Side Effects of Shaving Chest Hair

It is up to you whether you choose to shave your chest hair or not. Most men would choose to do so because it makes them feel better about themselves and more attractive, especially those with bear-like hair on their chests, which can be less appealing to other people. Shaving is a quick and easy way to get around this problem but there are many side-effects to it which can also look quite unappealing. Take a quick look at these side-effects that can be caused by shaving so you can be sure to avoid them whenever possible.

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Shaving Chest Hair Side Effects

There are many reasons to shave your chest. Perhaps you play for a sport that requires your chest to be shaved, or you want some relief from the summer heat and shaving your bear fuzz off can help with that, or perhaps you just want to feel and look more attractive. Whatever the reason, make sure to follow good shaving techniques, otherwise, you could be left with the following side-effects.

Prickly Hair

It’s pretty common knowledge that hair grows back after shaving harder and pricklier than before. This can even occur a day after shaving and can be a right pain. As well as being a nuisance, the prickly hairs won’t look particularly good on your chest and therefore will take much more time and effort to maintain, meaning you might have to resort to shaving your chest every morning. This is incredibly time-consuming. Remember that when you shave you’re only taking off the hairs above the skin and so the roots grow the hair back very quickly, leaving you with a rough, prickly feeling on your chest.

Hair Growth

When you shave, the rate at which your hair grows will increase and become much thicker. The more you shave, the denser your hair growth will become. This can mean even more maintenance is needed on a daily basis, as within a couple of days you may find course, thick hairs growing on your chest. These hairs can also become difficult to remove in their entirety and tend to leave a tiny stubble due to their thickness. You might also find that these hairs grow back faster every time you shave.

Irritated Skin

Everyone has heard of shaving rash and it’s easy to avoid if you use the right products, but even so, sometimes shaving can be a problem to the skin. Shaving can leave your skin irritated, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. This is because when you shave, you also remove a very thin layer of skin along with the hairs. Doing this can cause a reaction on your skin and make you extremely uncomfortable. You might also find that your skin becomes rough as shaving can leech the moisture from your skin, causing it to become patchy and white and rough. In order to combat this problem, make sure to shave in the right direction and take proper care of your skin afterward. Use shaving cream to moisturize the skin while you shave.

Red or Dark Spots

If you use a razor on a regular basis it can lead to red or dark spots on the skin, especially in tricky to reach areas. This happens because you are removing hair from above the skin line and neglect the roots of the hair. The roots still being in a place without the rest of the hair can lead to the dark spots that you might find after shaving. These spots can also become very itchy and uncomfortable.

Ingrown Hairs

One of the top side-effects, and possibly the most painful, is the ingrown hairs that shaving your body hair can cause. This happens when you shave because the razor changes the direction that the hair follicle should begin to grow in. The hairs are essentially trapped under the skin and still continue to grow which can be extremely uncomfortable. This can also become worse if the ingrown hair develops into small boils on the surface of your skin. You should make sure to follow proper shaving techniques to try for the smooth results you desire.

Ways to Stop These Side-Effects

  • Find a shaving cream or gel that is best for your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin leans more towards that and try to find one with them as little chemical as possible as this can irritate your skin as well.
  • Use quality razors rather than cheap disposable ones. It is recommended to use a double-edge razor. The disposable razors will leave you with nicks and cuts as well as increasing the likelihood of irritating the skin and creating dark or red spots on the skin.
  • Trim your chest hair first as this gives your razor a break rather than having to tangle through thick and course chest hair.
  • Have a hot shower before shaving to open up the pores as this will soften the hair and make it easier for your razor to shave the hair.
  • Before shaving exfoliates the skin with a loofah, this will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs as well as removing dead skin cells.
  • When you finally get to shaving, you should always go with the grain and do not go over the shaved area again. You can shave against the grain for a closer shave, but this will most likely end up with irritated skin, dark spots, and ingrown hairs.
  • Moisturize after you have shaved to rehydrate the skin.


If you have chosen to go down the shaving route, then just bear in mind the points we have given you above as these can be some bad side-effects of shaving. There are ways of combating them as long as you follow good shaving techniques. So, whether it’s for vanity purposes, sports, or relief from the heat, you can now have a shaved chest with as little side-effects as possible. Don’t forget that the skin on your chest is sensitive so make sure to look after it.

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    Antonymous November 21, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Hi, thanks for the honest and constructive discussion of shaving cons, and at the same time a guide to counteract them and making shaving comfortable and something that can be done with relax, quickly and without worries while also payin the attention that your skin deserves in the process, instead of something to be afraid of :).
    I recently started shaving my chest and shoulders, as hair there became still sparse but visible, I must say I wouldn’t go with the grain as I want my skin smooth, after my efforts, but going diagonally against the grain, that I know is still light and fair and shaves quite close. I find it difficult on the chest center, where hair goes down and the zone is more irregular, than at top and “breast”/nipple zone.
    For hair growing back a bit thicker and uglier, dunno, my idea is to shaving where you really don’t want hair to start with in first place, so however hair might grow back, you don’t actually want to stop taking care of it, especially when visible.
    If what you say is true, I’d be more worried this would make shaving more painful and uncomfortable with time, than it is now :).
    But are you sure you aren’t overstating it a bit. You say “much thicker” and denser, but hair can’t doesn’t increase in number, at most might get a bit thicker and longer with a few more multigemini, but not that much thicker just with shaving, as consider that the blunt cut is a temporary effect and if you become hairy like the great Robin Williams is because of genes and predisposition which kicked in after you started shaving, not because of that.
    It also doesn’t grow back faster every time we shave as it eventually stabilizes, it’s a slow process and also limited in scope.
    If you want to try the look for once to just see if you like it, you can shave once or twice with no significant long term effects, I think, then decide if continuing or not.
    If hair is thin but visible and grows slow when you start, you might want to shave just once in a while, maybe just weekly and not more than needed. When you start to notice some coarser hair, just shave a bit more often and regularly, to prevent further hair thickening :).
    Some say it’s temporary anyway, other say it won’t be near as soft anymore, but that’s fine.

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