Wahl 9766 Pet Pro Clipper with 4 Guide Combs

The Wahl Pet-Pro Clipper has the ‘snag-free cutting’ feature; the product works effectively for heavy and smooth coats. Are you looking for a pet clipper with more features? This Wahl is ideal for long-haired cats, and full body clipping for dogs. The clipper is highly improved, trims powerfully, and doesn’t get stuck in the hair of pets; regardless of its dense texture. Wahl is a leading brand in grooming tools, and their pet clippers are reliable. In the package are, four guide combs, a small pack of oil, a blade guard, an instructional DVD, and a little brush to apply oil.

Use the guide combs to maintain the length of hair whiling trimming, and cutting. The clipper is easy to use and doesn’t need tough installation procedures after purchase. You should oil the clipper regularly to prevent rust, and sterilize too. This grooming machine is durable with a sleek body design and ensures a firm grip while handling.

The electromagnetic motor runs smoothly with low noise form its vibration. Unlike regular trimming products, this clipper fit noise-sensitive pets.

Features of the Pet-Pro Clipper with 4 Guide Combs By Wahl

Efficient motor

This clipper has a built-in power drive electromagnetic motor that is efficient. It works on a cool-running mechanism that produces light vibrations, and low noise. Here’s the ideal dog clipper if your pet is very sensitive to vibration. The motor can run for longer hours while giving the animal full body clipping, or just trimming.

Snag-free Cutting

The teeth of the high carbon steel blades and guide combs don’t get stuck in dense hair textures. Its drive cutting system is 30% more than the clipping power of normal clippers. The blades are adjustable by using the side taper lever, and it’s ready to cut the thick coats easily. Its snag-free feature makes full body clipping seamless, and all four guide combs give the desired coat length.

Sharp blades

The pet-pro clipper is fitted with high carbon steel blades that are sharp. Oil them to ensure easy adjustment, and prevent rust from destroying the self-sharpening blades. More so, the sharp steel blades can stay sharp for longer periods after repeated use. The adjustable blades have superior blade geometry, and are replaceable; use Wahl spare parts for optimum performance.

Power drive cutting system

There’s no delay or obstruction while trimming pets hair because of the power drive cutting system. The clipper can handle small and large dogs because the machine offers 30% more power output. The built-in motor cuts with precision, and works well with the guide combs.

  • Snag-free Cutting
  • Power drive cutting system
  • Comes with four guide combs
  • Carbon steel and superior blade geometry
  • The ideal clipper for smooth, short and combination coat
  • Pet clippers with plastic cases are not more durable than the metal body clippers

Final Verdict

Are you a pet trainer, veterinarian, or pet lover in search of an animal clipper that works effectively? The pet-pro clipper is the ideal animal grooming tool for trimming, cutting. This 6-foot corded clipper handles pets with smooth, short, and combination coat easily. Its blades are made of high carbon steel; they should be oiled regularly to avoid rust. Without resharpening the blades after use, they can stay sharp for many years. The product has superior blade geometry, fur feeding feature that prevents hair pulls or body cuts to pets.

More so, the clipper is highly improved with the snag-free cutting feature. The sturdy construction is compact with the plastic case, chemical resistant cord, and plastic comb guides. It’s a good value for money for pet lovers that have purchased this clipper.

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