.

Amber Rose

Someone a little more recent, but who I go to immediately when I think of ladies with shaved heads, is Amber Rose.

Kind of interesting, she shaved her head after seeing Sinead’s “Nothing Compares To You” video and falling in love with the style. She hasn’t looked back since and I think it’s really paid off for her.

She’s memorable and she’s stunning.

I mean it, people. I’ve seen her with hair, and with hair, she’s really just another pretty face. It’s her lack of hair that really brings out her beauty.

Tips for Women With Shaved Heads

And these is just a few women on a list of many who have decided to go sans hair. So, tempted to try this hairstyle yourself? Wait! Before you head for the razor, here are some tips that will help make your hair cutting experience, not a hair-raising experience.

Decide Between An Electric Razor/Clipper Or Manual Razor

This choice really is up to you, what you have on hand, and how skilled you feel you are. With an electric clipper, it’s pretty straightforward of trimming the hair short with scissors and then shaving the rest off until you are satisfied.

You might need the attachments for the clippers if there is a certain length you want and don’t want to shed it all. But using an electric razor or balding clippers is basically painless and goes fairly quickly. The most irritating thing you will deal with is cleaning up trying to sweep the hair off the floor and get it all off of your body. Those tiny hairs like to stick to you. My suggestion is to hop into the shower after you shave so you can wash the hair off of your body.

With a manual razor, disposable razor, or razor with a disposable blade, you have to put a little more thought and work into the shave, and you have to be dedicated to saying goodbye to all your hair. You will have to get your hair cut down to stubble in order to shave with a manual razor. With a manual razor, you will need shaving cream, gel, oil, or lotion in order to shave with, as well as water.

Make sure the lube you use is really worked into your hair and scalp before you start shaving. This really helps in the closeness and comfort of your shave. Now with using a manual razor some irritations you might deal with are cuts and nicks on your scalp, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Clean-up should be a breeze because the length of hair you will be shaving will be just stubble left over after your initial big chop and will wash down the drain. You can just use a wet washcloth to wipe your head clean of any shaving cream, gel, oil, or lotion, and then you are done.

Don’t like shaving! Check this post for knowing about how to bald head without shaving.

Wet Or Dry Hair

With an electrical clipper, cut your hair when it is dry. You know, the whole water and electricity don’t mix deal. With an electrical razor, you may find one that is a wet razor, but for the most part, these kinds of razors need a dry environment to work in like the clippers.

With a manual razor, it’s really best to shower before you shave your hair or at least wash your hair. The warm water helps make the hair softer and easier to cut. Wet hair also helps cut down on an occurrence of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which is something you really don’t want, especially not on your head.

Best Way To Start Shaving

With an electrical razor/clippers, you should first section up your scalp. It’s best to section it up into 6 parts that are the top of the head, right front, right back, left front, left-back, and nape of the neck. Once you have that figured out you are going to start shaving. I’ve seen it referred to multiple times as it’s like mowing the lawn.

You want to keep your strokes going in the same direction and right by each other. You don’t have to just go from top to bottom. You can do whatever you want to do really, but just remember to keep the strokes in the same direction and next to each other for a unified and even look. However, if you aren’t going for unified and even, go crazy!

For a manual razor, it’s best to start with softer or thinner hair first and leave the course for last so it has time to soften up under your choice of lube. Remember you have a very sharp object in your hair, so you are going to go slow and even with your strokes. You can also attack your head in the same manner of sectioning it up into six sections. With manual shaving, I really feel it’s best to either from top to bottom or bottom to top.

With Or Against The Grain

With an electric razor/clippers I really don’t feel going against the grain is a big deal if you are going for a more artistic look. I still stand by going in the same direction no matter what way you decide to shave, but the grain isn’t that big of an issue. However, if you are shaving to have a close cut then you want to take grain into consideration. If you want a close shave, find out which way your grain is going and shave against it. Go nice a slow because with an electric razor you can cause irritation on the exposed scalp.

With manual razors, this topic is debatable and I guess depends on the person. If you go against the grain you will naturally get a closer shave, but you are risking irritation to your scalp if you go against the grain because there is more pulling, plucking, and nicking going against the grain. If you go with the grain you will naturally have more comfort, but you may not get as close of a shave as you want. You can go over the area again, but you may risk irritation as well, so be careful.

Clean The Razor During Your Shave

When your razor gets loaded up with hair, it can’t cut as well because the blade(s) are covered, so you need to give them a clean in between sections or just when it gets full. With an electric razor/clippers you should get a little brush with your razor, if not you could use a makeup brush or paintbrush, or an old soft toothbrush to get the hair out. Just gently swipe the brush over the blades, the razor must be turned off, and clean out the hair.

With a manual razor you simply run the razor under running water from the faucet, or if you have the sink filled you can shake inside the water to rinse it. If the hair is thick you can try carefully taking it out with a fingernail, or get a toothpick and try to scrape it out.

Check For Spots You Missed

It’s easy to miss a spot on your head with the lack of eyes in the back of the head. If you have a hand mirror you can turn around to your bathroom mirror and look in the hand mirror to see the back of your head. Be sure to check behind your ears and any crevices on your neck or head that hair can hide. Try to see as close to the back of the head as possible so you can see any hairs that you missed.

Use Sunscreen

Now that you have newly shaved head, you need to realize that your hair was serving more a purpose than to look nice. It also was to protect your head from the environment. One major thing it was protecting you from was the sun. Your head will be completely exposed to it, so if you are sporting the shiny bald look you have to use sunscreen. You should really use it all over your body, but especially on your head if it’s shaved. Get a good one too. You don’t want anything that is clogging and you want one that will give good coverage, even through sweat.

Realize It’s Just Hair And Will Grow Back

I know this can be a big step for you, especially being a female. But just realize, if you decide that you don’t really like yourself bald, it’s just hair and it will grow back. You may need to wear a wig until it does or give it time to grow on you, but over time your head will grow peach fuzz and continue on from there. Odds are in a day or two of cutting your hair you will already have that “5 o’clock shadow”, so you will be on your way to a full head of hair in no time.


Now that you have no hair to hide your beauty from the world, it’s the perfect time to accessorize yourself. We are talking big bold earrings, cute headbands, funky hats, delicate scarves, and bold makeup. Without your hair to put into funky hairdos, you will want to experiment with other ways to look unique and individual. A lot of women like using big earrings and bobbles for earrings, or cute headbands.

Got a killer hat collection that’s been collecting dust? No reason you shouldn’t be wearing a different one every day now. How about those scarves you save for special outfits or occasions? How about trying them wrapped around your head? Or try some sexy bold makeup that makes you feel fabulous. Try any combination of these and see what you end up liking. Did you know there is even make-up for your head, or maybe try a head tattoo? The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy Your New Look

Get out there and show off your fabulous new look! You may get some looks and stares, but just realize they are super jealous. Jealous of your bravery to go bald, and jealous of how beautiful you look, even more so now with a bald head. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show people what you and so many women before you have figured out, that bald is beautiful!

Do you think bald is beautiful? Ever thought of going bald for a long? Have you already gone bald?

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