SoClean CPAP Cleaner Reviews in 2020 – All Versions

Do you get stressed cleaning your CPAP systems? As much as we need that fresh clean and infection-free mask each night, it can be hard to maintain the cleanliness daily.

Imagine the sinus infections deteriorating respiratory conditions due to uncomfortable smells and unhygienic CPAP machines? To counter such problems, I’m going to provide you with the top Soclean CPAP reviews that you can check.

SoClean 2 Premium Package

“The world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. We are recommending this SoClean CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizers models for your uses.”

SoClean CPAP Or SoClean 2 CPAP ? Which One Is Better?

It is a high time you sterilize or clean your CPAP system in the most convenient, effective and efficient way, as explained below.

I know you are in disbelief right now if you have never used this machine. I should give you a hint of the awesomeness you have been missing.

My fellow users and customers will conquer with me that so clean CPAP cleaner is a god-sent efficient and healthy cleaner that we’ve ever used. Reviewed below are two of the best models that you won’t regret owning one.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner Reviews

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner Reviews

The security of using a clean, fresh and sanitized machine every night is worth my sacrifice. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the machine. Having read views from the internet, I got the courage to purchase one. I have never regretted my decision. I’m having more warm and refreshing nights.

With this machine, my life has been made easier. I just wake up and put the mask and the hose on the machine for it to be disinfected. I just set the sanitizing time and it works automatically. When I go to bed, I find it ready, fresh and clean with no residue or saliva from my night cream.

You know how the CPAP system smells when not cleaned thoroughly. First, the unbearable feeling of having to use a CPAP, then come the dirty and smelly system. It is devastating. So Clean 2 gives you a stink-free and warm night that you have always wished you have.

Imagine waking up with a clear mind. All you have to do to achieve this is to let your CPAP run for a minute or two before putting on the mask, just to get rid of the ozone odors that may be experienced.

soclean cpap cleaner reviews


  • Replacement lid gasket.
  • Automated cleaner and sanitizer.
  • No need for disassembling accessories.
  • No use of chemicals or water.
  • Ozone technology odor.
  • Adjustable sanitizing clock adaptor.


  • Effortless since it works automatically.
  • Clean smell.
  • Easy to set up and use.

How to setup this machine? Watch out:

Frequently asked questions

Q: How well should I maintain the machine?

A: You may need to replace the filter cartridge after six months; otherwise the machine works perfectly well without disappointing. Good maintenance comes in when you follow instructions critically on how to use the machine.

Q: Can you clean your CPAP as recommended by the manufactures besides using so clean?

A: of course. Any recommended instruction is good for your machine. You can use the neutralizing soap to clean your CPAP. This way you ensure the ultimate killing of germs.

Q: What disinfectant does SoClean 2 use?

A: It uses activated oxygen technology which kills 99.9% of germs

Q: How safe is this machine? I understand ozone is dangerous for human consumption.

A: The machine is 100% safe because you do not come in contact with the is converted to regular oxygen before being released

Q: Can I use it to clean multiple machines?

A: Yes. You can clean various CPAP machines, one at a time. The availability of two hose insertion parts also enhances multiple cleaning at the same time.

My recommendations

  • Kills germs effectively
  • Safe for human use
  • Efficient Easy to use

SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

I had never felt so relieved like the day I found out that I could keep my CPAP system clean and fresh every day. It seemed unreal at first. With the unpleasant smell on the mask, I could not have peace of mind sleeping. You have never been to a point where bedtime is like a punishment.

A friend of mine recommended So Clean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer. The machine is efficient and it works perfectly. It is safe for human consumption since it has been registered with the FDA. Besides it being automatic, it sterilizes my CPAP system killing 99.9 % of germs. Amazingly, it does not use water or any chemicals. The cleaner is quite simple to use. With the simple instruction in the manual and all the necessary accessories it comes with, it saves time to set up and use it. I have never been so happy.

I recommend it to any person out there, who find it troubling and stigmatizing to wash their CPAP system. Life has never been so easy. Trust me.


  • Automated sanitizer
  • Destroys 99.9% of germs including bacteria, viruses or molds
  • Does not use chemical or water
  • Tested and registered by the FDA
  • Constructed with an updated interface, indicator lights and smaller footprint

SoClean Pros and Cons


  • Healthier cleaning
  • Keeps CPAP system dry
  • The efficient way to clean
  • Durable
  • Machine works automatically
  • Saves time

Frequently Asked Questions

QIs this cleaner and sanitizer safe to use?

A: Totally. So clean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is registered by the FDA. What you ought to do to ensure more safety is to follow instructions well on how to use the machine.

Q: How long does the whole procedure take?

A: The machine runs for about seven minutes. The system should stay closed for almost two hours that is after running it for seven minutes.

Q: How exactly does it wash without water?

A: The cleaner eliminates any micro-organism it comes in contact with, for example, bacteria, viruses or molds using activated oxygen.

Q: After sanitizing the CPAP, do I still have to clean it?

A: Yes. You ought to clean your CPAP system occasionally for maximum cleanliness

Q: Are all accessories/parts of CPAP safe for sanitizing with this equipment?

A: You can clean every part of the CPAP system with this sanitizing machine, except for the facial mask that may not fit in.

Q. How is the cleaner different from the soaps that I have been using?

A: Definitely, you cannot compare a tested machine’s effectiveness with soap. The machine kills 99.9% of germs, with soap that you wash it with your hands, I wonder if 80 % of germs are even attained

My Recommendations

You need this machine because of the following reasons;

  • A sure way to kills germs
  • Safe because it involves no use of chemicals that could harm your health
  • Saves time and money due to ease of use
  • Brings out the freshness and nice smells of the system after cleaning

Some Necessary Accessories for SoClean CPAP Machine

1. SoClean Adapter for Resmed Air Sense 10

For heated tube functionality, you definitely need this adapter. Without the adapter, the cleaner cannot function. The reason is, it connects the resmed air sense 10 to the SoClean machine.

It seems like a complex operation but does not worry, it is so easy to install as stated in the manual.

When using it, I always install the included check valve on the hose so that pressure is not lost. I would say, the adapter fits well and works perfectly for me. I also love the convenience it gives me for it works well with all SoClean models.

2. Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 2

For paramount cleanliness, you need this filter, which is replaced twice a year. It consists of a filter and a check valve. The filter converts activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves the SoClean 2 chamber. You know how activated oxygen is harmful, in fact, very dangerous for human consumption.

In addition, the check valve prevents water from your CPAP from damaging your CPAP electronics. This component is necessary for paramount cleanliness; after all, what is the essence of your CPAP cleaner? In a reasonable price and simple instruction to follow when installing, your SoClean machine is kept at its maximum performance.

3. SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash

It is essential to wash your CPAP system accessories like tubing and masking, prior to putting them on the machine. After the prewash session, you ought to hook up the SoClean to the machine to the CPAP system and run it to sterilize. This way, you ensure that the complete disinfection of the system is reached.

What I like most about the Neutralizing Pre-Wash liquid is the fact that it leaves no smell or residue in the system unlike using soaps. The fact that we use little amounts of the neutralizing pre-wash makes it durable and economical.

How SoClean CPAP Cleaner Works

The So Clean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer work in the most efficient, accurate and effective way possible. First of all, you need to set up the cleaner. Incorporate all the necessary accessories like the adapter and cartridge filter among others. Place the mask inside the chamber then close the lid.

The next step comes in when you set the duration of sanitizing then push the power button. As simple as that, your work is done; the rest is tackled by the cleaner, which works robotically. In less than two and a half hours, everything is done.

The So Clean machine is programmed to clean, sanitize and disinfect CPAP equipment. The good news is the process does not use any harsh chemicals or even water. You can take a sigh of relief now, the cleaner rings health to your mind, no chemicals involved right?

Actually, all the CPAP accessories being cleaned remain completely dry. I know you are puzzled right now, trying to figure out exactly how this cleaner works. You could be asking yourself, how can equipment be cleaned with no water or chemical use? The technique is so simple. The machine sanitizes the CPAP system by getting rid of any micro-organisms it comes in contact with, for example, bacteria, viruses or molds.

This is made possible by the use of activated oxygen. Do not worry about the dangers of the activated oxygen. The machine is built of high quality and durable materials that do not allow any leakages of the activated oxygen.

The availability of cartridge filter converts activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves the machine’s chamber. You can now relax. The machine is totally safe for use.

The simplicity of this machine comes in the part where you don’t have to disassemble or take pieces apart when cleaning.

You can imagine how convenient this machine is, it saves you the time of disassembling, that you could have used it elsewhere, even relaxing. 99.9% of germs are eliminated in the whole CPAP equipment without removing the mask, hose or reservoir. Interestingly, you sanitize everything with water on the reservoir included.

The cleaning and sanitizing machine is magic, within seven minutes of running and two hours of leaving it closed and in readiness for use. You cannot compare it with your old ways of cleaning. This healthy and safe technology is definitely worth investing in.

How to use So Clean CPAP

The SoClean CPAP assures you the safest and easy way to sanitize your CPAP machine. You know how important it is to keep the system fresh and germ-free. It is totally best for your health. With a clean CPAP, your health improves.

From the above Soclean CPAP cleaner reviews, you can easily compare the features of the two best products and select the model that suits your needs.

With so much said, you need to know how to use the cleaner. Many people may complain about how their cleaners do not work effectively or how parts of the cleaner are missing. I would disagree with them.

Below, I have mentioned some simple ways you can use your machine effectively. You will love the ease and perfection it comes with.

# Set up​

Place your CPAP mask inside So Clean. You do not have to disassemble any of the CPAP machine parts. When you wake up, you place your mask directly in the cleaning unit. You do not even need to disconnect the hose.

For various So Clean models, the availability of two units for placement of hose gives a right or left insert option. Choose one side that you prefer, in case you have two masks to disinfect, you may use both sides.

# Shut the lid

After placing the CPAP in the chamber, close the lid. This ensures that the process is done without any disruptions. With the buttons available on the interface, press the on the button for the sanitizing process to start.

You will monitor the cleaning process using the indicator lights. With the indicator lights, you are able to know what is happening, in case of power cuts or end of the cleaning process.

# Sanitizing process​

You do not have to worry about washing with water, detergents or cleaning chemicals. As I mentioned earlier, this machine is magical. It cleans with neither water nor chemicals. Most importantly, the machine works automatically hence you just have to close the lid and go.

The chamber of the So Clean has been designed in such a manner that various mask types can be used. If you want to use a heated hose, according to your model; you will need an adapter for the function. Automatically, the machine cleans by itself.

The machine sanitizes the CPAP system by eliminating germs such as bacteria, viruses or molds through the use of activated oxygen. You can relate how the accumulation of water on the mask can cause the growth of micro-organisms. When the process is done, you are at liberty to pick your equipment and enjoy the fresh and energetic nights.

# Machine’s safety​

Keeping the machine in a safe condition and an appropriate place is the first thing you must consider. You are therefore required to purchase additional accessories which may include; Small bottle Pre- Wash, Cartridge Filter, Check Valve, AC Power Adopter and 1 Slot Plug.

This way, your machine is in perfect condition to work effectively. I mean, it would be a waste to have a dysfunctional machine due to lack of appropriate properties.

# Placement of the machine​

You may want to place your machine beside your bed for easy usability and reach whenever needed. This way, you are able to place your mask in the SoClean unit when you wake up in the morning.

I’m sure, with the deep peaceful nights that you experience, you may want to throw your blanket miles away and stretch with so much energy and refreshments. I do that daily, thanks to my CPAP cleaner and sanitizer.

Health Benefits of CPAP​

CPAP therapy has been of great benefits to people diagnosed with diseases like Sleep Apnea. Most of the time, I find the treatment to be depressing but it is worth the struggle. The stress of having to sleep every day with the machine, maintaining the cleanliness of the machine, and the noise it makes.

So unpleasant, but hey, is it worth to struggle with the sleep breathing disorder and yet CPAP has a lot of advantages to our health? The following are some of the benefits that keep me using the therapy.

# Improvement of Health​

Having been diagnosed with sleep apnea, CPAP machines have been my daily bedmates and companions. I am confident that this therapy has helped to reduce the risks of heart diseases due to difficulties in breathing.

It has also increased my concentration hence I can confidently do activities such as driving at any time of the day without causing accidents.

# Emotional stability​

Imagine the stress that I have put my family under, especially my wife, due to the sleep apnea condition. At first, I was depressed. I am now happy because of the CPAP therapy although it is still uncomfortable for me.

Cleaning off my CPAP system has never been fun, especially for my wife. With the unpleasant smell, residues and saliva that stick on the mask, you can imagine how tough it is. But with the availability of cleaning and sterilizing machines, life is tolerable.

# Eliminates Snoring

CPAP therapy reduces or eliminates snoring while sleeping. Can you imagine the discomfort that other people feel when you snow loudly like a tractor? I am glad this therapy eradicated my snoring completely.

# Liveliness at daytime

Most of the time when you do not sleep well at night, you seem to struggle to concentrate during the day. Performing daily duties can be challenging because you seem to doze off a lot.

Continuous positive airway pressure enables you to have a deep sleep at night. You wake up during the day feeling relaxed and happy.

# Reduce Allergy

We suffer from allergies for different reasons. This happens mainly from dust. But, there are some indoor reasons as well, like smokes from fireplaces cigarettes, home cleaner and sprays, perfumes, etc. CPAP helps to reduce both indoor and outdoor allergies in a smart way.

# Improvement of memory and cognitive functions

Most of the time, we tend to have short term memory loss when under stress. One of the major things that cause stress includes not having enough sleep. We tend to be weak in how we perform out daily duties.

Our body does not correspond well with the environment. With untreated sleep apnea, it can be worse as days go by. When treated with CPAP, our sleep quality improves, making us active and eliminates memory loss.

# Quality sleep​

The CPAP promotes the secretion of the anti-diuretic hormone that controls the production of urine. You no longer have to visit the toilet a number of times at night.

Enough sleep also improves how you will carry your activities during the day. No mood swings, no stress. You cannot wait for the night to have another sweet sleep.

Final Notes

It is important that you get your CPAP machine sterilized regularly. This way, it saves you from the unbearable pain of sinuses and other respiratory infections. After reading the SoClean reviews covered above, I know you will find the best product to work with.

I recommend the above So Clean CPAP Cleaners and Sanitizers models. They are so convenient, easy to use and most importantly, it assures you of a perfect and germ-free CPAP system.

I know you will love it. I cannot wait for you to have the peaceful nights that you have always desired. The comfort, the smell of freshness and the smell of clean. See you on the other end.

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