Shaving With Olive Oil – Does it Prevent Razor Bumps

Believe it or not, shaving with olive oil is more than a legitimate alternative to other shaving methods, some even say it’s the best shaving solution out there!

The truth is we’ve gotten very used to shaving creams and foams from an extremely young age, watching our dads shave in front of the mirror with their faces completely covered, we quickly began to associate this as a rite of passage to manhood.

It is no wonder then that we never ask ourselves, how healthy is this for my skin anyway?

Our skin, after all, absorbs many of the ingredients being applied to it, it is only natural to pay attention to what it absorbs.

You might be wondering “is olive oil as effective?” well, I personally found out that In just a week of using olive oil for shaving I achieved a closer shave, encountered less razor burns and ingrown hairs, and most importantly, my skin felt completely rejuvenated because I stopped damaging it by using products filled with toxic chemicals!

Benefits Of Shaving With Olive Oil

  • It’s a natural lubricant that leaves your skin moist throughout the shave and after, unlike other methods of shaving that intentionally dry out your skin and force you to use an expensive aftershave(by the same brand hopefully). Using olive oil after you finish shaving will send the aftershave to early retirement as well, and leave your skin healthier and smoother long after.
  • It allows you to see exactly what’s going on while you’re shaving, as the skin is visible through the oil, which definitely helps you keep an eye on the shaving process and avoid cuts and rashes.
  • It’s inexpensive. While you many not consider a quality 13$ bottle of shaving oil exactly cheap, only a few drops of olive oil are required for each shave. One bottle could last you for several months! In fact, you will actually end up saving hundreds of dollars a year by using this method.
  • It’s good for the environment.
  • Learning how to shave with olive oil will take you about 30 seconds, you can see why I say that by the ridiculously simple instructions below.

I found this olive oil shaving video really cool:

How To Shave With Olive Oil

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  • Prepare a bowl or a cup, olive oil, and a razor.
  • Begin the process by taking a warm shower.
  • Pour a very small amount of olive oil into your bowl or cup.
  • Use your index and middle finger to apply olive oil in the area you wish to shave. Repeat the process in other areas using more oil in the areas with larger hair growth
  • If you feel your skin has dried a bit (unlikely) you can put a few more drops of olive oil after the shave.
  • Keep your razor placed in the cup or bowl with olive oil, this is a classic tip that keeps your razor from getting dull a while longer.


Before You Start Shaving With Olive Oil

  1. Be Patient, your skin is going to be readjusting after years of toxic products, not to mention it’s a uniquely different sensation that takes time getting used to.
  2. Make sure that the olive oil you have is 100 percent natural and hasn’t been processed using chemicals as that defeats the entire purpose.

So, do you ever thought to use olive oil for shaving?

How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching

Trimming your hair ‘down there’ can be an utter nightmare not just logistically but also with the infuriatingly itchy aftermath. Once shaved it can be common to find little red bumps on the skin and be in a considerable amount of discomfort and let’s be honest, no one wants to itch that area in public.

Here we will show you the best way to shave your pubic hair with the aim of avoiding the red, itching bumps.

The item you will need:

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  • Clean clippers and a comb
  • A bikini trimmer
  • A mirror — this should be a large mirror, so you can see your entire self
  • Moisturizer

The Best Way to Trim Pubic Hair

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  • You must disinfect your tools before you start. You must get all the horrible bacteria out of the blades. This is extremely important as you don’t want to get an infection down there! Once this has been done you make sure they are clean and dry, so they are ready to go.
  • Next, take a bath or have a shower to make sure you are all clean. Make sure your pubic hair is soft and then, if it looks long enough, combs it through with the comb to detangle it. Air dry the hair or use the blow-dryer until it is completely dry, then use the comb again to make sure it is detangled.
  • Angle the mirror so you can see everything either while standing or sitting. It is advisable to lay the clippers down on some paper so you can easily clean the little hairs that are hard to clean.
  • Use the comb and run it through the hair so that the excess is standing above the teeth of the comb. Use the clippers to cut the hairs short all across the pubic area. At some point, you might have to sit down to get to the hard to reach areas. Put your comb and clippers aside once this part is complete.
  • Now use the trimmer and trim the hair along the grain. Try to avoid going against the grain of the hair as this is what can cause those nasty little red bumps. You should also avoid going over the same spots multiple times because this can cause irritation as well. Trim evenly all around until you are satisfied.
  • Wash with warm water and dry yourself thoroughly. You should moisturize all of the skin that you have shaved and let it sink in. Avoid putting underwear or other clothes on and let the skin cool and dry so it has time to relax. Doing this will avoid irritation and make the skin nice and smooth.
  • The quicker you clean the tools the easier it will be to get all the little hairs off.

Some Quick Tips

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  • Dirty tools and a dirty body is how infection, irritation and discomfort start so, avoid all of this by cleaning yourself and your tools thoroughly beforehand.
  • Replace the blades of your tools whenever they need replacing. Blunt blades can irritate your skin and also perform much more poorly as opposed to sharp blades.
  • Use long gentle strokes when shaving. Try not to go over the same place several times or press too hard with the tools as this can cause severe irritation and discomfort.
  • If the skin does become irritated before you even finish, apply some hydrocortisone cream in order to cool it off. Try not to scratch as this will only worsen the irritation.
  • When shaving avoids going over any cuts or bruises as this will cause even more pain and is likely to open up a cut again.
  • There are many different styles in which to trim your pubic hair into and it’s up to you what you choose. You may decide to just shave it all, have a neat little triangle, or go for a landing strip. Either way, make sure you’re comfortable with the movement of the clippers and trimmers in order to get the look you want.

Things you need to Consider

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  • The time it takes for hair to grow back — hair tends to grow at a fast rate so it’s a good idea to try and get a routine going. Depending on how comfortable you feel with your pubic hair you can make sure to trim it every two weeks, a month, a few days, or whenever you feel like you need to.
  • Keep a check on your pubic hair so you know when you need to give it a trim. Everyone is comfortable with different lengths of pubic hair so just keep an eye on it every time you get in the shower or bath.
  • You need lots of time in order to complete this task. Make sure you don’t have to keep an eye on any kids, or cooking, or have an appointment. You need time to make sure you can achieve the look you are satisfied with. It might even be a good idea to mark it on your calendar, so you don’t book anything. Use an inconspicuous mark so no one will understand it.
  • It might be a better idea to do this task more often than not. This is because it is much easier and quicker to trim the hair that is shorter and finer which is how it begins to grow back.
  • Never ever share your skincare tools with anyone. This is how infections get passed on.


It’s important to keep a close check on your pubic hair and to try to maintain it as much as possible. It might be a natural occurrence and some people might decide to not shave at all, but it has been advised that having shorter, tamer pubic hair is much more hygienic and will stop infections.

Now, using just a simple razor may be an easier option but you will end up will irritation, red bumps and itchiness. This is not ideal, especially if your shaving for a reason — i.e. a special night, or donning a bikini — as you don’t want to end up scratching in that region in front of people. Using the process above will help you to get the look you desire while avoiding the horrible irritation.

How Long Does it Take to Go Bald?

The time it takes to go bald varies from person to person. You may have friends or colleagues who went bald at twenty or one that still has a full head of hair, only to lose it in their old age. You can never tell when you might start to lose the hair on your head. Usually, unless there is a severely unique case, it takes about fifteen to twenty years to go completely bald from when you started to recede. If your hair started to recede at the age of twenty, you can expect complete baldness at the age of thirty-five to forty-five. But again, this time could be different for each person. Some people experience complete baldness only five years after starting to recede.

Things that can affect Baldness

Surprisingly the main cause of baldness is a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is related to testosterone. This chemical has a huge impact on hair follicles. This is because of some people over-produce DHT which can lead to follicular miniaturization. Those follicles which are affected by DHT make short shafts of hair which are also much thinner, and over time will disappear altogether. The end result is that you may appear to be bald on top but there is, in fact, still hair there, it is just thin and small which makes it appear shiny and bald. Once too much DHT is being produced it might only take a few years until the top of your head is completely bald.

Other reasons that you might be experiencing baldness is that you are suffering from stress, over-combing, and wearing hats a lot. These things can break off the shafts and will speed up the process of balding. Using hair gel or wax can also make baldness appear quicker on your head.

How to tell if you are going bald

This is an important question that does need to be addressed because going bald and losing your hair are two completely different things. Once you know whether you are naturally going bald, or you are losing your hair because of a condition, then you will be better equipped to handle and manage your hair loss. For example, if you are losing your hair in patches on your head then you may have a condition called alopecia where the body attacks itself by mistake. This is not the same as male pattern baldness which occurs in a more regular pattern such as receding from your hairline. Remember that despite these particular conditions, going bald is natural and happens to mostly everyone. You should not be embarrassed by it.

Male Pattern Baldness Explained

Male pattern baldness occurs because your body is becoming more sensitive to androgens which is the male sex hormone. It is hereditary as is the rate at which you lose the hair on your head. So, if your father lost his hair at a young age, and at a fast rate, it is likely that the same might happen to you.

What can you do?

No one expects to find their hairline beginning to recede, especially if it occurs earlier than expected. There are treatments to stop DHT over-producing but these can cause some serious side-effects. Here are some reasons to help you stop worrying about baldness and to embrace your hair.

  • It is important to try to remain calm once you realize you might be going bald. Worrying and stress can only cause more health problems along with increasing the rate of the baldness. It is a natural thing that happens to everyone. Try not to let it lower your confidence or make you paranoid about the rate to which you are losing your hair.
  • Remember that you are not the only one experiencing this situation. Others are going through the exact same thing. Some might have even gone through it earlier than you. Most people tend to experience baldness in their forties, but it is not uncommon for it to happen much earlier than that.
  • There is always the option of shaving your head, so you are not going around with patches of baldness. It might be difficult to get used to it once you have shaved your head, but it can relieve the tension, stress, and worry that you might have been going through as you slowly become balder. Shaving is a great style choice, as it remains fashionable to this day.


If you are still not convinced that a balding head is natural and something that you should not be afraid of, then there are some treatments to help combat it. You need to consider whether you really want to ‘treat’ something that is happening to your body naturally, rather than learning to live with it.

  • Minoxidil lotion — This lotion is applied twice a day to the scalp and can be purchased over-the-counter. It has been found to be beneficial to most people who buy this drug, but this comes in varying degrees. The effects of this drug come to an end as soon as it is no longer applied. So, if you want to keep the effects of this lotion, you will have to continuously use it.
  • Finasteride — This tablet partially blocks the male hormones effects. It acts as an ‘anti-androgen’. It helps to promote re-growth of the hair and stops further hair loss. This was found to be the case in 80% of patients after a period of three to six months. The effects of this treatment also stop when the tablet is no longer taken. It is also only available by prescription rather than over-the-counter.
  • Cosmetic surgery — This replaces the lost hair on your head with transplants, flap surgery, or scalp reductions. These do work but tend to very expensive. They are, however, longer-term solutions than the drugs you can use.

How to Cut Long Hair with Clippers

Using clippers to cut your own long hair is a daring decision but can leave you looking funky with a bold, unforgettable style that will definitely turn heads. You should not consider using clippers to cut your hair if you do not have any experience in cutting hair, but instead, go to the salon and get a professional to do it for you. However, if you are confident with clippers and have some hair cutting experience then cut away!

How to Cut Long Hair with Clippers

You should be extremely careful when using clippers to cut your own hair. Starting with your fringe rather than your whole head is a good idea, especially when you’re still learning how to handle your clippers. Your fringe is easier to cut with clippers because you can see them in the mirror, and once you’re more confident with the clippers you can tackle the rest of your hair.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is separate your hair into even sections. Do this by parting it vertically down the middle as well as horizontally halfway down the back of your hair. Clip the top two halves up and out of the way but leave the bottom two sections down. This is where you will use the clippers to cut the hair. One of our articles about the best cordless hair clippers will help you to choose the right clipper in this purpose. 

Step 2

The second step is to hold the clippers lightly. You should use clipper combs as these are recommended rather than using straight clippers. This makes using the clippers much easier and safer. If you do choose to use the clippers without the combs you must make sure it’s clean and sharp in order to stop any damage occurring. Remember that less is more. You can always cut more hair, but you can never go back if you cut too much. Work slowly and deliberately so you can achieve the desired effect and style you want.

Step 3

Using a fine-toothed comb pull the sectioned hair to a 45-degree angle and move the razor across the hair in a choppy, short motion at the ends of the hair. This should remain at a 45-degree angle for that staggered, choppy look. You should move the comb along with your fingers as you work toward the tips of your hair.

Step 4

Continue doing this through the hair at the back of your head. For shorter hair, you could consider layering the pieces at the top of the head. But this should be covered with more un-clipped hair. This increases the volume at the crown of your head.

Step 5

Use the same process on the sides and bangs, and the bits that were clipped back. For the best look, try not to texturize all of the hair, just pieces. Do this by holding and applying the clipper lightly when cutting across the hair. Continue with this until you achieve the desired effect you wanted.

Using a razor is a great idea for a more angled finish rather than the blunt ends you might receive from hairdressing scissors. One difference between the two is that the hairstyles completed with clippers will give a tapered end rather than the chunkier look from scissors. Clippers also give the hair more swing as well as movement in the length of the hair.

Some things you should be aware of before using clippers to cut your hair:

  • Using clippers on your hair can cause a very odd sensation. It is almost like you can feel the haircut. It doesn’t hurt, obviously, but when using clippers, they cut directly across the hair shafts which causes a slight tugging feeling as well as a slicing sound.
  • Straight, short, and thick hair is the best type of hair for using clippers and designing these kinds of styles. This is because you will end up with a style which is flicky and flirty instead of the heavy, limp look you might get if you use hairdressing scissors. Using clippers is also a good idea for your fringe and stops it from looking weighed down and heavy. If you have wavy or curly hair you can also benefit from using clippers as it will thin your hair and make it much easier to add natural texture.
  • Using clippers on fine, thin hair can cause a problem as the clippers tend to make fine hair look droopy and sometimes frizzy for curly and wavy hair. Longer layers are the best option for the textures that come from using a clipper.
  • Thicker hair is perfect for the clipper technique as the clippers will remove much of the bulk of your hair. It will make your style much lighter and give you much more movement. This is helpful during the hotter months.
  • Straight hair is also good for the clipper technique as your style will appear more polished and much more interesting instead of the boring and dull straight style. Using clippers will give your straight hair a cool, edgy look.
  • The length of hair is not really an issue when it comes to using clippers. However, it is recommended that if you have long hair you shouldn’t do a razor cut all over but use them here and there over your hair to add texture. If you do use the clippers all over, even straight, thick hair will look unkept and scraggly.

How to Oil Hair Clippers – Step by Step Guide

It can be difficult to oil your hair clippers as it’s quite a tricky and fiddly job. After a couple of times, you should get the hang of it and be able to oil your hair clippers with no trouble at all. You should oil your clippers on a regular basis and make it part of your routine when it comes to clipper maintenance. Oiling is an easy and quick way to make sure the clippers perform to the best of their ability. It will also enhance their blade life so that they last for much longer. Regular cleaning of your clipper is a must. 

How to Oil Hair Clippers

It is important to double check the oil that you are using for your clippers as just any old oil you have lying around might not do the job. The oil you use should not be particularly thick and should run faster rather than slower. This is because the level of viscosity means the blades can move easier and faster with as little resistance from friction as possible. Another important thing to be aware of to make sure the oil you use works on your clippers is that the oil can be used in high temperature and have resistance against heat. The best results for oiling your clippers is to use real hair clipper oils, even though some other alternative oils will work.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is use a brush in order to clean the hair that has accumulated over time. Get in between the blades so that all the hair is removed. You should then use a blade cleaner to make sure the blades are clean from the inside to the outside. Brush even more in order to remove any and all of the remaining hair. After this, use a paper towel to remove any excess oil as you will not want to over oil the clippers.

Step 2

If you are using an oil that does not contain a dropper for ease, then make sure the motor is off before applying the oil. This is because you will have to apply this oil by using your fingers. Do this by oiling up one of your fingers and use the fingertip to spread the oil around the surfaces of the cutting blades. This will get the oil into the nooks as best as possible with the clippers still off. Now you can turn the clippers on for about twenty to thirty seconds in order for the oil to soak deeply through the blades surface area. This will make the oil reach the places you couldn’t reach with your fingers.

Step 3

Now you should turn off the hair clipper and apply a couple of drops of oil (if it has a dropper). Then turn it back on because the oil can then work itself into the blades and disperse better through the clipper due to the vibrations.

Step 4

You should leave the hair clippers on for about twenty to thirty seconds in order for the oil to sink into the blades. Once this is done, you should then use your brush once more to make sure the oil has done its job and completely coated all of the blades. You are now ready to use your clippers again!

Still confused?

Larry The Barberman, made a cool video about oiling the clippers. Let’s take a look:

If you make sure to treat and maintain your hair clippers, they will last for a very long time and ultimately save you money in the long run. Therefore, learning how to oil your clippers is very important knowledge to have. You can also help your clippers by keeping an eye on how far out of place it might have become over time.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and allow the blade to move freely in order for you to reposition it. Also, remember to always clean out the hairs as often as possible as it is easy to remove less hair than if it gets clogged over a long period of time. This will also make the blades blunt if the hair clogs and make your trim look uneven and messy rather than the clean-cut you desire. Hair is the first thing that people look at when first meeting you, so you want your hair to look as good as possible.

It is recommended to oil your clippers every time you use them to keep them crystal clean and hygienic. With this regular maintenance, the batteries of your clippers should last anywhere between two to five years. The longevity of the blades truly depends on the frequency that you use the clippers, but you can also get the blades sharpened if necessary. Keep your corded and cordless hair clippers or stubble trimmers well maintained and clean in order to achieve the perfect, sharp, and clean cut you desire for your hair or beard.

Side Effects of Shaving Chest Hair

It is up to you whether you choose to shave your chest hair or not. Most men would choose to do so because it makes them feel better about themselves and more attractive, especially those with bear-like hair on their chests, which can be less appealing to other people. Shaving is a quick and easy way to get around this problem but there are many side-effects to it which can also look quite unappealing. Take a quick look at these side-effects that can be caused by shaving so you can be sure to avoid them whenever possible.

Shaving Chest Hair Side Effects

There are many reasons to shave your chest. Perhaps you play for a sport that requires your chest to be shaved, or you want some relief from the summer heat and shaving your bear fuzz off can help with that, or perhaps you just want to feel and look more attractive. Whatever the reason, make sure to follow good shaving techniques, otherwise, you could be left with the following side-effects.

Prickly Hair

It’s pretty common knowledge that hair grows back after shaving harder and pricklier than before. This can even occur a day after shaving and can be a right pain. As well as being a nuisance, the prickly hairs won’t look particularly good on your chest and therefore will take much more time and effort to maintain, meaning you might have to resort to shaving your chest every morning. This is incredibly time-consuming. Remember that when you shave you’re only taking off the hairs above the skin and so the roots grow the hair back very quickly, leaving you with a rough, prickly feeling on your chest.

Hair Growth

When you shave, the rate at which your hair grows will increase and become much thicker. The more you shave, the denser your hair growth will become. This can mean even more maintenance is needed on a daily basis, as within a couple of days you may find course, thick hairs growing on your chest. These hairs can also become difficult to remove in their entirety and tend to leave a tiny stubble due to their thickness. You might also find that these hairs grow back faster every time you shave.

Irritated Skin

Everyone has heard of shaving rash and it’s easy to avoid if you use the right products, but even so, sometimes shaving can be a problem to the skin. Shaving can leave your skin irritated, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. This is because when you shave, you also remove a very thin layer of skin along with the hairs. Doing this can cause a reaction on your skin and make you extremely uncomfortable. You might also find that your skin becomes rough as shaving can leech the moisture from your skin, causing it to become patchy and white and rough. In order to combat this problem, make sure to shave in the right direction and take proper care of your skin afterward. Use shaving cream to moisturize the skin while you shave.

Red or Dark Spots

If you use a razor on a regular basis it can lead to red or dark spots on the skin, especially in tricky to reach areas. This happens because you are removing hair from above the skin line and neglect the roots of the hair. The roots still being in a place without the rest of the hair can lead to the dark spots that you might find after shaving. These spots can also become very itchy and uncomfortable.

Ingrown Hairs

One of the top side-effects, and possibly the most painful, is the ingrown hairs that shaving your body hair can cause. This happens when you shave because the razor changes the direction that the hair follicle should begin to grow in. The hairs are essentially trapped under the skin and still continue to grow which can be extremely uncomfortable. This can also become worse if the ingrown hair develops into small boils on the surface of your skin. You should make sure to follow proper shaving techniques to try for the smooth results you desire.

Ways to Stop These Side-Effects

  • Find a shaving cream or gel that is best for your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin leans more towards that and try to find one with them as little chemical as possible as this can irritate your skin as well.
  • Use quality razors rather than cheap disposable ones. It is recommended to use a double-edge razor. The disposable razors will leave you with nicks and cuts as well as increasing the likelihood of irritating the skin and creating dark or red spots on the skin.
  • Trim your chest hair first as this gives your razor a break rather than having to tangle through thick and course chest hair.
  • Have a hot shower before shaving to open up the pores as this will soften the hair and make it easier for your razor to shave the hair.
  • Before shaving exfoliates the skin with a loofah, this will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs as well as removing dead skin cells.
  • When you finally get to shaving, you should always go with the grain and do not go over the shaved area again. You can shave against the grain for a closer shave, but this will most likely end up with irritated skin, dark spots, and ingrown hairs.
  • Moisturize after you have shaved to rehydrate the skin.


If you have chosen to go down the shaving route, then just bear in mind the points we have given you above as these can be some bad side-effects of shaving. There are ways of combating them as long as you follow good shaving techniques. So, whether it’s for vanity purposes, sports, or relief from the heat, you can now have a shaved chest with as little side-effects as possible. Don’t forget that the skin on your chest is sensitive so make sure to look after it.

How to Trim Chest Hair and Make it Look Natural

You either love or you hate having chest hair and that means you need to choose what suits you and your body better. You might want to consider grooming your chest hair, so it looks natural and isn’t an unattractive jumble of hair. We’re going to tell you how to keep your chest hair nice and neat but remain natural looking. There are a couple of things you should consider before thinking about trimming your chest hair. For instance, how long it is now and how short you want it to go, what style you want to have, and making sure you’re doing it right, otherwise it can go very wrong and look even worse.

Why Trim Your Chest Hair?

You might be wondering why you should bother to go to the trouble of trimming your chest hair, why not just leave it as it is? This is fine if that is what makes you feel comfortable, but if you want to stand out when on the beach and you currently feel like a hairy gorilla then maybe giving it a quick trim is a good idea. Keeping your chest hair neat and tidy can look natural and effortless as if you haven’t even bothered to do it in the first place.

Now, it’s pretty common knowledge that a lot of women prefer men with chest hair, but not to the extreme, and obviously you do find those people who like men with no hair on their chest whatsoever. While trimming it to make the hair look natural is a trend at the moment, this might change later on as fashions tend to, but you should consider how you feel and what you would feel more comfortable with, whether it’s leaving it be, trimming it to look neat and tidy and natural, or shaving the whole lot off, it’s completely up to you. It also reduces the risk of the side-effects of shaving your chest hair entirely such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and itching.


So, now you’ve decided that you want your chest hair to have the natural, tidy but effortless look. The first thing you need to think about is how long you want the remaining hair on your chest to be. Many polls have suggested that chest hair can be attractive if you keep it in check and stop it from running wild. This means restricting the hair from sprouting past your collar while also trying to make it look natural as if you’ve always had this amount of hair on your chest. You don’t want to look like a plucked chicken, do you? Our recommendation for the perfect natural length is 1/4 of an inch.

How to Trim your Chest Hair with Clippers

  • You’ll need to use a good pair of clippers so have a look around before committing to any clippers. Have a look at which clippers are highly recommended as cheaper clippers are not going to work as well, whereas those that cost a little extra will do a much better job.
  • It’s better to clip your chest hair before getting in the shower so you can rinse off the extra hairs. This will also reduce the itchiness you might feel afterward.
  • Choose the right guard for the clipper. These are in number format depending on the length you desire. We recommend a no. 2 guard which is 1/4 inches. This gives you the opportunity to allow your hair to grow in length before trimming it again and it won’t make the hairs as spiky as the shorter guards might.
  • Now test the margins of your body hair such as around your collar bone where the hair can look like it’s fading away. This way you can test the length to make sure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Use the best body trimmer in several directions once you’ve chosen an area to work on. Go side-to-side, up, and down. This is because home trimmers are not nearly as effective as those in a barber shop. therefore, taking multiple passes in different directions can help to make sure you don’t miss any hair.
  • It is very common to itch once you have shaved, especially if you have gone quite short. You can combat this by applying a moisturizing aftershave to the areas you have just trimmed.

How to Trim Chest Hair with Scissors

  • Use a comb in a similar way that a barber would use a comb on the hair on your head. This gives you a reference for the length you want to cut it as well as being able to cut quite a few hairs at the same time.
  • Make sure you are using the scissors correctly. You don’t want to cut yourself so use your finger to hold the scissors and the other hand to control what you are doing.
  • Use a mirror so you can see what you are doing rather than just looking down. It makes the job much easier.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to style your body hair, as long as you are happy with it. It doesn’t matter in the long run whether people are more attracted to trimmed, hairy, or bald chests as long as you’re comfortable in your own body. Performing this task on yourself can be tricky if you’re not sure what you are doing but this guide we have written should help you and give you some important tips to get the look you want.

If you are having problems or see you have made a mistake you can get somebody else to help you. It’s better to be overly careful when using instruments like clippers and scissors so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Having natural chest hair can prove to be time-consuming as you do have to spend time getting it to the right length, but it’s worth it in the end when you go on that beach and show it off.

What’s the Difference Between Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

If you choose to groom your own facial hair or a pet’s hair, you need some decent clippers. You should use specific grooming clippers for whichever job you need them for. If you are grooming dogs you are recommended to use the best dog clippers rather than human clippers. Dog clippers and human clippers have a specific set of tools for the job at hand.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

At first glance, they might look very similar but they both have their own specific features.

Intended Use

Humans have only one type of hair on their head which is called terminal hair whereas pets grow different types on their bodies. There is the bristle which is the layer of guard hairs which is at the top of the dog’s coat. This protects the undercoat which is known as the wool. There are other types of hair called whiskers and other coarse long hairs on the face called vibrissa. This means that the Clippers used for trimming your dog’s hair need to have the specific tools in order to manage and handle the different types of hair on a dog, whereas your human clippers will have one setting for the only type of hair that humans grow.


The different types of hair are dealt with by using different speeds, motors and interchangeable blades. Speeds up to 5,000 strokes per minutes leave the dogs coat with a smooth sheen after finishing the cut, while much slower strokes per minute mean you can work on the tender areas of the face and feet in a safer way by not making as much vibration and much less heat. Human clippers have a much slower speed as it is not as difficult to cut through human hair as it is with dog hair.

Clipper Motors

Grooming your pet can be a very long task and can take a lot of time and precision. Pet clippers are designed for a much longer period of time and so are designed to not overheat and to prevent the motor getting hot in your hand. This is done by the baffles that are attached to the motors which help to stop and slow down vibration and sound. This makes it much less noisy for skittish dogs and stops your hand from getting tired too quickly. Human clippers are designed for quick use, as it takes a very short time to cut a human’s hair. The clippers are then turned off and set aside to cool down before the next person needs to use them. This is because the motor is not designed for long use and could get hot in the barber’s hands.


Pet clippers come in a No.10 which means it leaves the dog’s hair 1/16 inch from the dog’s body. You will find that clipper blades for human hair have much finer teeth than dog clippers. The usual size of human clippers is No.000. This leaves 0.008 inches of hair from the scalp. This narrow toothed clipper is more likely to get caught up in a dogs hair. Both of these types of clippers come in different variations, like a fine tooth or skip tooth blades. Skip tooth blades are good for pets as they have wider teeth and are better at cutting through matted fur without pulling it or causing pain to the dog. To get a very smooth texture on your pet’s coat, you can use a fine tooth blade.


There are different accessories for the two different types of clippers. For instance, the grooming combs which are used by fitting them over the blades of the clippers and help to deliver an even cut. Combs designed for the pet clippers help the groomer to cut the hair from 1/16 inch to 2 inches. This delivers a good even cut and reduces the likelihood of the hair becoming tangled and also makes it easier to detangle matted knots in the hair. The combs used for human clippers are designed to help cut the hair to about 1 inch or less. This mainly gives an easy and overall even sheen on a human head.


In conclusion, the clippers for both pets and humans have their advantages for the different uses. It is highly advised to use dog clippers when grooming a dog, and human clippers when cutting human hair. This makes the job much easier to handle. Like stated above, the different features are what make the clippers designed for their particular uses. The speed, motors, blades and accessories are what defines the clippers, and these are intended for certain hair, whether it’s human — also known as terminal hair — or the several different dog hairs, bristle, wool, whiskers, or vibrissa. Make sure to use the right type of clippers for the job you are doing.

Explaining The Dog Clipper Blade Size Chart

There are lots of different blade sizes for your dog clippers for the desired look you want for your dog. Those with a higher blade number cut the hair closer to the skin than those with a lower number which will leave more hair. The lower clipper numbers usually come in both skip-tooth, and fine-tooth designs, whereas sizes 9 and an above will only come in the skip tooth designs. The most common sizes of the dog clipper blades come in sizes 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 15, 30, 40, and 50.

The highest numbered blades will give the closest cuts for your dog’s hair and the different areas of your dog’s body. Around the face of your dog, you will want a closer shave and then longer hair on their back and tail. Each different breed has different recommendations for the blade size to use. Here is a small and instructing guide to help you find the blade size you need to get the perfect cut for your dog’s hair.

Dog Clipper Blade Size Chart

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If you have a dog that is mixed breed there is no need to worry. There is still the possibility of clipping your dog’s hair on your own. You might just find it more difficult to find a blade size that suits the hair of your mixed breed dog. Once you have identified the type of fur or hair your dog has, it will be easier to find the right blade sizes. If you need the recommendation or some help talk to your vet or groomer for some advice.

Types of Fur

If you can identify the type of fur your dog has it will be easier to know and find out what clipper size you will need to give your dog the perfect cut. There are three main types of dog hair — wiry, smooth, and curly. Those with smooth coats need to use a fine-tooth blade sized 7 for the legs and body, and then shears for the rest of the body. You should use a fine-tooth blade sized 5 or 7 for those dogs with wiry coats on the tail and body while using a size 10 for the ears. For dogs with curly coats, you should use a fine-tooth blade sized 3 or 4 for the body and then size 10 for the face.

Skip Tooth Blades and Fine Tooth Blades

These are the different types of blades you can use for your dog’s hair. The difference between the two refers to how much space is between the teeth of the blade. Fine-tooth blades have little space between the teeth, whereas the skip tooth blades have some gaps in between the teeth. The skip toothed blades are normally used for the first cut during a groom, to get the excess hair off before doing a more precise cut with the fine-tooth blade. The skip-tooth blades are better for cutting curly, thick or matted dog hair. Skip-tooth blades leave the dogs coat looking layered as they do not trim the hair evenly. These are used by groomers for the first initial cut before then washing and finishing the groom with a fine-toothed blade.


You can use this guide to help you to choose the right grooming blades you need to give your dog the best cut possible. The difference in sizes is used for different breeds with different types of hair or fur that your dog might have. You can use the size chart to work out the best blade size for the type of dog you have and purchase the right blades and clippers for this type of dog. Along with specific sizes for specific types of dogs, the type of blade is important. Remember, skip-tooth blades are used for the initial cut of the coat, while the fine-tooth blades are used for more accurate cuts around the face and tail. The different types of coats of dogs — wiry, smooth, and curly — all require different sized and types of blades.

How to Groom a Dog Face

Grooming your dog’s face can be tricky as you don’t want to hurt your precious puppy, but it is needed so they can see and be comfortable.

The grooming of your dog’s face can bring out their personality and bring them the joy they need for life.

How to Groom a Dog Face

Here is a guide to help you to groom your pet’s face in the best way possible while protecting their skin and face. No matter the length of your dog’s hair, there are always great ways as to how to groom them to make them comfortable and looking adorable.

Around the Eyes

The first thing you should do is trim the hair in between your dog’s eyes. This opens up their expressions and allows them to see without hair being in the way. Use a small comb to lift up the hair from the inside of the corners of the eyes with an outward and upwards motion. Try to keep the hair short as this area is very prone to tear stains and having shorter hair will help combat this problem. You can use some small round-tip scissors or thinning shears to trim the hair around the eyes. Always point away or forwards from the dog’s eyes to reduce the risk of an accident happening. You can also use size 10 clippers, and this will trim the hair closer but the vibration of the clippers can scare a dog into moving suddenly.

Around the Face

For dogs that have flat coats, you should use clippers that have a medium length attachment comb which should leave 1 inch of hair left. This will be fluffy but short enough to ensure you won’t need to clip your dog’s hair for another few weeks depending on how fast their hair grows.

  • Clip the hair from the occiput to the eyebrow being very careful not to clip the top of the ear hair. Use thinning shears to blend the hair on the top of the head with the ears.
  • Hold the ears up and use the same attachment comb to cut the sides of the head.
  • Clip down the dog’s neck to the Adams apple area by lifting the dog’s chin up. Try to keep the hair on the chin short as this can become the dirtiest part of the face.
  • Trim the hair behind the ears by moving them forward and clipping in both directions and then blend the neck and the top of the head.
  • You should then cut along the nose to the inside of the ears on both sides that follows the jawline.
  • Then finish by blending all the edges together.


Long Ears

A good way of checking that the hair on the ears is suitable is by pulling them forward and clipping the hair that passes the nose. This will prevent them from getting dirty from dragging on the floor or from food. You should finish the trimming of the ears by holding the tip of the ears and the hair flat between your fingers. Put your fingers just past the tops of the ear flaps and hold them there. This will mean your fingers should stop the scissors so that they won’t cut the skin but only the hair of the ear flaps. You should also position the shear blades at a 45-degree angle which will allow you to make a clean, beveled edge.

Short Ears

If your dog has shorter ears which fold in half when they pay attention, you can shave the bottom half to give them better ventilation and make them look adorable. This is also good for those dogs who struggle with ear problems. Put the ear flap in your hand and clip the hair with a number 81/2 blade, number 10 blade, or short attachment comb into the direction in which the hair grows. Be aware of where the edges of the ears are so you don’t end up cutting them. Trim the edges from the base of the ear up to the back part of the ears by using your fingers as a guide. Then cut only the bottom half of the front part. The hair on top will add some weight and keep them in place and will create a cute round face.


Grooming your dog, yourself can prove cost-efficient but you must be very aware of what you are doing. It is likely that some form of mishap might happen, and your dog might look a little lopsided for a while but it only takes a couple of weeks for it grow back. If you are unsure about trimming your dog’s hair, go to a professional who is experienced in clipping all kinds of dog hair.

Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers

Human hair clippers and dog hair clippers look very similar and have very similar uses and so who wouldn’t think you could use them interchangeably? Is using human hair clippers on a dog safe?

Well, in this article we’re going to look at the pros and cons of using human hair clippers or specific dog hair clippers on your pet. 

Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers

There are, however, some differences between the two types of clippers that you should be aware of.

Motor Power

Clippers for human hair are made with a powerful and durable motor which will instantly trim human hair whereas a dog hair clipper has a much lighter motor which is best for your pet’s hair. The lightweight of the motor means it makes much less noise than human hair clippers, which is much better when working on dogs as it is less likely to scare them. The powerful motor can also be harsh on the dog’s skin which can lead to cuts.

Therefore, human clippers might not be suitable for dogs. Human hair clippers also work a lot hotter while dog clippers, due to their lightweight, do not get as warm in your hand. This means that using the human clippers could prove difficult, whereas using dog clippers might be easier and more comfortable to use over a long period of time.

Length of the Cuts

People use human clippers to mostly cut beards or body hair that they don’t want and the clippers give them a good finish. The brushes on human clippers are quite close to the blades which means that when human clippers are used on dogs it can cause some serious cuts. Dog clippers, however, are specifically designed for the long-length cuts that dogs might need.

That is why dog clippers are much more suitable to use on pets. The blades on the dog clippers are designed to prevent the pulling of the hair, whereas this is not applicable to human clippers, as most of the human hair that is being clipped is already short. But the dog’s hair needs to be treated with care, especially when the hair is matted or long.


Due to the teeth of the blades on human clippers being arranged closer together than those of dog clippers, human clippers could result in the jamming of the clippers. This can cause your pet some discomfort as their hair gets tangled into the clippers. This is especially true for those dogs with thick and long coats.

This can happen because human clippers don’t have the speed it requires to pass through a coat of thick hair. That is why human clippers are supposed to be used on thinner and lighter hair and not heavy hair like dogs’ coats.

Kits with the Clippers

Specialty items come with certain clipper kits that you purchase. If you buy a human clipper kit you will get items that will help with your human skin and hair to perform the best cut or shave for you. When you purchase a dog clipper kit, you will get items which are perfect for the use of clippers on your pet to make things easier.

While you might decide to use human clippers on your dog, you might need to buy specific brushes meant to be used for dog grooming. Combs that come in the pet clipper kits usually cut from 1/16 inch to 2 inches whereas those found in human hair clipper kits are about 1 inch or less. Therefore, those combs that come with the pet kits are much more adept at cutting your dog’s hair than those that come with human hair kits.


In conclusion, you could use human hair clippers to groom your dog but there are risks that come along with it. In order to protect your dog from the clippers getting tangled, or causing cuts and bruises to your dog’s skin, it is advised to use clippers specifically designed for grooming a dog.

The blades and teeth of the clippers on each type are different — human hair clippers are more narrow and adept at cutting thinner and finer hair whereas dog clippers can come in fine-tooth or skip-toothed varieties, both of which have more of a space between the teeth. The motors of both are also different and if you have a skittish dog it’s best to use a clipper that is as noiseless as possible for the most comfortable cut possible for your precious pup.

Top 10 Tips for Women With Shaved Heads

While women have been doing this daring hairstyle for years, it wasn’t until recent years that shaving your head became a common thing, for women. I feel it’s empowering for a woman to try crazy hairstyles that may not be the “norm” to regular society.

A lot of people equate hair with beauty, and if you don’t have hair, if you are a female, then you aren’t beautiful.

But taking a closer look at celebrities can cause a person to question that statement.

Celebrity with a Bald Head

Take a look at these beautiful females who decided to toss their tresses.

Grace Jones

From early childhood, I remember Grace Jones and her cropped top.

She varied on the look of her shave, sometimes having a tiny afro on top with shaved sides, or just having it completely shaved. I felt her shaved head gave her power.

She looked like a Goddess of strength and she actually intimidated people with her head shaved.

But while she lacked in hair, she was far from lacking in beauty.

While her look was masculine it was also elegant.

Sinead O’Connor

Another memory from my youth was Sinead O’Connor. I learned about her when I heard her song “Nothing Compares To You“. I saw her as very edgy and fitting right into the scene I enjoyed at the time. Her music was ok, but her look was classic. I’m finding that when you strip the hair away from a woman you can really see her beauty, and I feel with Sinead, this was really the case. She has a more classic beauty to her.

You could easily see her as the girl next door.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver’s bald head came in the form of her kickass character Ripley.

It must be easier to kick alien booty without your hair getting in your face. And let’s face it, folks, she’s a little scary looking with the shaved head.

She looks like she shoots first and asks questions later.

But honestly, I’d kind of want this type of person defending me if the planet was attacked by aliens.

Just saying.

Robin Tunney

If there was one person I idolized, it was Robin Tunney.

She just seemed so cool and like someone, I could easily befriend. She had roles in movies I loved, and she could play different roles which showed off what a great actress she was and still is.

Robin shaved her head in a scene where her “Empire Records” character went a wee bit nuts and went for the fuzzy peach look. A young girl shaving her hair off and still looking cool and was still chased after?

I was so jealous. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore was always taking interesting roles. One popular role forced her to have to shed her lovely looks for her Army character in G.I.Jane.

I loved getting a chance to see her without hair.

She was stunning with hair and equally as stunning without it. She took on a sort of Sigourney kickass intimidation, and once again, if someone is going to be defending me I want them to look intimidating.

So yeah, loved it.

Amber Rose

Someone a little more recent, but who I go to immediately when I think of ladies with shaved heads, is Amber Rose.

Kind of interesting, she shaved her head after seeing Sinead’s “Nothing Compares To You” video and falling in love with the style. She hasn’t looked back since and I think it’s really paid off for her.

She’s memorable and she’s stunning.

I mean it, people. I’ve seen her with hair, and with hair, she’s really just another pretty face. It’s her lack of hair that really brings out her beauty.

Tips for Women With Shaved Heads

And this is just a few women on a list of many who have decided to go sans hair. So, tempted to try this hairstyle yourself? Wait! Before you head for the razor, here are some tips that will help make your hair cutting experience, not a hair-raising experience.

Decide Between An Electric Razor/Clipper Or Manual Razor

This choice really is up to you, what you have on hand, and how skilled you feel you are. With an electric clipper, it’s pretty straightforward of trimming the hair short with scissors and then shaving the rest off until you are satisfied. You might need the attachments for the clippers if there is a certain length you want and don’t want to shed it all. But using an electric razor or balding clippers is basically painless and goes fairly quickly. The most irritating thing you will deal with is clean up trying to sweep the hair off the floor and get it all off of your body. Those tiny hairs like to stick to you. My suggestion is to hop into the shower after you shave so you can wash the hair off of your body.

With a manual razor, disposable razor or razor with disposable blade, you have to put a little more thought and work into the shave, and you have to be dedicated to saying goodbye to all your hair. You will have to get your hair cut down to stubble in order to shave with a manual razor. With a manual razor, you will need shaving cream, gel, oil, or lotion in order to shave with, as well as water. Make sure the lube you use is really worked into your hair and scalp before you start shaving. This really helps in the closeness and comfort of your shave. Now with using a manual razor some irritations you might deal with are cuts and nicks on your scalp, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. Clean up should be a breeze because the length of hair you will be shaving will be just stubble left over after your initial big chop and will wash down the drain. You can just use a wet washcloth to wipe your head clean of any shaving cream, gel, oil, or lotion and then you are done.

Don’t like shaving! Check this post for knowing about how to bald head without shaving.

Wet Or Dry Hair

With an electrical clipper, cut your hair when it is dry. You know, the whole water and electricity don’t mix deal. With an electrical razor you may find one that is a wet razor, but for the most part, these kinds of razors need a dry environment to work in like the clippers.

With a manual razor, it’s really best to shower before you shave your hair or at least wash your hair. The warm water helps make the hair softer and easier to cut. Wet hair also helps cut down on an occurrence of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which is something you really don’t want, especially not on your head.

Best Way To Start Shaving

With an electrical razor/clippers, you should first section up your scalp. It’s best to section it up into 6 parts that are the top of the head, right front, right back, left front, left back, and nap of neck. Once you have that figured out you are going to start shaving. I’ve seen it referred to multiple times as it’s like mowing the lawn. You want to keep your strokes going in the same direction and right by each other. You don’t have to just go from top to bottom. You can do whatever you want to do really, but just remember to keep the strokes in the same direction and next to each other for a unified and even look. However, if you aren’t going for unified and even, go crazy!

For a manual razor, it’s best to start with softer or thinner hair first and leave the course for last so it has time to soften up under your choice of lube. Remember you have a very sharp object in your hair, so you are going to go slow and even with your strokes. You can also attack your head in the same manner of sectioning it up into six sections. With manual shaving, I really feel it’s best to either from top to bottom or bottom to top.

With Or Against The Grain

With an electric razor/clippers I really don’t feel going against the grain is a big deal if you are going for a more artistic look. I still stand by going in the same direction no matter what way you decide to shave, but grain isn’t that big of an issue. However, if you are shaving to have a close cut then you want to take grain into consideration. If you want a close shave, find out which way your grain is going and shave against it. Go nice a slow because with an electric razor you can cause irritation on the exposed scalp.

With manual razors, this topic is debatable and I guess depends on the person. If you go against the grain you will naturally get a closer shave, but you are risking irritation to your scalp if you go against the grain because there is more pulling, plucking, and nicking going against the grain. If you go with the grain you will naturally have more comfort, but you may not get as close of a shave that you want. You can go over the area again, but you may risk irritation as well, so be careful.

Clean The Razor During Your Shave

When your razor gets loaded up with hair, it can’t cut as well because the blade(s) are covered, so you need to give them a clean in between sections or just when it gets full. With an electric razor/clippers you should get a little brush with your razor, if not you could use a makeup brush or paintbrush, or an old soft toothbrush to get the hair out. Just gently swipe the brush over the blades, razor must be turned off, and clean out the hair.

With a manual razor you simply run the razor under running water from the faucet, or if you have the sink filled you can shake inside the water to rinse it. If the hair is thick you can try carefully taking it out with a fingernail, or get a toothpick and try to scrape it out.

Check For Spots You Missed

It’s easy to miss a spot on your head with the lack of eyes in the back of the head. If you have a hand mirror you can turn around to your bathroom mirror and look in the hand mirror to see the back of your head. Be sure to check behind your ears and any crevices on your neck or head that hair can hide. Try to see as close to the back of the head as possible so you can see any hairs that you missed.

Use Sunscreen

Now that you have newly shaved head, you need to realize that your hair was serving more a purpose than to look nice. It also was to protect your head from the environment. One major thing it was protecting you from was the sun. Your head will be completely exposed to it, so if you are sporting the shiny bald look you have to use sunscreen. You should really use it all over your body, but especially on your head if it’s shaved. Get a good one too. You don’t want anything that is clogging and you want one that will give good coverage, even through sweat.

Realize It’s Just Hair And Will Grow Back

I know this can be a big step for you, especially being a female. But just realize, if you decide that you don’t really like yourself bald, it’s just hair and it will grow back. You may need to wear a wig until it does or give it time to grow on you, but over time your head will grow peach fuzz and continue on from there. Odds are in a day or two of cutting your hair you will already have that “5 o’clock shadow”, so you will be on your way to a full head of hair in no time.


Now that you have no hair to hide your beauty from the world, it’s the perfect time to accessorize yourself. We are talking big bold earrings, cute headbands, funky hats, delicate scarves, and bold makeup. Without your hair to put into funky hairdos, you will want to experiment with other ways to look unique and individual. A lot of women like using big earrings and bobbles for earrings, or cute headbands.

Got a killer hat collection that’s been collecting dust? No reason you shouldn’t be wearing a different one every day now. How about those scarves you save for special outfits or occasions? How about trying them wrapped around your head? Or try some sexy bold makeup that makes you feel fabulous. Try any combination of these and see what you end up liking. Did you know there is even make-up for your head, or maybe try a head tattoo? The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy Your New Look

Get out there and show off your fabulous new look! You may get some looks and stares, but just realize they are super jealous. Jealous of your bravery to go bald, and jealous of how beautiful you look, even more so now with a bald head. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show people what you and so many women before you have figured out, that bald is beautiful!

Do you think bald is beautiful? Ever thought of going bald for a long? Have you already gone bald?

How to Clean Clippers – Clipper Blade Cleaning Solution

It’s important to clean the clippers that you own, whether they are for your own grooming or that of a pet. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your hair clippers or dog clippers will ensure that they last longer and make them remain hygienic for every use. Using dirty or rusty clippers can lead to a bad job and even infection if you accidentally nick the skin. Having clean clippers can also help you achieve the look you are after by providing precision and keeping them from rusting and becoming blunt. Here is a quick and efficient guide to cleaning your clippers.

Guide to Cleaning Clippers

Remove the blades

The first thing you need to do is take out the two screws that hold the head plate down which are located on the top of the clippers. Do this by using a screwdriver. After this use your fingers to remove the head as well as the blades from the clipper unit and then separate them.

Removing the hair

The second thing to do is to use a thick brush to quickly brush the visible hair off of the head plate as well as inside the top of the clippers. There may be a small square hole where quite a lot of the hair has bunched up together. Use the brush, and your fingers if necessary, to clean out all of this hair. Any hair that is visible should be removed at this point and then you should put the blade and the head of the unit into warm water for a couple of minutes. This helps to loosen the smaller hairs which are more difficult to clean out.

Clean the blades

If you have some blade cleaning solution, put a little of this on a toothbrush and scrub the head and blades until they are totally clean. This will remove stubborn and tiny, hard to see hairs. If you do not own blade cleaning solution you can use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water and it will work just as well and is much less expensive than the original cleaning solution. Once you have removed the hair and cleaned the blade and head you should then dry the blade and head with a towel and let them air dry for a couple of minutes. You must make sure the blades are completely dry before performing the next step.

Oil the blade

Once the head and blade are completely dry you can then reassemble them with the clippers. It is essential to make sure the blades and head are completely dry, After you have done this you should point the clippers towards the ground so that the head is facing away from you. You can then turn the clippers on and put a couple of drops of hair clipper oil along the top of the blades. This will make sure the blade continues to be moveable and keeps them clean while avoiding clumping the hair. This makes it much easier to clean and make them work much better.

Obviously be very careful when applying this oil as the clippers are on, which makes the oil work better but could cause an accident. Remember to not add too much oil. There is no substitute for this clipper oil as it is a light grade machine oil. It is not expensive, so you should definitely invest in it and it helps to keep your clippers working to the best of their ability. Try to avoid dropping the clipper oil dripping into the back of the clipper unit as it is only designed for the blades.

Clean Clippers

Now you have clean clippers which are safe to use and will provide you with optimal precision while performing the job you need. Maintaining your clippers are important for hygiene and safety. You should perform these steps after every use of your clippers in order to maintain them and prevent them from rusting and causing more problems or infections.


There are many different ways to clean your clippers, but this is simple to follow and does not require any additional pieces of cleaning equipment or liquids. This guide will help you to keep your corded or cordless clippers well maintained and clean so you can perform the job you need to do in a hygienic and precise way, avoiding rust and other debris ruining the job you need to achieve.

If you accidentally nick yourself, a rusty and dirty clipper, or those clumped with old hair, will make the cut even worse and you could end up with an infection which would require more care.

How to Get a Shiny Bald Head

These days having a bald head is a fashion choice, rather than a necessity or having the choice to do so is more commonly accepted. If you are one of those people who elected to have a bald head, then you probably want to aim for smooth, high shine.

Some people will have chosen to have a bald head due to thinning or bald patches and the same applies. A nice, shiny head looks much more appealing and attractive than a dull, and stubbly head. Here are some tips to help you keep the shine to your bald head.

Proper Shaving Methods

If you practice proper shaving methods, you are more likely to have the result of a lovely shiny head. You should always shave your head with a sharp razor. It is advised that these razors have multiple blades for the closest shave possible. Before shaving, you should soak your head in lots of warm water to soften the hair and make it easier to remove. Try to find a shaving gel that has moisturizing properties as well to make sure the skin doesn’t end up dry and flaky.

Remember to shave with the grain of your hair, in other words in the same direction that it grows, otherwise you will find your hair follicles irritated which creates angry red bumps which stops your head from looking shiny and smooth.

To me, the best method is using a hair clippers for balding to maintain your head.

Mild Soaps and Skin Cleansers

Using soaps and cleansers that are harsh and have lots of chemicals in them can result in your skin drying out, especially the sensitive skin of your head. They can also cause irritation to the hair follicles and make the skin look splotchy and dull. Try to find soaps and cleansers that contain natural and organic ingredients. This will stop the harsh chemicals from affecting the skin on your head, and hopefully leave you with shiny, nourished skin.

Aloe Vera

This keeps the skin thoroughly moisturized, especially the sensitive skin on your scalp. It is also advised to use Aloe Vera on your head if you spend an awful lot of time outside as it can calm the effects of the sun on the top of your head. All you need to do is pop a healthy handful on to your head and massage it into your scalp as soon as you finish shaving. Then dab your skin dry with a towel. Do not rub back and forth as this could irritate the skin.

Sun Cream

You must make sure to apply sun cream in order for your bald head to have a healthy glow. This is particularly important if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. The bright sunlight and UV rays can have some nasty results such as sunburn, freckles, peeling, and discoloration, and even skin cancer. Therefore, applying sun cream before you go outside is always a good idea, not just to protect your skin but to retain a nice shiny head. It is advised to use a sun cream that has an SPF factor of, at the very least, 15, but if you are very fair skinned you will need one much higher.

Moisturizing Skin Creams

It is advised to use a moisturizing cream on your scalp every day and this will nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and shiny. It will prevent the skin from drying, cracking, or flaking. There are lots of great moisturizing skin creams on the market, but you should try to find one focused on hydrating the skin, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors as the sun and weather can dry the skin an awful lot. Applying the cream every morning and evening, and after shaving if necessary.

Natural Oils

Applying natural oils to your scalp daily has many benefits. The first, of course, is that the oil will make your head nice and shiny, the second is the benefits to your skin from the natural ingredients. They create a protective layer on your scalp and protect it from pimples and blisters. They also increase blood irrigation and protect your skin from bacteria and germs. The most recommended natural oils are jojoba, lavender, and most tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These will protect your scalp from outside damages and allow the skin to remain healthy and blister free. It also smells amazing, and, in aiding the health of the skin on your scalp, will result in you having a nice, shiny bald head.


There are many ways to keep your bald head shiny, and by following these simple steps you can really impress people. As long as you look after the skin on your head, you will have a nice shiny dome. Remember healthy skin is the most important.

How to Keep Your Head Bald Longer

The problem with having a shaved head is that it can take a lot of time and effort to maintain it, especially when you shave. It only takes a day for that shadow to appear on your scalp and then you have to do the whole procedure again.

You could try other methods of hair removal such as waxing, sugaring or depilatories which tend to last longer than shaving anyway. I prefer balding clippers for this purpose. 

But if you’re set on keeping with the shaving, here are some tips for trying to keep that bald head gleaming for longer. With some of these methods, the hair might grow back thinner and finer than before.

Hair Growth Inhibitor

This comes in the form of a topical cream or spray and is made to interfere with the hair’s growth cycles. It usually contains soy extracts which are used to slow down the growth of hair. Using this lotion on your head could result in your hairs growing back finer and much less frequent. These are available at most cosmetic or drug stores. Some hair growth inhibitors will contain a Sulphur reducer as an active ingredient. This ingredient will weaken or inhibit the hair’s natural protein called keratin and interrupt new hair as it begins to form, making it thinner and weaker than normal. You should use hair growth inhibitors along with other methods of hair removal for a better result.

Eat Soy Products

Products that are made of or contain soy have phytoestrogens in them. This is nature’s equivalent of estrogen. It is testosterone inside your body which leads to more hair growth, and in a thicker and more frequent fashion. One way to combat this is to consume the estrogen-like a food product which will counteract the testosterone and lead to thinner and less frequent hair growth. You can find soy in foods like soy nut butter, tofu, edamame, and soy milk. You can also apply soy milk to the area and stunt the growth of the hair. Within five weeks you will find that the hair grows back finer, thinner, and softer than before. This is because soy reduces the diameter of the follicle and hair shaft, strips it of its pigment, and stunts the growth of hair overall.


This is a herbal supplement that you can sometimes find in easy-to-use products. It works by decreasing the rate of re-growth of the hair until it is permanently eliminated. You will see the effects of only two or three applications of the product. It is recommended to use this with other hair removal products which tend to rip out the root, such as waxing, so the product can work effectively.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is used to make sure the bodies reproductive and immune systems are properly functioning. It also helps with your vision. Vitamin A is great for maintaining healthy teeth, skin, hair and bones as well as the lungs, liver and kidneys. A lot of vitamin A, however, will make the hair follicles fall into overdrive and will make your hair reach the end of its growth phase and then fall out. While this might aid you in the maintenance of your bald head, it is advised to be extremely careful when taking vitamin A over a long period of time as it could cause some damage to your body.

Prescription Hair Treatments

Your doctor might be able to prescribe you with a cream or treatment that can help you to keep the hair from growing on your head. These tend to be stronger than the ones found in drugs stores. One such prescribed treatment is an eflornithine cream called Vaniqua. This works by neutralizing the enzymes in the hair follicle which are needed for hair growth. This is not a permanent solution because as soon as you stop using the product the hair follicle will become active again, but it is a good way to maintain a bald head for longer.

Plucking and Tweezing

Choosing to pull the hairs out one at a time can be an effective way to reduce hair growth as it can result in permanent hair loss over a long period of time. It is, however, very tedious and can also bring about dark spots where the follicles have been plucked. Usually with tweezing or plucking, when the hair eventually grows back it tends to grow back thinner and finer, which makes it easier to remove with other methods if necessary.


There are many ways to have a bald head for longer, but the most effective way is electrolysis. If this doesn’t appeal to you then you can follow some of these steps and see if any of them work for you. Hair will always keep growing unless you use a permanent fix, but you can increase the time it takes to grow back.