Safety Razor VS Straight Razors – Which One Is Better for You?

This is a debate that is still ongoing between many people who use a razor. Both have great points on each of their side. At the end of the day though it boils down to what is best for you and what your needs and wants are. I want to make sure I point out some things about both of them for you in case you are still on the fence about which one to use.

Just so you know the debate is also one that is debated on by both men and women alike. So this is for all razor users out there. Above and beyond anything though this is one product where quality does count. Otherwise, we’ll most of us knows what happens here, nicks and cuts or burning razor burn.

Safety Razors

There are many things that are nice about these razors and why people like them. Most of them do give a pretty good shave. Ready to use as well as easy to use. They also come in a compact size that is nice for travel especially. You can get with multiple blades, moisturizing strips and some are even battery operated today.

There is no sharpening and some do come with safety features. Such as the tiny wires that go over the blades to reduce the chances of cuts. Their overall cost does add up though because you do have to replace them and some more than others.

Straight Razors

The biggest bonus of a straight razor is the long-term costs. Secondly, they are made to last and are way better in quality. There are some great-looking straight razors on the market and some you can even personalize. It does provide a great shave as well, the closest you can get and less chance of irritation.

Also no worries about buying new blades either, since a blade that is taken care of can last a lifetime and then some. The only cost there really is, is the initial buy and honing of the blade. If you hone yourself then there is only the initial cost of the razor.  Also another great reason for using a straight razor, less razor garbage for the dumps.

Cons of Both Razors

Each razor has its own set of cons to consider. With a safety razor, you need to replace blades and while the cut is good, it is not as good as a straight. When it comes to the cons of a straight razor you need to learn how to use it, time-consuming and a more expensive initial cost. While in my own opinion two of the three are worth the outcome. Once you learn how to use it is no big deal, the cost is only a one-time cost.

Final Thoughts

Those are the main advantages and disadvantages of both razors. The reasoning for choosing one or the other is all your own. Just make sure you do your homework and read reviews, so you know what you are purchasing. That way you know you will be happy with what you have chosen to buy.

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