Understand The Different Types of Hawk Haircuts

Hawk haircuts are quite popular. Today you see them everywhere. I even have now right now as I am typing this (see pic) The problem comes in getting your hawk hair cut the way you want it. You have to be able to communicate how you want your hawk. That is the key. Read on … Continue reading “Understand The Different Types of Hawk Haircuts”

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

Baby, it’s Cold Outside…….and that cold can wreak havoc on your hair, big time! The cool air, chilly winds, snow and even those sunny winter days can leave your hair dull, brittle and prone to some much-unwanted damage. Not to mention with winter comes annoying static and the dreadful hat hair! Fear not! I am … Continue reading “How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally”

How Can I Learn To Cut Hair At Home For My Child

Often people struggle to get their child’s haircut at the salon.  Not only can it become very costly, but to make the appointment, go out with sometimes more than one, all for a child haircut just to hear them scream or be uncomfortable in the presence of a stranger cutting their hair doesn’t seem all … Continue reading “How Can I Learn To Cut Hair At Home For My Child”

How to Care for Your Nails – A Complete Guide

Having strong and clean nails is not just an attractive addition to your overall appearance, but it’s also a sign of good health. Keep in mind that having healthy nails starts from inside as well as outside. How to Care for Your Nails Here’s how you can take proper care of your nails : Eat … Continue reading “How to Care for Your Nails – A Complete Guide”

How to Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to increase the volume and length of your hair. There are several types of hair extensions, synthetic hair and human hair. Both have their benefits. However, you might be nervous about using extensions because they can be slightly complicated and fiddly to attach to your hair but fear not! … Continue reading “How to Clip in Hair Extensions”

How to Cut Hair – Can You Cut Your Own Hair

Are you thinking of cutting your hair at home? Perhaps you don’t have the time to visit the salon and spend hours getting it done properly, or maybe you just don’t have the money for it. But don’t panic! There is a solution. You can cut your hair at home. It might not be recommended … Continue reading “How to Cut Hair – Can You Cut Your Own Hair”