Some Manscaping Tips Every Man Should Know

Decades ago it was considered attractive for a man to have a nice tuft of chest hair protruding from his half-buttoned shirt. It made them seem rugged and virile.

In recent years it has become more and more desirable for men to have little to no body hair. It probably started with professional athletes. Athletes may shave for a competitive edge like swimmers to reduce drag in the water or wrestlers having less to grab on their opponent. For pure aesthetics, bodybuilders remove body hair in order to show off their muscles better.

However it became popular is irrelevant, now it is preferred and even expected. It does have its benefits!

Attracting a partner is probably the most important reason men now remove body hair. This is not only visually attractive but it implies good hygiene habits, attention to detail, and self-confidence, all things that women like.

It also significantly reduces body odor! When we perspire, the hair wicks moisture away from our skin, but then it becomes the ideal breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria! Eliminating the hair eliminates the environment for the bacteria to breed and cause embarrassing odor!

While women have been dealing with this for generations and typically pass down techniques from mother to daughter or discuss it with other female friends, Men are left with the new daunting task of discovering ways of effectively removing body hair.

Manscaping Definition

The Urban Dictionary defines manscaping as

A fine art form exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body.

We are going to try and expand this definition as we go along by not only offering tips on exceptional hygiene, but on products that I have used and researched myself. We’ll explore several things that will keep you, as a real man, kept up and ready for the world and ready for the ladies.

Guys, feel free to leave comments and tips in the comment section. Ladies, feel free to leave your own opinions as well. After all, this isn’t just about the gents maintaining good hygiene practices, it is also about us trying to present a pleasing image to you!

Manscaping Tips

My goal with this page is to hopefully educate men on effective methods of hair removal and save them time by removing all the guesswork and trial and error.


Depilation is the removal of part of the hair above the surface of the skin.

Examples include:

  • Trimming
  • Shaving
  • Chemical Depilatories

These work by chemically breaking the bonds that give hair its strength. This is messy, smelly and does not work well on men’s hair (even if it says its made for men). Also if you leave it on a little too long you can end up with some ugly chemical burns.

Use the best pubic hair trimmer for your sensitive parts and handle them carefully.


This is a gentle rubbing of something like fine-grit sandpaper over the area. Doesn’t sound like the best idea to me.


Epilation is the removal of the whole hair, including the part below the skin.

This method, while not permanent, lasts much longer than shaving.

Examples include:


Waxing is very effective but it is messy and pretty difficult to do on your own. I don’t know anyone I’d be comfortable asking to help me wax my backside.

Epilation devices

These are like electric shavers but instead of cutting they have a bunch of little rotating tweezer heads to pluck out the hairs. It’s a little painful but you get used to it and it’s very effective. Just don’t use it on sensitive areas.


Effective, but very time consuming

What is your method of manscaping? Do you have any other ideas that I missed in this article?
Share your thoughts.

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