Wahl Designer Clipper for Professionals 8355-400

Wahl Designer Clipper for Professionals 8355-400The Wahl Designer Clipper is an efficient and reliable grooming tool that has been highly improved. It cut wet or dry smoothly with sharp blades that have a better performance. If you are looking for the best clippers for fades than this should be a right choice for you.

The texture of your body and facial hair is not a challenge because the clipper has a powerful electromagnetic motor that runs through dense and tangled hair. More so, the clipper blades can are adjustable to the closest setting with a near-zero overlap. With this feature, it’s easy to get a perfect edge trimming, and balding cut while using the clipper.

It has been designed for professional barbers to display their blending and fading skills. The ergonomic design offers brilliant anti-rust exterior coats that are weather-proof. Are you a professional barber in search of a faster and reliable clipper? Purchase this Wahl Designer Clipper to get more value for your money.

The package comes with six units of attachment combs, blade guard, cleaning brush, oil, and a user’s manual. Indeed, the clipper is build to render sharp performance while operating with a power input of 120 volts/60 hertz.

Features of the Wahl Designer Clipper


Without having overlapping blades, the clipper offers precise edge trimming. There’s an adjustable taper lever that allows the operator to close the blades for easy blending, and fading. Without detaching, the clipper’s blades can be aligned for balding cuts, and they are ideal for all hair types.

Stylishly Built

The Wahl Designer Clipper is stylishly built for professional use and comes with a brilliant color casing. Its ergonomic design distinguishes the brand from regular clippers. The 6.25-inch long clipper is easy to handle and use, and only weighs 1 lb.

Highly improved

This Wahl clipper is for professional barbers and stylists with different levels of expertise. It’s a highly improved grooming tool with precision blades and cool-running built-in electromagnetic motor. It has been fitted with an 8-foot cord that doesn’t tangle readily and aids easy movement while barbing. However, the clipper is only compatible with a power rating of 120 volts/60 hertz.

Complete accessories

The Designer Clipper is equipped with complete accessories. After purchase, the grooming tool doesn’t require complex assembly of parts to operate. There are six units of attachment combs, a blade guard, oil, cleaning brush, and an instruction manual for a convenient barbing experience. The paperboard pack has inserts that fit each accessory and the clipper compactly.

Great performance and low noise

The clipper has better performance than regular grooming tool; it cuts through dense, wet and dry hair types with less vibration. The built-in electromagnetic motor doesn’t produce irritating vibrations of heat after running continuously.

  • The power input rating of its built-in electromagnetic motor operates at 120 volts/60 hertz
  • It’s a lightweight tool that’s easy to lift and use for a longer period without shoulder or wrist fatigue
  • the clipper has an ergonomic design that is distinct from other brands
  • The tapper lever offer zero-overlapping of blades edge trimming and blending
  • It’s fitted with an 8-foot long cord
  • It’s not a cordless clipper that can be used with rechargeable batteries.

Final Verdict

The professional-grade Wahl Designer Clipper is suitable for cutting both wet and dry hair types. It’s the right grooming tool for under jaw, side bears, and body hair, and its convenient for use. The high precision blade is not detachable, but they have been designed to allow the tapper lever to adjust them. The sharp blades should be oiled to allow seamless alignment. The package comes in a box with all necessary accessories, and they should be replaced with original Wahl versions when necessary.

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