Shaving With Olive Oil – Does it Prevent Razor Bumps

Believe it or not, shaving with olive oil is more than a legitimate alternative to other shaving methods, some even say it’s the best shaving solution out there!

The truth is we’ve gotten very used to shaving creams and foams from an extremely young age, watching our dads shave in front of the mirror with their faces completely covered, we quickly began to associate this as a rite of passage to manhood.

It is no wonder then that we never ask ourselves, how healthy is this for my skin anyway?

Our skin, after all, absorbs many of the ingredients being applied to it, it is only natural to pay attention to what it absorbs.

You might be wondering “is olive oil as effective?” well, I personally found out that In just a week of using olive oil for shaving I achieved a closer shave, encountered fewer razor burns and ingrown hairs, and most importantly, my skin felt completely rejuvenated because I stopped damaging it by using products filled with toxic chemicals!

Benefits Of Shaving With Olive Oil

  • It’s a natural lubricant that leaves your skin moist throughout the shave and after, unlike other methods of shaving that intentionally dry out your skin and force you to use an expensive aftershave(by the same brand hopefully). Using olive oil after you finish shaving will send the aftershave to early retirement as well and leave your skin healthier and smoother long after.
  • It allows you to see exactly what’s going on while you’re shaving, as the skin is visible through the oil, which definitely helps you keep an eye on the shaving process and avoid cuts and rashes.
  • It’s inexpensive. While you may not consider a quality 13$ bottle of shaving oil exactly cheap, only a few drops of olive oil are required for each shave. One bottle could last you for several months! In fact, you will actually end up saving hundreds of dollars a year by using this method.
  • It’s good for the environment.
  • Learning how to shave with olive oil will take you about 30 seconds, you can see why I say that by the ridiculously simple instructions below.

I found this olive oil shaving video really cool:

How To Shave With Olive Oil

  • Prepare a bowl or a cup, olive oil, and a razor.
  • Begin the process by taking a warm shower.
  • Pour a very small amount of olive oil into your bowl or cup.
  • Use your index and middle finger to apply olive oil in the area you wish to shave. Repeat the process in other areas using more oil in the areas with larger hair growth
  • If you feel your skin has dried a bit (unlikely) you can put a few more drops of olive oil after the shave.
  • Keep your razor placed in the cup or bowl with olive oil, this is a classic tip that keeps your razor from getting dull a while longer.

Before You Start Shaving With Olive Oil

  • Be Patient, your skin is going to be readjusting after years of toxic products, not to mention it’s a uniquely different sensation that takes time getting used to.
  • Make sure that the olive oil you have is 100 percent natural and hasn’t been processed using chemicals as that defeats the entire purpose.

So, do you ever thought to use olive oil for shaving?

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