Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

This vacuum clipper by Remington is a highly improved grooming tool with vacuum features. The powerful vacuum traps trimmed hairs in its built-in bin before they are discarded. Do you desire a cordless clipper that trims without leaving a messy floor? The vacuum feature in this cordless hair clipper has a neat way of giving safe cuts. More so, the product works with reliable power from rechargeable lithium-ion battery power. You can get at least 60 minutes of continuous runtime after charging the Li-ion battery. More so, the blue-light charging indicator allows you to track the level of charge in the battery.

The titanium-coated blades is another feature of this product. There’s a zero gap closing of the blades for a snag-free trimming experience. This feature prevents hair pulling while using the cordless clipper. More so, the grooming kit comes in a handy zip-up pouch with 18 accessories for a proper haircut. Nine units of cutting length combs (between 1.5 to 25mm), tapering combs, barber scissors, a tube of blade oil, and cleaning (application) brush.

Features of the Cordless Hair Clipper by Remington

Complete accessories

The cordless clipper and other accessories come in a zipped pouch. A lithium-ion battery, many length-adjusting combs, tapering combs, a pair of scissors, tube of oil, and it’s applicator brush. All enclosed kits are made from strong materials and should be replaced with original parts when necessary.

Vacuum design

There’s a stylish plastic housing that’s transparent and takes particles of cut hair. Like a vacuum cleaner, this vacuum clipper keeps your surrounding free from strands of hair while grooming. There’s a tiny brush that clears leftovers of hair and cleans the vacuum compartment for easy disposal.


There are over nine attachment combs and a pair of scissors for personalized haircuts. Apart from a touch-up procedure, neckline trimming, and body grooming styles, the guide combs help stylist maintain the height of hair patterns. The dimension of guide combs is between 1.5mm to 25mm.

Sharp blades

The titanium-coated blades are sharp, quick, and powerful. There’s no need to resharpen them after use but oil the hair clipper regularly to avoid rusting. After using the cleaning brush on the blades, rinse them under hot running water, and oil to prevent moisture accumulation.

Lithium Power

This Vacuum haircut kit gives buyers a chance to own an efficient Lithium-ion powered clipper. The rechargeable battery offers sixty minutes of power that keeps you trim. The level of stored charges gives ease of outdoor use because the Li-ion battery maximizes power to the built-in rotary motor, blades, and vacuum.

  • Fixed combs with variable cutting lengths (1.5-25mm), and tapering combs for personalized trims
  • It’s ideal for dense hair, touch-ups, and body grooming
  • Vacuum compartment for clean sessions of barbing
  • Sharp titanium-coated blades
  • Cordless design that fits outdoor use
  • Lithium-ion battery with at least two hours of reliable power
  • The cordless clippers take a charge time of 4 hours but serve just for 60 minutes.

Final Verdict

Barbers and stylists can use the cleaning brush for applying oils on the blades and cleaning the vacuum section. The versatility of the kits can provide personalized haircuts and good grooming. Enjoy a longer-lasting and reliable performance from the cordless clipper after charging for at least four hours.

After purchasing this manscaping kit, you have a choice of using over eight length-adjusting combs to personalize your hairstyle. However, all parts of the clipper have been designed with original materials. Keep the product clean every haircut, and oil the blades for durability. There’s a zip-up storage pouch that holds all 18 kits safely and allows ease of portability after using the grooming tools.

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