Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper – Great for Barbers and Stylists

The Wahl balding clipper is convenient for professional stylists and barbers. Professionals love sharp performance while using grooming tools. This clipper is fitted with a powerful electromagnetic motor that runs smoothly with less vibration.

Are you looking for a clipper that offers close shaves and prevents hair pulling? It has an 8-foot electric cord that allows the convenience of handling. Purchase this product and enjoy the self-sharpening blades that are snag-free.

The smooth steel blades are quick and precise; they should be lubricated regularly to prevent rust. This full head balding clipper weighs only 1 lb and has been designed to last longer.

There’s no likelihood of shoulder or wrist fatigue because the 8-foot electric cord allows convenient handling of the clipper.

Its ergonomic design and the sturdy construction distinguishes the brand from other clippers. The product comes with accessories; a blade guard, the tube of lubricating oil, two attachment combs, and a cleaning brush.

Features of the 5-Star Full Balding Clipper

Sturdy design

The 5-Star Balding Clipper measures 6.25 inches long, and its lightweight of 0.6 lb. It has a visually enhanced appearance and the plastic housing offers a firm grip for surgically-close. Wahl is a reliable name in the business of hair clippers because their parts are strong and durable. Ensure to pack the clipper and its accessories after using the product, and protect the self-sharpening blades from moisture by oiling the clipper regularly.

Efficient motor

There’s a V5000 electromagnetic motor that has been built-in to offer twice the speed of pivot motor clippers. The motor runs smoothly with fewer vibrations and noise. More so, there’s no heat emission after working continuously for a longer period. The grooming tool works with a power input of 120 volts and 60 Hertz.

Personalized cuts

There are two guide combs with different lengths for personalized haircuts. Attach each of the combs, and align them properly to the smooth steel blade of your clipper for nice and even cut. With the attachment combs, it’s easy to have the perfect appearance that suits your personality. For the maximum number of cuts and comb size, you may check our review of Wahl Magic Clip.

Zero overlap

The sharp steel blades are quick and can be adjusted to zero overlap setting for fading and blending. However, professional barbers and stylists should be careful with the zero overlap feature because the clipper’s blade is sharper with this setting.

Ease of use

The lightweight corded clipper has a lengthy cord that measures 8 feet. So, it’s convenient to move around and change positions while shaving. More so, the lengthy cord is chemical resistant, rounded and doesn’t tangle.

  • V5000 electromagnetic motor
  • High precision steel blades
  • Lightweight clipper
  • 8-foot long electric cord
  • Low noise and less vibration
  • It can’t be used outdoors in the absence of a power source

Final Verdict

This clipper is designed for professional use. This corded clipper offers sharp performance; it’s ideal for fades, trimming thick hair, and touch-ups. There’s a built-in V5000 electromagnetic motor that runs smoothly with low vibrations. The grooming tool works with a power input of 120 volts/60 Hertz. Apply lubricating oil regularly to prevent rust from attacking the steel blades. Apart from this clipper, the package comes with accessories; two attachment combs, blade guard, oil, an instruction manual, and a cleaning brush.

The clipper is highly improved for professionals that require reliable clippers. More so, the self-sharpening blades are thick and designed to offer sharp performance. Use original spare parts when there’s the need to replace any part of the clipper. Ensure the steel blades are lubricated before storing the clipper in its case.

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