Best Nose Hair Trimmer In 2019 – Guide & Reviews

It has come to it that your nose hairs are showing up. It feels embarrassing I know. I have the experience, and for me, trouble with the scissors is what lead me to think there must be a better way to get rid of the nose hairs, a method that is fast and safe.

Trying to do nose hairs with other means other than the nose hair trimmer is the messiest of things you might end up injuring yourself at the least.

Embarrassment time is over now. Technology is offering you a range of nose hair trimmers that do the job effectively. From experience and a vast research and testing process of the nose hair trimmers in the market, I have complete surety that I got my hands on the best of the nose hair trimmers.

Nose Hair Trimmers Compared

I have not had to use one, but I have close friends from whom I get direct feedback. Then there are the field studies and numerous research, all that hard work results to only and only the best of the nose hair trimmer.

Our filter criterion has the following list of the best nose hair trimmer as our results. They will give you a blend of qualities that ensure for the perfect hair trimming.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer 2018 Reviews

1. Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose Trimmer 5100


The Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer 5100 is a nose trimmer that meets all the standards for a classy trim. You should give it a try.

The manufacturer gives you a combo of the most amazing assurance. A 45 days money back policy and a two years warranty.

If you have any dissatisfaction with this nose trimmer you can get your money back within 45 days.

Skin Guard Technology

Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer 5100 uses a skin guard technology that protects the skin from cuts. Also, the detailer and comb have rounded tips, so you comfortably use them without scathing the skin.

Non-Slip Grip

During the whole hair trimming process a Non-slip grip gives you comfortable trimming experience. The result is a perfect trim a slipping grip can make things a little messy.


A series of accessories come together with the nose hair trimmer. They include a precision trimmer, eyebrow trimming combs, beard comb and a cleaning brush. These accessories facilitate overall facial grooming from the nose hairs to the eyebrows and the beard as well.

2. Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer


Most of the products if not all from Panasonic are quality. The Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System is not an exception. It is a leading grooming tool for men world over.

The trimmer incorporates a powerful Panasonic micro vacuum system. The system provides high power that sucks the hair clipping into the collection chamber.

There is enough power to ensure for a clean cut with all hairs collecting in the chamber.


The blades on this nose trimmer are durable and super sharp. They are hypoallergenic to ensure that it does not irritate the skin from allergic reactions.


Versatility is not an option for Panasonic products. The Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System is waterproof so that you can use it in even in the wet of the shower.


The design of the blades is a curvy design with dual edge capabilities. The design sees to it that the trimmer cuts hairs without tugging which hurts like hell. The cut hair collects in an easy to clean chamber for easy disposal and cleaning.

3. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


This product is a work of the PHR system. The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer has been in existence since 1991. 

There have been steady advancements in the design of this ear hair trimmer. 

Upon purchase, the trimmer comes with a lifetime warranty. Essentially this means that you will not have to buy any other trimmer for a lifetime. Even cooler is that the warranty is unconditional.

Solid Stainless Steel Construction

The trimmer’s body is of pure solid stainless steel. Even when you use the trimmer in the shower, there is zero chance of corroding.

Easy To Operate

Using a trimmer has never been easier and safe. All you need to do is get the rotary end of the blade in the nostrils. To reach every bit of hairs, you gently twist the trimmer back and forth, and you will be the cleanest in just a snap.

Easy To Clean Up

To clean up the trimmer, I hold it onto a stream of warm water. For a more thorough cleaning, you unscrew some screws that are easy to do, and then you can access the shaft for a careful delicate clean up.

4. Andis Fast Trim Personal Trimmer for Nose


Andis Fast Trim Personal Trimmer for Nose, Ears, and Eyebrows, Silver (13430a) is a new entry product in the market.

I give them credit as they seem to have done all the due diligence necessary to come up with a quality nose, ears, and eyebrows trimmer.

The manufacturer incorporates a protective cap. Whenever you need to travel you, just need to tuck the trimmer in the protective cap.

Also, the cap is very useful during storage as it protects the blades from dust.

Nice Aesthetics

The silver finish gives this Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer the most beautiful appearance. Men and women fall in love with it for this reason.

Rust Proof

Being of a stainless steel make, the nose trimmer does not give into rust. Rust is the number one thing that deteriorates the quality of a trimmer fast.

Recessed Cutting Blades

To ensure that the blades do not cut into the skin. The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer uses recessed blades for a quick and easy trimming exercise and 100% safe.

5. Remington MPT-3600 Battery Operated Dual Blade Pen Trimmer


If you are looking for a trimmer that you can grab anywhere anytime, the Remington MPT-3600 Battery Operated Dual Blade Pen Trimmer is your ideal trimmer. Let’s see why?

Once you make the decision to own the Remington MPT-3600 Battery Operated Dual Blade Pen Trimmer, it sorts all of your hair trimming needs.

It will take care of the all the facial hairs, the nose and ear hairs and also the leg hairs.

Detail Trimmer

The trimmer design is to the detail to ensure that you get rid of all the unwanted hairs. The trimmer gets hold of all the nose and ear hairs. Let’s give accolades where they are fit.

Dual Sided Blades

Dual sided blades see to it that you have precise, effective trimming. These blades are super sharp seeing to it that hair does not tug to the blades causing injuries. In effect, they make the whole trimming exercise super easy.

Perfect Shape

The Remington Trimmer takes the shape of a pen. Technically the pen shape facilitates for easy maneuverability. Also, a detailed light provides illumination to reveal all the hairs.

Factors To Consider : Best Nose Hair Trimmer

I together with my team of experts put into consideration all the factors that count without missing any single one.


One of the best ability of any trimmers is the ability to handle all hairs. Versatility will have to do with the design. The blades, for example, will determine how well they can handle different hairs. The shape also will determine how well they can access let’s say the nose.

Easy To Clean Up

The easy cleanup will help you maintain the greatest level of hygiene. Check out whether the shaft is accessible though you should be able to clean up by just rinsing the trimmer over a stream of water.


Defects that are uncalled for by either you or the manufacturer arise at times. A warranty eliminates the lamenting and cursing out of something really out of control. Many a time it is a mark of confidence from the manufacturer.


Anything that comes in contact with the skin tends to leave its fair share of a mark, and this should not be the case. A trimmer that meets hypoallergenic standards will be the best. Being rust proof is also a safety measure as the slightest cut by a rusty blade will mean immense health risk.

Final Words

On a scale of ten, I will give these nose hair trimmers a 9.9. Feedback from all the users tends to agree with my rating.

The least rating that they get is a 4.5. Wait no longer just head straight to the stores and request on of these trimmers I assure you they will not let you down. They will give you great maneuverability and a sense of cleanliness.

These trimmers are your ticket to a more confident self. Health wise they are perfect as they do not irritate the skin, no one wants complications in the name of trying to look neat. They offer you great qualities at affordable prices it is the time you get one.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Review – Trimmer and Shaver

If you have more than one device for shaving your beard, face, and other body hair, then you are sorely missing out. Now, you can purchase convenient devices which have several uses in one such as the Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer which is a hybrid razor.

This handy little device contains both an electric trimmer and a shaver. It is designed to “suite the modern man’s needs” in one easy to use the unit. You can use this trimmer to edge your hair with defined lines, shaving, and trimming.

You can also use this device to create precision stubble using one of the three attachable combs for your desired look.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Review


The best attribute of this shaver is the head of the trimmer. The razor has one blade in a crosshatching pattern which works to prevent itching and skin irritation to give a close, smooth shave. The blade moves very quickly and there is a set of green teeth which protect your face by surrounding the blades. This allows you to shave in an upwards and downwards direction. This is extremely unique as most experts would never recommend shaving against the grain but with the Norelco OneBlade, you can perform this action without the consequences.

It weighs 324g so it is not the lightest shaver ever but it does not feel heavy in your hand. It has a power button on the front as well as an eject slider which removes the head. On the bottom of the handle is the charging port. It also has a dual-sided design where the blade protrudes from the bottom and the top of the head, it can be used to shave and create edges from any angle you want. There may, however, be a problem when trying to shave a full beard.


This unit has impressive shaving capabilities, but one highlight of the Norelco OneBlade is the level of comfort it gives while also achieving a very close shave. It provides a much more gentle touch than other types of razors whether double-edged, cartridge or a straight razor. The dual-sided blade is not as sharp as one might assume when looking at the unit. This means it has much more comfortable when moving over the skin and over sensitive spots. Even a light pass over the skin will give you a clean cut shave all the way down to the skin.

This razor blade is much less likely to give you skin irritation, razor burns, or ingrown hairs due to the blades not being as sharp, or achieving as close a shave as wet razors or other groomers. Despite this, the blades still give you a very close shave but without the irritation. The device feels much easier to use and doesn’t block too much of your face when trimming and edging your hair. It feels like using a slightly larger version of a traditional razor due to the small and streamlined design of the device.


The OneBlade gives the user perfect control over it with the flexibility it delivers. You can shave in any direction, against or with the grain which you are not usually recommended to do. The enclosure with the teeth works like a comb which guides the hairs into the blade. This means there are fewer chances of the skin being pulled. The handle and singular design of the blades are designed to be slender and gives you the ability to maneuver the shaver along the contours of the face with ease and comfort including indentions and blemishes.


The Philips OneBlade makes detailing your style very easy. It has a small head so edging sideburns and mustaches is a breeze. It also comes with a set of combs so those with big, bushy beards can tailor them perfectly with this razor. You can achieve proper beard maintenance with this handy little unit. It has a steady operation, even after a few pass-throughs of a thick beard.

Hair strands don’t get caught in the blades, so you won’t be uncomfortable while trying to trim your beard. The blades are designed to last for four months each, so you can get plenty of hair trimming in before having to replace the blades. This is one of the best body hair trimmers as well.


    • Battery is rechargeable
    • Can be used both wet or dry
    • Comb attachments allow seamless beard trimming
    • The sturdy and lightweight design has tenable properties
    • Blades are disposable and built for longevity
  • Can work with or against the grain


    • Coarser surfaces may suffer from the lack of power and it might provide less of a thorough shave when used on thicker hairs and get more tangled and jammed.
    • Cleaning can be an issue as rather than tap the unit on your basin (which can damage the mechanism), you are told to blow or rinse the hairs out instead.
    • It has a short battery life and takes a long time to charge. It takes eight hours to charge for just a 45-minute shave. For those who shave quickly every morning, you can probably get five days to use from the battery. But for those who are styling and shaping their hair, you might only get two uses out of it before having to plug it in to charge.
  • The replacement heads can be considered expensive, especially for those who shave often and will have to replace the blades more often.


Can you use the Philips OneBlade in the shower?

You can indeed use the Philips Norelco OneBlade in the shower. So, if you prefer to have your morning shave in the shower this razor will happily oblige.

How does the Norelco OneBlade work?

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is not quite a beard trimmer, nor a shaver, but instead works as an electric groomer for those men who have facial styles and beards. It can trim, edge, and shave the hairs no matter how long. You can leave precision stubble using the combs that come with the razor. It takes 8 hours to charge and has a battery life of 45 minutes. Simply run the razor over your hair, whether wet or dry, in either direction, and you can achieve the look you desire.

Is the Norelco OneBlade waterproof?

This razor is waterproof and can be used in the shower if you desire. It is also recommended to run the head underwater in order to clean it off the hairs. You can also use this razor when your hair is dry, it all depends on you.

Can you use the OneBlade with shaving cream?

Yes, you can use the Philips Norelco OneBlade with shaving cream, in fact, this is one of the tops recommended ways to use this razor. Using it with shaving cream will provide a much closer and comfortable shave.

How do you clean the Philips Norelco Oneblade?

You should avoid tapping the unit or head on the side of the basin and instead rinse it under water or blow the hair out of the blades. Cleaning can be an issue with this razor as the connection can prove to be delicate. Wiping with a cloth, rinsing under water or blowing the hair away is a much safer way of cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco OneBlade trimmer could become your new go-to shaver. It has many qualities that are perfect and design decisions that make for a much better shave than other shavers on the market. It is very good for those who suffer from sensitive skin as it doesn’t move too close to the skin but still gives a close enough shave. The blades move very fast which means you can achieve an even and clean trim for when you are styling and edging your facial hair. The OneBlade is primarily useful for those who need to design and tidy stubble or smaller facial hair designs. It does, however, struggle with thicker and longer beards.

The Norelco OneBlade has many positives including that it can be used wet or dry, is inexpensive, and has a specifically designed cross-hatched blade to provide a neat, clean and as close a shave as possible. For those who want slightly longer hair, the attachment combs can complete this goal and provide detailed and edged facial hair, no matter what look you decide to go for.

The Philips design of this razor is for the modern man who wants to design and style his facial hair according to trends and popular looks. You can edge, shape, and trim your facial hair to fit in with society and the looks that are becoming more common and popular. Having tidy, trimmed and neat facial hair is the fashion now, and if you elect to have facial hair like this then the Philips Norelco OneBlade is the perfect trimmer to achieve these looks. Be aware of trying to cut and trim longer and thicker beards as the blade does not seem to be designed for this cause.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Review

Over the past couple of years, body trimmers are becoming popular for grooming, rather than just the electric shaver you may be used to. The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7100 is one of the best on the market. It offers a premium experience with a very moderate price, so you can achieve the look you desire without breaking the bank.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Review


  • It has a 3D pivoting head which means it is much easier for the blades to follow the contours of your body in the most comfortable way possible.
  • On the other end of the unit is a trimmer so the Norelco Bodygroomer is a 2-in-1 gadget for your ultimate convenience.
  • There is the choice of five different lengths, so you can achieve your ultimate dream look.
  • The unit is also waterproof, so you can shave under the shower if that is what you prefer to do.
  • It is cordless, so it is much easier and safer to use than other body groomers.
  • The Norelco Bodygroom 7100 only takes one hour to charge and once charged it can be used for fifty minutes which is more than enough time to complete all your body trimming tasks.
  • The blades on this trimmer are self-sharpening so you won’t need to lubricate them or perform any other type of maintenance. The shaving head is also made from materials which are hypo-allergenic so it’s less likely you will suffer from irritation or allergic reactions.
  • The quality of the Philips brand is well renowned and continually shows itself to be top in both performance and material. You can be sure you are receiving a great quality product that will satisfy your grooming needs.
  • The unit is fully waterproof and performs brilliantly in both wet and dry climates. If you are more comfortable shaving in the shower, then this groomer will perform just as well underwater than it will if you prefer to shave outside the shower.
  • The two-in-one design has a trimmer and a shaver all in one unit for your convenience.
  • There is no maintenance for this product and the shaving head replacements last for a long time.
  • The 3D pivoting head means you will have an extremely comfortable shaving experience.
  • Once taken apart it can be a bit fiddly and difficult to put the foil and cutters back into place.
  • It does not feature a quick battery charge.
  • The shaver does not have as good a performance as the trimmer does.
  • The pivoting head can be a bit odd at first and takes a bit of time to get used to.

Design and Ergonomics

The first thing that needs mentioning is the two-in-one design. The trimmer is on one end and the shaver on the other. This is extremely convenient for you because you won’t have to purchase two different products or keep switching while trying to obtain the shave you want. Instead, you can easily use this product to define and style your shave with ease.

It is built extremely solidly, and the materials are of a very high quality compared to other products like it on the market. This includes the Philips model before this one like the Philips Norelco OneBlade

It also has rubber inserts on the side in order to give a better grip. Along with this and its curved design, it makes the device much easier to maneuver around the curves and areas of your body.

The trimmer comes with an adjustable, integrated comb so you can decide what length you want to trim your hairs too. This gives you the freedom to experiment with length and decide what is the best look for you.

It has a cordless operation which means it is much safer to use than other corded products. This means it can reach places that otherwise might not be able to be reached. It charges through the charging stand which takes an hour to fully charge the unit. This charge lasts for fifty minutes.

The charging stand is built with solid material and has a spring-loaded charging plate as well as small rubber feet which gives it a much firmer grip for safety.

The Shaver

The 3D pivoting head is the highlight of the shaver on this unit as it follows the contours of your body for a close shave. This feature seems like a brilliant and useful thing but can take some time to get used to and get the hang of how to use it.

As the shaver is dragged over the body, the angle relative to the skin changes so you will have to readjust your grip and the angle to which you are holding the unit. This can sometimes cause pulling of the hairs which can be slightly uncomfortable. This is not a major problem as it is fixed once you get used to how the groomer moves and works in accordance with the curves of your body.

Due to this, you will have to be extremely careful when shaving your underarms and pubic areas as these are incredibly sensitive areas.

Despite this, the shaving head is made from the hypo-allergenic material which will make skin irritation and allergic reactions much less likely. The blades are also self-sharpening which means they do not need any maintenance.

You may find that you need to make multiple passes over the same area to remove all of the stray hairs, as the shaver may not catch all of them the first time around.

The Trimmer

This trimmer has a built-in adjustable trimming comb along with rounded blades, so you can easily choose from five different lengths. This tends to work better when dry, but it can work when wet or when using shaving cream as well.

Final Thoughts

This trimmer is definitely one of the best considering the price range it is in. With expert and convenient features, it tackles hair and trims with ease and makes it much easier for you to achieve the look you want. If you’re looking for a trimmer that performs well but doesn’t break the bank, then the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer 7100 BG2040 is the one for you.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler Review

Grooming can be a pain, especially when you have to buy several different appliances for the one job. With the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler this is not a problem any longer. It is a 3-in-1 appliance which is much more convenient and easier for you.

This shaver is powered by Braun and has a Braun motor. It has been tested by dermatologists and has been approved and recommended by them. This trimmer is gentle and can be used on the sensitive areas of the body, so this is one of the best pubic hair trimmers as well. It is effortless to use and provides an even trim. It gives a comfortable shave while still trimming the hair as close to the skin as possible.


Let’s take a look at some of its main features:

  • This unit can be used while wet or dry. If you prefer to shave in the shower this trimmer will still perform well, or if you prefer to use it dry, it will give the same unique and excellent performance. You can also use it with shaving creams, gels, lotions, and other care products.
  • The motor and blades are thin and have a simple movement that comes with Braun Engineering which gives effortless and clean cutting and trimming. Braun and Gillette have teamed up to provide men with the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler which is a trimmer and shaver all in one. Braun also makes the shaver more slender and easier to use with their small motors.
  • It comes with three changeable combs which have different lengths. These combs will give customized, and versatile trimming so you can decide what length hair you want. It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with the different sized combs.
  • The Proglide is Gillette’s gentlest shave and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. The world’s top dermatologists and skin specialists have recommended this product for those who suffer from easy skin irritation.
  • It contains a precision trimming blade. You have to turn the shaver’s edge closer to your skin in order to style and determine the look you want. It will provide the clean-cut look you desire.
  • While Braun powers and designs the motor, Gillette designs and provides the blades. These blades are more advanced than any other body hair trimmer on the market. They will give a close shave with extreme comfort without leaving the skin irritated, red, and raw afterward. In the shaver head, there are four blades situated side by side. This means that most often only one pass over the skin will be enough to get rid of all of the hairs.
  • The Gillette Proglide is very durable and lasts for a very long time.
  • You can easily replace the batteries. The battery that it uses tends to last for about a month with normal shaving.
  • The unit is easy to work and to use for the perfect hair trim.
  • It is easy to clean the trimmer once you have finished using it. The shaver head is easily detachable, so it can be cleaned easily.
  • You can use the Proglide in the shower or bath as it is completely waterproof. You can also use it outside of the shower for a dry shave.
  • The blades also have a lubrication strip which helps give a better shave, along with less skin irritation.
  • You can replace the blades with any of the Gillette fusion replacement blades and they will fit and work just as effortlessly and effectively.
  • The motor is made by Braun with a highly effective and quality material with high powered precision cutting.
  • The battery is not rechargeable and instead uses one AA battery to power it. This means you have to replace this battery once it has run out rather than being able to charge the unit.
  • It is a small unit and so might not be ideal for heavier, thicker hair.

Precision Edge Blade

This can be used to clean your look after you have finished trimming your hair in general. The precision edge blade is used to add clean-cut styles and edges to your look for that flawless and clean appearance. You can use the precision edge blade with the power turned on or off, depending on your preference. All you have to do is turn the unit over to use the precision edge blade.

Final Thoughts

For those men who want a precise shave all in one unit then the Gillette Fusion Proglide Hair Trimmer is the perfect shaver for you. It is powerful, with a motor made by Braun, and the blades are sharp and effective after being made by Gillette. It is a 3-in-1 unit, with a shaver, trimmer, and precision edge blade so that you can achieve the perfect look. The unit comes with different sized attachment combs so you can choose the length of hair you desire. It is compact and efficient, but powerful and effective. It can be used both dry and wet so is very versatile and can give you the look and shave you desire the most.

So, what do you think about this Gillette Fusion Proglide Review post? If you have any question or query about this cool product, please let us know. One of our industry experts will answer it ASAP. 

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers Male and Female in 2019 – Expert Reviews and Analysis

Keeping things in check down there is never easy. Hair grows back thick and fast and there seems to always be those horrible red itching bumps. However, if you decide to keep your pubic hair nice and tidy, or hack that bush right off, you’ll need the proper tools in order to complete the job. Just a normal razor is no good. You’ll end up leaving your skin irritated and that’s never a good look, especially when you might need to have a good scratch in public.

Here we have pulled together top pubic hair trimmers on the market, so you can decide which is the best pubic hair trimmer for you. With these trimmers, you can gain the look you desire without the dire consequences.

4 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers for Guys

Philips Norelco Body-groomer BG20/49

Philips Norelco BG204049This Philips body groomer is great for shaving your pubic hair. It has a 3D pivoting head which means the shaving head can closely follow the contours of your body. This gives the ultimate comfort to your skin while performing well. It has rounded blades and combs which will help to prevent scratching happening to the skin. The blades and combs come in five length settings, up to 11/25 inch, so you can decide which is best for the look you want. This body trimmer is specifically designed for men and can shave anywhere like chest and abs, underarms, pubic area, back and shoulders.

It is also water resistant, so you can use it in the shower or when it’s dry. It only takes an hour to fully charge so you can use it almost as soon as you feel the need to. The design is dual-sided so you can trim the hair anywhere on your body with only one product, including the course, thick pubic hairs. It can capture short and long hairs in one stroke while also preventing nicks and cuts on the skin. This is an ideal choice for those who want a clean cut appearance without any hassle.

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 Body Groomer

Gillette Fusion ProGlideThis Gillette body groomer is great for an all-round shave, including your pubic hairs and trimming your chest hair. It has Fusion ProGlide blades along with a Brain-engineered trimmer which gives a close, even shave, along with being able to give precise edges to your cut. The blade gives an incredibly close and comfortable cut and the combs can be used to avoid nicks and cuts and irritation.

It also comes with three combs which are exchangeable and different lengths which gives you the opportunity to try different lengths and styles and customize your pubic hairs however you want. It is waterproof and watertight, so you can use it in the shower or bath as well as when it is dry.

One handy feature with this trimmer is that all Gillette blade refills will fit onto this groomer. This also means you can find the perfect blades for you for your own custom shave. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is another product where you will only need one tool to complete the look you desire without any fuss. It has a Precision Edging blade on the back of the razor blade which will help you to shave the thicker places with defined and crisp lines.

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Philips Norelco Body-groomer BG1026/60

Philips Norelco BG1026/60This Philips body groomer is a good option for those who want to trim unwanted body hair. It is ideal for sensitive areas like underarms and pubic regions. It protects your skin as it trims to avoid irritation which is great for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Due to the close cut shave and protection, it will prevent cuts and nicks from occurring.

It can cut your hair in both directions up to 1/64 inch this means it will trim every hair even if the hair is growing in different directions. It also includes a comb which is 1/8 inch if you want a longer look for your hair. This body-groomer is also waterproof so once again you can use it in or out of the shower depending on your preference. This groomer performs better when used on dry hair so using it out of the shower might be better for the best look. The unit is very low maintenance, battery powered, and easy to clean — all you have to do is wash the blades after use, and the blades are durable so do not need replacing. This means it is very easy to travel with.

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Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

Cleancut ES412This Cleancut shaver is perfect for both men and women. It is designed with the finest stainless steel which means it is durable and long lasting while performing at optimal levels. It can be used in all areas of the body including sensitive areas like the pubic area.

This is the case for both men and women. It is designed to trim stubble, rather than long, thick hair. Therefore, this unit is great for keeping your pubic hair neat and to avoid the itching, horrible stubble that appears after a short time. It also comes with a cleaning brush and a foil cover which protects the blades when it’s not in use.

The motor is designed to run at a rate which cut hairs easily while running slow enough that it doesn’t tug or rip the hair rather than cutting through it smoothly. The blade is designed to glide easily over the foil to avoid grinding against it.

The foil is made to achieve a slot pattern which will capture and cut the hair without nicking or cutting the skin of the sensitive pubic region. This shaver is perfect to tame and control the pubic hairs that grow back quickly. It helps keeps the look clean and sharp without irritation.

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Best Pubic Hair Trimmer Female Reviews

Braun Silk-epil 9 Women’s Epilator

Braun Silk-epil 9 9-961VThis Braun epilator is a great option if you want to avoid shaving and razors. It removes hair that is 4x shorter than waxing and can catch hair as short as 0.5mm long with its MicroGrip Tweezer technology. This gives you a salon-smooth, beautiful result which lasts for a long time — up to four weeks. It comes with 12 attachments and extras for a more flexible hair removal regime.

These include exfoliation brushes, massage pads, and an efficiency cap, all to make sure it receives maximum contact with the skin, so it misses fewer hairs. The precision cap makes sure the epilator fits easily into smaller and more awkward areas and positions. If you add a shaver head or trimmer cap to the epilator you can turn it into a fully functional shaver and trimmer.

It also has a smart light which is a brilliant feature that allows you to spot the finer hairs in order for you to remove them. The head of the epilator adapts to the contours of the body for superior comfort and efficiency, even for the awkward places like underarms, knees, and pubic area. The epilator also uses active vibrations to provide an even more gentle skin sensation.

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Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

Panasonic ES246ACThis Panasonic trimmer is perfect for a safe and comfortable trim around the bikini line area. It is great at shaping with it’s very slim, high-performance groomer. The blade is ultra-sharp and made from stainless steel. The blade cleanly cuts every type of hair including the finest hair to the thickest and coarsest hair. It also takes care of stray and unwanted hairs. It is also hypo-allergenic which helps to prevent irritation and is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin. The blade is shielded from making direct contact with the skin by an adjustable five-position shaping and trimming guide. This helps to even create and maintain hair to the exact length depending on what you desire from the trim.

It is great to travel with as it is light and cordless. It is only four ounces in weight and an inch and a half in width, as well as being super-slim. It saves a lot of time by trimming your hair faster and more comfortable than other razors and shavers on the market. The trimmer’s head is smooth and has rounded tips to avoid those horrible red bumps and give you the smooth trim you’re looking for.

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Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES2216PCThis Panasonic shaver is a great option for those looking to have a close shave in the pubic area. It can be used both in or out of the shower for your convenience. It shaves smoothly on dry skin which is great for a quick touch up when you don’t have a lot of time. When you do have more time, this shaver is perfect for use in the bath or shower. It has four ultra-sharp blades along with ultra-thin, dual foils for an ultimate close and comfortable shave.

The quick-pivot shaving head glides effortlessly over the body’s contours and curves, meaning it can reach the awkward areas of the body. It is also hypo-allergenic and made from stainless steel which means it is extremely gentle on the skin and eliminates irritation, which is especially great for those who have sensitive skin. It also has a multi-headed, adjustable bikini shaver attachment as well as a precision pop-up trimmer which gives a quick and comfortable trim and allows for shaping and personalization of the bikini area. It cleanly removes longer or shorter hairs instantly no matter where they are on the body. It is also easy to clean, just run it under warm water and then air dry it.

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Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Shaver

Philips SatinShaveThis Philips shaver is a rechargeable groomer which allows for a close shave. It has a multi-flex head with dual floating foils along with a neck which flexes and moves with you, so it can catch as many hairs as possible and has fewer missed hairs. The trimmer has pearl tips which are rounded along with safety bars that lie under the trimmer. This protects you from irritation and bumps, which means it is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, as well as being brilliant for using on sensitive areas like the pubic region and underarms.

The soft-touch cushions on both sides of the head give a gentle touch even in the curvy areas of the body. It has an “S” shaped handle and an anti-slip grip which means it’s easier to hold and direct into the awkward areas of the body. It comes with trimming combs, so you can shave and trim anywhere on your body. You can also use this shaver in or out of the shower and it shows you when it’s running out of battery by the indicator meaning you won’t be surprised by a low battery in the middle of a shave.

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Things to be Considered When Buying the Best Pubic Hair Trimmer

    • Power — The hair in the pubic area is coarser than the hair in other areas of your body. In order to shave this area, you want a trimmer that is fast and powerful enough to cut through this type of hair. The more power the motor has the less snagging and dull trims you’ll receive for a much cleaner and sharp cut.
    • Sharp Blades — This is very important as a dull blade will not cut through the coarse pubic hair and will leave you will an unsatisfactory finish. The best trimmer for pubic hair should have sharp, rounded, hypoallergenic blades, and be made of stainless steel. This means it reduces the amount of irritation while performing to the best of its ability.
  • Cord or Cordless — It is your choice whether you go for a trimmer with a cord or not. When shaving your pubic hairs, it might be better and easier to get one without a cord as those with a cord restrict your movement, meaning it might be harder to get the perfect shave.

Those without a cord have the issue of running out of battery so you must make sure to get a trimmer with long battery life.

    • Attachment — While most trimmers will come with some form of attachments you should be aware of what attachments they are. You should keep in mind what kind of shave you want and look for the attachment accordingly. If you want longer hairs to look for different sized attachment combs. Make sure there is a safety guard to avoid nicking and cutting your sensitive areas.
    • Durability — This is important as you don’t want a trimmer that is going to give up on you too quickly. Make sure the pubic trimmer you choose can last a long time even with continuous and regular use.
  • Wet, Dry, or Both — Most of the pubic hair trimmers above work well in both the wet and the dry but others on the market don’t. You should decide whether you are more likely to use the pubic trimmer in the shower or out of the shower and what is the easiest for you and then look for a trimmer that can work in accordance to you and your preference. Those that are waterproof may be better as when the pubic hairs are wet they become softer and make it much easier for the trimmer to do its job.

Pubic Hair Trimming Tips

    • Stand up while you trim your pubic hairs. This is because if you lie or sit down you are more likely to cut or injure yourself. If you stand, you can see what you are doing much better and reduce the likelihood of injuries.
    • Always use a clean razor and make sure to shave carefully. Using a clean razor means it reduces the likelihood of infection and causing cuts and nicks which can get infected. Focus on what you are doing and do not continue if you are distracted — ie. talking to someone or watching TV — as this can lead to an injury.
    • Moisturizing after shaving can help to reduce the dryness that can occur after shaving. Find a moisturizer that is fragrance-free and preferably hypoallergenic for the sensitive areas. This will hopefully reduce irritation as well as stopping the skin from becoming dry.
    • If your pubic hair is long before the shave, clip it with scissors first. This makes it easier for the trimmer to do its job. You should cut them to about 1/16 of an inch.
    • Avoid shaving your pubic hairs when they are dry. Trim when you have just got out of the shower or while you are in the shower. This makes the process much smoother because the skin becomes softer and the water naturally lubricates the areas, stopping the hairs from pulling and makes it less likely to cause nicks.
  • For a smooth shave, you should shave in the direction the hair is growing and not against the grain. Use even strokes in the way that the hair is pointing. This avoids the horrible after shave stubble and also prevents ingrown hairs. It also prevents irritation and the red bumps that can occur when shaving by not tugging the hairs into a direction they aren’t used to going.

How to Trim Ball Hair

  1. The first thing to do is to shower before you choose to shave this area. The warm water will soften the hairs and makes the skin looser which means the razor can run over the skin much easier.
  2. Next, you have to choose the right equipment to use and prepare it for use. You’ll need pre-shave lotion, shaving cream, and a razor or trimmer. The pre-shave lotion further softens the hair and keeps your sensitive skin moist. The best trimmer for balls is the Philips Norelco Body-groomer which is safer, easier to use on the testicular area.
  3. Now you can pre-trim the hair down there. Use scissors to trim back the hair to a more manageable length. This avoids the pulling of hairs when you get to trimming them and this, in turn, avoids irritation of the balls.
  4. Keep your skin taut to get a much closer shave. A flat surface is easier to shave and stops the skin from rolling under the razor and getting nicked. This means you may be uncomfortable and tug at your testicles. You’ll have to shave through the pain as this is the only way you will get out unscathed.
  5. Keep your hand steady or you’ll end up in a world of hurt. Use smooth, even, confident strokes.
  6. You may decide to take the shaving further than just your balls and if this is the case be extremely careful when trimming anywhere you can’t see. Use a mirror so you can see what you are doing and to avoid disaster.
  7. You want to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn, especially on your balls. Apply after-shave balm or tonic and keep applying even a couple of days after you have shaved to stop it before it even begins.

Comparing Trimmers to Other Pubic Hair Removal Methods

    • Epilators — These are electrical devices that grip and then pull the hair out by the roots. This lasts for about four weeks. It can, however, cause quite a bit of pain which is not the case when using trimmers as they are pain-free. Trimmers take the hair from the surface of the skin rather than pulling them from the root, meaning a lot less pain.
    • Waxing — This is the use of hot wax and cloth strips to pull, with force, the hair out by the root. This will last for about four to six weeks but once again can cause a lot of pain. For the best results, you will have to visit a salon and get a trained professional to wax for you. This can cause a sense of embarrassment by having to bare all in front of someone else, something you can avoid by trimming your pubic hair at home.
    • Threading — This is a technique which lasoos your hair and pulls it out by the root, once again this can cause a considerable amount of pain. It does last for a long time; however, it is very time consuming and probably not ideal for the pubic region. It is better for the removal of small sections of hair or the clean up of strays after waxing. Using trimmers is a much easier, and quicker form of hair removal.
    • Sugaring — This is the application of a gel or pastes which is made from water, sugar, and lemon juice, which is then adhered to your hair (not your skin) and pulls the hairs out by the roots. It is very similar to waxing. If you want this done on the pubic area you should visit a professional to get this done, once again this may cause embarrassment when bearing all.
  • Depilatories — These are creams that use a chemical reaction to break down the hairs and they are rinsed away. This can last from a couple of days to about a week. These can be used on the bikini or brief lines but are not advisable for genitalia as it can cause adverse effects and a burning sensation. People will sensitive skin should not use depilatories at all as it can cause a horrible reaction. This is why it is better to use trimmers which can be used on genitalia and won’t cause such a skin problem.

Final Notes

We hope that this guide has helped you to decide which is the best pubic hair trimmer for you and that we have given you some valuable information for when it comes to shaving in your nether regions. There are many options to choose from, both with equipment and styling, and finding the right trimmer for you is the most important.

Shaving down there has become much more stylish and easier to do so we have given you some hints and tips on how to do so properly to avoid skin irritation and leave you with the best shave possible.

Best Stubble Trimmer for a Perfect Stubble in 2019 – Expert Reviews

As a man who sports a beard, I find stubbles to be a really hectic job. While growing a beard only requires letting it grow until it gets thick enough (for some men, this can be a really difficult, if not impossible, feat), making a stubble is an entirely different issue.

Fortunately, I was able to make a stubble quickly and easily, and it’s all thanks to a stubble trimmer I’m currently using. If you want to get a stubble like me, I would recommend using only the best stubble trimmer there is. To help you with that, here are my reviews of the best trimmers for stubble in the market.

Best Stubble Trimmer 2019 Reviews

1. Philips Norelco OneBlade

Philips QP2520/90It’s no secret that Philips Norelco is one of the finest manufacturers of clippers on the market. The OneBlade, in particular, is a hybrid between a shaver and an electric trimmer. With two grooming options combined into one, you can surely make the most of the OneBlade when it comes to grooming and achieving a stubble.

Feature-wise, the Norelco OneBlade comes with a unique shaving technology which incorporates a quick moving cutter and a dual protection system to help you achieve an efficient and comfortable shave. It doesn’t shave too close, allowing your skin to remain comfortable.

It also comes with a contour following feature which allows it to your face’s contours to make sure that you can properly shave your beard. One of the things I like about this is that I no longer need to adjust my head every now and then since the OneBlade will be the one to do the adjustment for me.

Integrated into the trimmer is a rechargeable NimH battery which allows you to enjoy 45 minutes of continuous grooming in just 8 hours of charging. Also, the trimmer is water-resistant, so you can easily clean it by rinsing it in tap water.

Overall, it’s a really durable option which even comes with an easy and hassle-free replacement procedure.

2. Philips Norelco Multi Groomer

Philips MG3750/50As the name implies, the Multi Groomer is designed for all grooming purposes. For a really affordable price, you can get a full-size steelhead along with an ear and nose trimmer. Aside from that, it also comes with self-sharpening blades to ensure a full sharp anytime you use it.

Integrated is Philips Norelco’s own DualCut technology which features 2x more self-sharpening blades to ensure that they can still remain as sharp as ever even after 2 years of regular use. Also, the trimmer doesn’t need oil to use. You just have to remove the guards and blades, rinse them, then reattach.

Included in the package are 13 different pieces to cater to your grooming needs. There’s even a travel bag to let you carry your grooming essentials everywhere you go. Powering the trimmer is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which provides one hour of continuous runtime in just a few hours of charging.

Needless to say, the Multi Groomer is a favorite among men looking for a high quality trimmer. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect stubble at a really affordable price, this should be included in your options.

3. Philips Norelco – best stubble trimmer for sensitive skin

Philips BG2040/49Another quality Philips Norelco product in our list, the Bodygroomer is one of the best trimmers on the market for a number of reasons. It comes with a revolutionary and ergonomic design to let you achieve a perfect stubble while remaining highly convenient and easy to use.

The trimmer features a 3D pivoting head which efficiently follows your face and body’s shape, allowing you to get a more accurate trim. Its rounded blades make sure that there won’t be any nicks and cuts on your skin, and its five length settings can cater to facial hair of all lengths and textures.

Additionally, it is cordless and water-resistant. This only means that you can get a quick trim even while taking a shower. That aside, its power and durability allow you to use it for trimming hair all around your body. Its built-in battery provides you with 50 minutes of continuous use. It even comes with a LED battery indicator so you can know its charging status.

All in all, the Bodygroomer is certainly one of the best trimmers on the market, especially when it comes to achieving a perfect stubble.

4. ConairMAN Flexhead Trimmer

ConairMAN Super StubbleThis high-end trimming tool is an ideal option if you want to get that stubble you’re looking for. It comes with a number of options and features which you’ll surely love. Basically, it’s got everything you could ever need in a trimmer, especially when it comes to getting that precision trim.

One of the noteworthy features of the ConairMAN trimmer is its flexible head. It basically glides around the contours of your face to make for an efficient and faster trim. Also, the blades are durable and self-sharpening to provide you with a long-lasting sharpness for years. Its ergonomic design also makes handling easier.

Needless to say, I really like its ultra-flexible shaving head. With this, I was able to achieve perfect stubble with just a few minutes of shaving. Aside from that, it’s really versatile since I can also use it for trimming around my neck, sideburns, and even mustache.

Included in the package is a flip back guide comb, razor-sharp blades, and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which lets you achieve one hour of continuous runtime with just a few hours of charging.

All in all, the Flexhead is a reliable trimmer which lets you get a perfect stubble. It’s waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower, it has self-sharpening blades for a long-lasting sharpness with each use, and its flexible head allows for easy trimming.

5. Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer

Panasonic Milano All-in-OneThe Milano is an award-winning trimmer that comes with a number of excellent features. Though it’s a bit costlier compared to the other products on this list, you can surely rely on its durability, effectiveness, and power especially when it comes to achieving a perfect stubble.

It features 45-degree stainless steel blades which are capable of trimming hair and beard, regardless of the length and texture. It also comes with 19 precision settings to make for an efficient trim. This will allow you to have an exact trim for a clean stubble with every shave.

Additionally, the Milano trimmer is very lightweight and durable. It’s capable of providing you with 50 minutes of continuous usage in just a few hours of charging. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it to trim your beard anytime you use the shower. One of the things I like about this is that you can use it in both wet and dry conditions. It only means that you can shave your beard even when traveling.

Included in the package are a charging stand, a cleaning brush, and a beard and mustache trimmer. Overall, it’s a really good choice despite its high price tag.

6. Philips Norelco 3500 Beard Trimmer

Philips QT4018/49The fourth product from Philips Norelco on this list, the 3500 trimmer is an exceptional product that lets you achieve a perfect stubble without breaking your budget. It comes with a Lithium-ion battery to provide you with a continuous trimming action.

Although it sports a simple design despite its price, it is by no means simple. It features self-sharpening blades made of titanium which can effectively trim your hair without the scraping and tugging.

What I like about it is that there are 20 different settings to let you cut the exact hair length with ease along with a locking feature. Another interesting thing is that you can fully customize your experience without the need to worry about a lot of attachments.

The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that’s built into the trimmer is capable of delivering you an impressive 2 hours of continuous runtime with just one hour of charging! This is actually a cut above the rest, considering that most cordless trimmers out there will require around 10 hours to charge just for an hour of usage.

7. Remington MB4040 Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

Remington MB4040The MB4040 from Remington is an excellent combination of versatility, power, and durability. Although it’s meant for shaving your beard, it’s also ideal for achieving a perfect stubble as well as trimming your mustache.

It features titanium-coated blades with superior performance to let you achieve that smooth cut along with interchangeable heads to customize your stubble. They’re also self-sharpening, so you can rely on their cutting precision for a long time. On the other hand, it’s extremely versatile, thus allowing you to use it not just for shaving your beard but for all hair all over your body.

Aside from that, it also features nine length settings so you can achieve your desired cut and style. Powering the trimmer is a Lithium-ion battery that offers two hours of continuous runtime. With this, you can take the trimmer with you anywhere you go and trim on the go.

What I really like about the MB4040 is that it’s really easy to take care of. Its heads come with a quick release option which will make cleaning and washing them a lot quicker and easier.

All in all, I’d gladly recommend this trimmer if you’re looking for a perfect stubble and a trimming tool that’s built to last for years.

Picking the Best Stubble Trimmers – Things to Be Considered

Trimmers can with a number of different features. Normally, this makes it a lot easier to find the right one for your needs. Fortunately, I’ve covered the most important factors you have to consider when shopping for a trimmer. They are the following:

1. Length settings

Ideally, you want to consider the length settings of your preferred trimmer. With a high number of length settings on a trimmer, you can easily achieve a stubble with different styles. The most preferred option is a length setting that ranges from 0.5 to 5 mm.

2. Power

Regardless of your facial hair type, you have to make sure that your preferred trimmer has a powerful motor. You don’t want to turn on your trimmer only to find out that it’s lacking the power you need to get your desired stubble style. If that’s the case, you’ll end up passing through your stubble several times, making you lose a lot of your time in the process.

3. Battery life

Another important factor is a trimmer’s battery life, especially if you prefer a cordless trimmer. Since cordless trimmers allow you to trim on the go, having one run out of power due to a short battery life can be rather annoying.

Hence, when you go shopping for a cordless clipper, it’s really important to check its expected runtime as well as its total charging time. Make sure you choose one that offers around an hour, or even more, of continuous runtime while requiring only a few hours of charging.

4. Design and size

It’s important to pick a trimmer that’s designed to cater to your needs. For example, if you frequently travel, picking a lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly option is advisable. It doesn’t mean that larger ones aren’t that effective. It’s just that smaller units are way more convenient for a man on the move.

You should also consider a trimmer that features an ergonomic design, allowing you to trim your beard conveniently without the worries of the trimmer accidentally slipping off your hand.

5. Waterproof design

If you prefer trimming your beard while taking a shower, it’d be ideal to go for one that’s waterproof. This will let you get a perfect stubble without worrying about your tool getting damaged due to the water entering it. Fortunately, most of the trimmers you can find on the market have this feature.

6. Accessories

Some trimmers include a number of different accessories or features in their package. Although you can still trim your beard without those, having them can be really convenient. For example, there are trimmers that have accessories which allow you to trim your hairs located in your nose or ears. There are also those that come with a switch to let you switch between settings.

However, you have to keep in mind not to choose a trimmer just because it comes with a lot of accessories included in its package. Although they’re nice to have as extras, they’re not that essential for you to achieve your desired stubble.

Additionally, the number and types of features will vary from one trimmer to another. As such, it all boils down to personal preference whether you an accessory or two, or don’t want any at all.

Explaining a Stubble Beard Neckline

Basically, a stubble beard is a short facial hair that usually ranges from 0.4 to 5 mm. Most men can grow their beard in this range after 3-4 days of no shaving. However, such a beard isn’t very tidy to look at considering that each hair differs in length, and some even grow on spots where they’re not supposed to.

A perfect stubble, on the other hand, is entirely different. Aside from the equal length of all hairs, it’s also neat and tidy to look at. If you still think this isn’t for you, then you might want to change your mind after knowing that a lot of women consider it really attractive to men.

A stubble isn’t just limited to one style, however. In fact, there are a number of them. Let’s take a look at the following:

    • Classic stubble – this style is no doubt the easiest to achieve and maintain. All of the hairs located on the face and neck have the same length. Meanwhile, the edges aren’t shaved. To maintain this style, you just have to trim it once it grows a bit longer than usual.
    • Rugged stubble – if you want to grow a longer stubble, then the rugged style is for you. To achieve this style, you just have to let the stubble grow like a short beard. After that, simply shave the neck area just below your jawline.
    • Elegant stubble – the elegant style is quite hard to achieve and maintain. However, if you manage to pull this off, it can certainly turn heads. Additionally, it works on short and long hair.
  • Third day stubble – this style doesn’t necessarily take you three days to achieve. However, it does involve a lot of maintenance and patience to get. To achieve this, you have to keep a short stubble then fade the neckline using a comb or length setting. As it requires a lot of patience, the end result is certainly worth it.

Stubble Trimming Techniques and Tips

After choosing the right trimmer for a stubble, it’s time to achieve that style you’ve been dreaming of. But before that, let’s first learn the following tips and techniques that can help you achieve the perfect look:

    1. To make a stubble, you have to grow your facial hair first. In general, a stubble can be achieved after 3-4 days without shaving. However, if you want to get a shorter stubble, even just a day or two is enough.
    1. After growing your hair, it’s time to decide which style you prefer. You have to keep in mind that not all stubbles are the same. There’s the 5 o’clock shadow, although there are also other styles as well. When you choose your preferred style, you have to consider the shape of your face. Don’t just think that a certain style will suit you simply because it looks good on another.
    1. Before you start trimming, you need to comb your beard first. This is especially true if you’ve grown your beard for around 3-4 days, or even more. To do so, you have to comb your beard in the direction of its growth so that long hairs won’t stand out from the rest. Also, you want to use a comb designed for beards to achieve a perfect result.
    1. When you’re done, it’s time to pick the desired length for your stubble. Although there’s no general rule regarding the appropriate length, there’s a rule of thumb saying that those with a light-colored hair can sport a longer stubble compared to those with a dark-colored hair.
    1. Most trimmers have different length settings, although I recommend using a longer set then adjusting it as necessary. After all, you can’t turn back if you ended with a short stubble than intended. Also, don’t go out trying different stubble styles just yet. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your trimmer as well as its settings first.
    1. When trimming, make sure you trim toward your chin using steady strokes. You should also consider your neck area if you want to fade your stubble into the neckline, or just shave it all together.
    1. Once you’re done trimming, check for any stray hairs. There might still be certain areas you might have missed.
  1. After you achieve your desired stubble, make sure to clean your trimmer. You can use a cleaning brush (this is often included in the package) or water if it is waterproof. By cleaning your trimmer after each use, you can make sure that it can last for a really long time.


Q: How do I get a perfect stubble?

A: To achieve a perfect stubble, you need to use a quality trimmer. The ones I reviewed above will all help you get the perfect style you’re looking for. Also, I’ve included some tips right above to let you achieve your desired results.

Q: How do I keep my stubble length?

A: You can easily keep your stubble length by shaving your hair once it grows long enough. However, the frequency will depend on how fast your facial hair will grow.

Q: Is stubble a style?

A: Yes. Stubble is a style, and it’s one of the most popular among men who grow a beard. Additionally, it comes in different styles by itself. This allows you to pick the stubble that can suit you well.

Final Words

Achieving a perfect stubble isn’t easy; however, it doesn’t have to be that hard either. By simply using the best stubble trimmer on the market, you can achieve that look you’ve been dreaming of.

Fortunately, my list of the best trimmers for a stubble can help you decide which product you choose. I made sure to try them out myself before I even share them with you. The next time you go shopping for one, make sure to consider my list and my quick buying guide as well. Thanks for reading!

What is the Best Body Hair Trimmer for Men in 2019? – In Depth Reviews

Getting your body hair right isn’t easy. It might not be the most important thing in the world, but there are times when it feels like it. If you’ve been “blessed” with this particular sign of manliness, chances are you worry about it. It’s a rare man who thinks he’s got just the right amount and in the right places.

These days, thankfully, men aren’t afraid of personal grooming. Over recent years, the choice of ways to handle it has grown like a bush over the top of your collar. If you’re a guy who likes to take control of his own coverage, here is our review of the best body hair trimmers in 2018.

Best Body Hair Trimmer Reviews in 2019

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040This Philips Norelco body groomer is versatile and hardworking. It comes with 5 length settings, to deal with all types and lengths of body hair. This groomer has cutting edges at both ends, which gives the option of switching during use.

After a full hour to charge the battery, this shaver is designed to work both in and out of the shower. The full charge is designed to give ample time to deal with every aspect of male grooming.

The close work shaving head pivots in three directions to move with the body’s contours. It also has self sharpening blades for long lasting, consistent hair removal. This avoids snagging and pulling during shaving, reducing the risk of skin damage.

This groomer is designed to work well on all skin types. The cutting blades are rounded, and work in conjunction with the variable length combs. This gives easy control over the cutting process, both are visible and non-visible areas.

As an all-purpose groomer, this product should be ideal for most users. Its long battery length supplies consistent power for the cutters to work fully throughout the shave. Its range of dual use and five length settings make it flexible and very useful.

Remington PG525 – Best Men’s Body Hair Trimmer

Remington PG525This kit from Remington is the result of the company’s long history of providing shaving products. It contains grooming accessories for a large number of uses, all housed on a single tabletop unit.

In all, there are 8 accessories which fit onto a single ended shaving hand tool. This is charged in the unit and works for 70 minutes once fully charged. The attachments are a full-size trimmer, a traditional foil shaver, a nose, ear, and detail trimmer, a vertical body hair trimmer, a hair clipper comb, and three beard and stubble combs.

The kit’s hair clipper comb itself has 8 length settings. In addition to the number of other attachments, this grooming set a comprehensive range of shaving, trimming and combing capabilities.

All parts of remmington body hair trimmer are washable, and the blades within the handset are self-sharpening. Manufactured to surgical standards, they are designed to cut hair cleanly and efficiently, without pulling or jarring during use. Remington is famous for their smooth working shaving products, of which this kit makes maximum use.

The shaving handset used a lithium battery, and the kit as a whole is very sleek looking. It will be ideal for the fastidious male groomer.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body hybrid electric trimmer

Philips Norelco OneBlade FaceThis is a one-piece male body hair trimmer powered by Philips Norelco technology. It is an ergonomically designed handset with a single moving shaving head. It has a rubberized grip to help give full control of its powerful working parts.

As a hybrid groomer, this product is designed to give shaves which are not too close to the skin. This avoids uncomfortable itching and redness, whichever parts of the body it is used on. The groomer is made to work hard and be used very regularly.

There are two interchangeable blades, one to be used for the face and one for the body. The groomer also has a body comb, four stubble combs and a skin guard accessory. In conjunction with its two blades, this gives the groomer a range of options.

As well as being a no nonsense male grooming product, the OneBlade is also very versatile. While most of its uses are for longer hair coverage, it is still a powerful close shaver, which is best done with the shave guard.

The rechargeable battery lasts for a full hour, which will probably be enough for quite a few grooming sessions. All in all, a very male product for particularly male maintenance.

Philips Norelco MG3750 – Best Body Groomer for Men

Philips Norelco Multi GroomerThis is one of the best man body hair trimmers from Philips Norelco. Its selling point is its steel technology, which the manufacturers have used to make the product precise and long-lasting.

The Multi Groomer has a full-size steel trimmer and a steel detailer, nose and ear trimmer. Its cutting blades are designed with DualCut technology, which makes them self-sharpening enough to be as good as new for up to two years. The working parts do not require lubrication, unlike other groomers and shavers.

As well as this precision engineering, the groomer also has high impact cutting guards. There are three for hair cutting, three for beard and one for stubble trimming.

This grooming kit is designed for the face and head. In all, it comes with 13 pieces, including a storage bag. Its precision cutting is designed for detailed grooming, including face and nose hair. Its blades and guards are made for frequent use hair cutting and shaving.

The Multi Groomer has a lithium battery which gives an hour of use after a full charge. Its motor is reinforced with steel, which is partly why the manufacturers give the device a full two-year warranty. This is an ideal barbers’ grooming kit.

Panasonic ER224S Men’s Body Electric Trimmer

Panasonic ER224SPanasonic has produced an all in one grooming kit with this product. It has one part, which is a handset with a huge range of settings. This is aimed squarely at men who want to get on top of their grooming at one go.

While other designs manage this with interchangeable blades, added accessories or double ended handsets, Panasonic has rolled everything into one. This is a complete grooming set with one shaving head and 14 adjustments.

These adjustments are located on a central dial designed at thumb level, about halfway up the handset. This dial has control over cutting blades which move up and down a particularly large comb area. The handset can trim head hair, beards and body hair.

It is completely waterproof, so can be used both in and out of the shower. Its charging time is 8 hours, designed to be done overnight. This can be done via any power source, as the device works internationally.

This trimmer is made to be packed and taken on trips, whether for business or pleasure. As it is self-contained, it is easily stored and will recharge wherever there is a power source. Ideal for the man on the move.


MANGROOMERMangroomer has designed this all in one multi-use product to deal with every part of the male body. It has several design features which can be used both with and without corded power supply. Its main uses will be best appreciated while showering.

The Ultimate Pro is designed to reach places which are impossible to see and to adjust while grooming. It has a hinged, two-part handset which is ergonomically designed for easy access to the back. It has a button control which changes the angle of its application as it moves up and down the back.

As well as its reach, this groomer has adjustable power settings. During use, it has a button which increases motor speed to deal with particularly long and dense hair. This avoids pulling and snagging, making grooming safer and more comfortable.

There are also two shaving heads, to deal with larger and smaller areas. The smaller head works in two directions, so can be pushed and pulled over the skin’s surface. This is a groomer designed to be mainly to be used by feel rather than sight. It also has a quick charge facility for its battery, which is handy for briefer grooming sessions.

BaKblade 1.0 – Ultra-long and easy-to-use handle-back epilator

BaKblade 1.0This is a perfect example of a BaKblade product, which will appeal especially to men with hairy backs. Other grooming solutions usually have other uses, but the BaKblade 1.0 is primarily just for shaving back hair.

It has no movable parts and requires no maintenance. It is about half a meter long and is basically a large hand-held razor. Its selling point is its simplicity, both of use and maintenance.

This groomer is ergonomically designed to be used over the shoulder and around the flanks, to reach all parts of the back. It is lightweight enough not to cause any strains. Unlike plastic face razors, the 1.0 does not need shaving foam.

The cutting surface of this groomer is protected by a guard at an angle which makes it impossible to cut the skin. The weight of the blade and the angle of the guard make the shaving action work safely purely through feel.

This product can be used on wet or dry skin, so is versatile in or out of the shower. It will not rust and is completely washable. For men with hairy backs, this is an extremely practical groomer. It may also appeal especially to those who like to get back basics.

How to Pick the Best Body Hair Trimmer

There are many ways you could tie yourself up in knots thinking about how to deal with your body hair. Salons and pseudo-medical centers offer hair removal and sculpting which might seem to offer more than you can do yourself. These may well include treatments which promise to be effective because they obviously hurt or involve organic products you can take home and eat.

In fact, you can trim your own body hair perfectly well yourself, without anybody or anything getting hurt, including your bank balance. As your grooming is in your hands, you can design a trimming regime to suit yourself without outside interference. All you need is the time and the equipment.

We can’t help you organize your time, but here is our guide to choosing the best trimmer for body hair.

Power Supply

Do you need one? This is a good first question to ask. Most body trimmers come with corded and cordless applications, so they can be used directly from the mains supply or with a rechargeable battery. In fact, there are body trimmers available which don’t need electricity to work. Depending on your requirements, you could invest in one or more hand powered trimmers which are safe, accurate and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about adaptors if you go abroad, or even running out of battery power halfway through a shave.


Whether powered or not, body trimmers can be expensive. Brand names often come with their own price tag. As with anything, it is important to weigh up the actual functionality of your trimmer, what you want it for, and how much it costs. There are products on the market which have been designed for specific purposes, rather than being multi-use. Some multi-use groomers are excellent value for money but may not suit your particular needs.


Today’s trimmers are usually made to be used in wet and dry situations, as many men groom in the shower. In terms of product design, this might mean extra ergonomic features which you may or may not appreciate. Many men prefer comfort over other considerations. It may be that you are particular about certain areas of your body. Perhaps your partner will use your trimmer. At the end of the day, think about who is actually going to use your trimmer. Some will be heavier than others and come with controls which may be more simple or complicated than you want. Chances are these details will also affect the price of your trimmer.


Best body groomer for manscaping can be asked to do some heavy work. Trimming your body hair may be more important to you than your head hair, for instance. Body hair can be problematic and take a lot of grooming. You might prefer a trimmer that will last a decent length of time and still perform to its manufacturer’s specifications. On the other hand, you might want to keep an eye out for the latest design improvements as they come along. This stick or twist dilemma could also depend on the ever-present cost factor.

Difference between a Trimmer and a Groomer

As personal hygiene and appearance take on ever more important in our daily lives, so there seem to be more distinctions about what exactly we do to ourselves, and how we should do it. For women and men alike, the devil seems to be even more in the detail.

One such detail is what makes a trimmer and what a groomer. Although there are no legal restrictions to either description, trimmers and groomers are usually used for slightly different reasons.


Trimmers are essentially very accurate shaving devices. They consist of moving blades which cut hair through very small gaps in shaving guides. Trimmers place these guides very close to the skin, so the cutting blades can pass within half a millimeter of its surface. They have highly adjustable cutting guards to give the desired effect.

As trimmers are very precise, they are manufactured in narrow cross-sections, typically of about 5 centimeters. If used correctly, this is narrow enough to use the skin’s natural elasticity to produce a fine trim. Much wider cross-sections inevitably miss patches of hair.

Trimming is quite a delicate process and has to be done slowly and deliberately. This not only protects the skin but enables precise lines to be achieved. It is especially useful on the more sensitive parts of the body like trimming the pubic area but needs to be handled carefully.


Grooming is trimming on a less sensitive scale. Groomers are designed to maintain large areas of hair, such as the back. They are more likely to have interchangeable plastic guards than adjustable mechanical devices which trimmers use.

Groomers are useful for dealing with long hairs as well as wider areas. Their guards have much more depth and wider gaps than those on trimmers. This means hair will pass through the guards, or combs, easily without getting snagged. As body hair can be curly, straight, thick or fine, groomers are valued for their versatility.

How to Trim Chest Hair without Itching

Trimming your chest hair can be a nightmare if you do it wrong. You may have never done it or left it so long you can’t remember what you did the last time. If you are unsure, think about it before you attempt it. Whatever reason you have for wanting it done, it could be better left alone unless you do it properly.

Watchout this cool video first:


Any chest itching could be caused by blocked pores. This is true whether or not you have trimmed your chest. Even trimming your chest hair might mean pulling or nicking a dirty pore, of which your chest has many thousands. If itching is making you want to trim your chest hair, make sure your pores are clean first. Use antibacterial soap every day when you shower and exfoliate at least once a week.


Your hair lengths will differ across your body. If you have a trimmer with a number of different length settings, make sure you’re using the right ones. If you suffer from itching, you could shave your hair completely, as long as you do it carefully. There may be parts of your chest where the hair mats naturally or because of your daily activities. Use your trimmer’s adjustments to their intended effect and take control. If you have persistent itching in a certain area, this is the best way of getting to the bottom of the problem.


Think about where and when you trim your chest hair. Rushing the job is just as likely to harm as help. If all you need is a light trim, don’t do more than you need. On the other hand, if you have itching issues, open your pores in a hot shower and take time and care. Use powder and or cream as you think best. Don’t be frightened to look after yourself.

Final Notes

We hope this roundup has helped you with your choice of the best body hair trimmers available in the market. There is certainly more choice than ever, and male grooming is a growth industry.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy anything you don’t need. As our review shows, you can keep things simple or cover as many bases as you like. If you spend a lot of time traveling, for whatever reason, you might not need a tabletop multi kit. If trimming rather than grooming is more important in your everyday life, take this into consideration.

What you can be sure of is that your body is yours alone. It’s not the same as your dad’s even if you think it looks like it when he was your age. That means you don’t have to follow in his footsteps on this occasion.