What are the Best Clippers for Fades in 2018 – Reviews

The fade haircut has become a widely growing trend among us men, and part of the reason for its popularity are online personalities and athletes who rock their own fades. Needless to say, I did try rocking the hairstyle, and I have to admit it was great.

The thing is, for me to achieve that cool cut, I have to use a clipper intended only for fades. If you also want to achieve the same look, you’ll have to invest your money in the best clippers for fades.

I have compiled my list of the best clippers I found on the market along with a quick buying guide. Let’s start.

Best Clippers for Fades in 2018 Reviews

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

clippers for fade hairWahl has established its name as one of the leading hair clipper manufacturers in the market. One of their products, the cordless Magic Clip, is just one of the best products they have to offer. This versatile clipper is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a product that can help you achieve that fade haircut with ease. Though it’s designed for commercial use, it’s very easy to use that you can even use it to cut your hair while at home.

As a versatile clipper, it comes with the precision that most professional hair stylists looking for. It sports a V9000 motor for a precise cut along with a lithium-ion battery which is capable of running up to 90 minutes straight on a full charge. Due to the Magic Clip’s motor, it actually offers 50% more power compared to other generic clippers.

What makes it stand out though is its variable thumb lever which allows you to adjust both the taper and texture without the need to change the blades. As a result, you can easily get the most intricate fade possible. Also, the fact that it’s cordless simply means you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. This is a popular clipper for balding as well.

Included in the package are a cleaning brush, blade oil, instruction manual, 8 attachment combs, recharging transformer, and a blade guard.

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Best Wahl Clippers for Fades – Wahl Professional Super Taper II

best wahl clippers for fadesAnother excellent product from Wahl, the Super Taper II is what you need when you’re looking for a professional grade clipper. Aside from being really versatile, it’s also engineered to offer excellent cutting precision and a smooth, quick fade.

Powering the Super Taper II is a V5000 motor which ensures convenience and efficiency. As such, you can rely on this clipper when it comes to fades, tapering, and even heavy-duty cutting. Also, it runs a lot faster compared to standard clippers, which is why a lot of barbers prefer using this one.

Its ultra sharp blades allow you to cut with precision, not to mention they’re designed to last for a very long time. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can change the cut length, taper, and texture with ease using a side lever.

The Wahl Super Taper II is no doubt a complete package. Included are 8 multicolor attachment comb guides to help you change the cut length with ease, a blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, and an instruction manual. With a sleek and premium-looking design which is perfect for fades, it surely is an excellent investment.

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WarmLife Cord/Cordless Clipper

best hair clippers for fadesA really affordable choice for a hair clipper, the WarmLife clipper is the one you need if you want to achieve a fade cut on a budget. It’s powered by a 3.7V copper-axis motor which is stable and doesn’t make any noise, thus allowing for a quiet haircutting operation.

Perhaps one of the selling points of the WarmLife clipper is its battery life. It comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery which is capable of running up to 4 hours on a full charge. Additionally, it has a corrosion-resistant titanium blade plus a movable ceramic blade for an efficient and long-term cutting. This results in a significant reduction of friction and wear, hence making it safe for use even on a baby’s skin.

You have the option of using the clipper corded or cordless. The package includes 8 attachment combs, cleaning brush, a pair of scissors, blade oil, 2 lithium ion battery, an instruction manual, storage bag, and a 100-240V recharging transformer.

Lastly, WarmLife offers a 90-day hassle-free money back guarantee. Hence, if you feel that the clipper can’t give you the fade you’re looking for, you simply have to contact their customer support for a refund.

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Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

wahl fade clippersThere’s never a shortage of quality products made by Wahl in the hair clipper market. The Designer is simply one of them. Just like the other Wahl products on this list, the Designer is designed for use by professionals and is known for offering sharp and precise performance that professionals look for.

Aside from its excellent performance, the Designer clipper also features an ergonomic design to offer you maximum comfort and ease of control. There are also high precision blades, an adjustable lever to allow you to blend and fade with ease, and a powerful electromagnetic motor which is responsible for its performance. With these features packed in one powerful clipper, you can expect it to cut all hair types both dry and wet.

For added convenience, the package includes 6 attachment combs, a blade oil, cleaning brush, instruction manual, comb, and a red blade guard. It also comes with a 1005 universal precision blade, an 8-ft chemical-resistant cord, and an electromagnetic motor. The product comes in two color versions: red and black.

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Andis Master Adjustable Blade Clipper

best andis clippers for fadesAndis is another well-known manufacturer of hair clippers on the market. Their product, the Master clipper, is a versatile clipping tool designed for professional barbers for cutting through any hair type. As one of the most popular and reliable clippers for fades, this can help you get the cutting job done regardless of your hair type and thickness.

The product is built using high quality materials which is easily recognizable by its durable and lightweight aluminum frame. It’s also got an ergonomic grip design to allow for a comfortable and secure grip.

One of the features of the Master clipper is its magnetic motor which is powerful yet operates silently while in use. It runs at 14,000 SPMs (strokes per minute), thus allowing you to enjoy that extreme efficiency and precision. It also comes with carbon-coated blades so you can get that precise cuts without having to worry about the blades corroding any time soon.

Another cool feature is its easy-to-use lever which allows you to adjust the blades easily. As a result, you can have complete control with the help of the side switch. While you can have a great investment with the Andis Master clipper, it doesn’t include a comb and guards in the package. Hence, you’ll have to buy a separate set of attachment combs.

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Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

wahl hair clippers for fadesThe Senior is deemed as the “father” of all the electromagnetic hair cutters in the market. As a product made by Wahl, you can surely rely on its durability and quality. It’s designed to meet the needs of professionals with its sharp and precise performance.

The clipper comes with a powerful V9000 motor which is responsible for its quick and precise performance compared to most clippers on the market. The motor is designed to continuously run for hours without even overheating, hence making it the preferred choice by most barbers. It also features an ergonomic design which allows you to have a secure yet comfortable grip.

The durable metal housing makes sure that the clipper can last for a very long period of time. Its premium-looking design and sharp performance are the reasons why most professional barbers prefer using the Senior clipper.

Included in the package are 3 attachment combs, brush, blade oil, and a blade guard. Overall, it’s a really excellent clipper to help you achieve that stylish cut anytime you want. Although it’s a bit bulkier compared to the other products on this list, you can surely count on its durability and performance.

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Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

oster fades clippersLike Wahl and Andis, Oster is also a well-known brand when it comes to hair clippers. This Fast Feed adjustable clipper is a classic-looking, professional clipper. Compared to the ones by Andis and Wahl, the Oster Fast Feed doesn’t heat up quickly and easily. Paired with an ergonomic design, it’s not surprising that it has managed to make it to this list.

This classic-looking clipper features a Whisper Quiet pivot motor for that excellent and long-lasting performance. You can also enjoy a quiet operation with the help of its fast feeder clip. Another notable feature of the Fast Feed is its excellent design which can fit in your palms perfectly and reduces the level of vibration significantly.

When using this clipper, you can surely notice the cut it can deliver, which is really helpful if you want to achieve a perfect fade. Its adjustable blades make it possible to change the settings quickly and easily. The package includes cleaning accessories, four attachment combs, and a blade guard.

Aside from possessing excellent tapering abilities, the Fast Feed Clipper is also made of high quality materials, allowing it to be extremely durable and capable of lasting for years. It also has an 8-ft cord to allow you to maneuver it with ease. However, that might come as an inconvenience at times, especially if you want to cut your hair on the go.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Fades

Most clippers on the market nowadays come with a lever which allows you to change the blade length. Needless to say, it’s a really important component if you want to achieve that perfect fade. Aside from that, there are also a few other important factors you have to consider when shopping for quality clippers for fades. They are as follows:

  • Sharp and stainless steel blades

The sharpness and material used for creating the blades of a clipper will help you determine the precision fo your cuts. The good thing is, most blades nowadays are self-sharpening. It simply means that you no longer have to do manual sharpening as they’ll do it on their own each time you use your clipper.

What you have to consider, instead, is to go for a blade that’s made of stainless steel. Don’t settle with blades that are prone to rust and corrosion, as they’ll only end up ruining your cuts and might even cause some injuries and infection.

Another popular material used in clipper blades is ceramic. However, despite being corrosion-free compared to stainless steel blades, ceramic blades are a lot more fragile. Therefore, they won’t last long since they are prone to breakage. Additionally, they are a lot more expensive to replace than steel blades.

  • Motor

Another important component to consider when buying a clipper is its motor. There are a variety of motors used in various hair clippers. Therefore, you need to consider how often you’ll be using your clipper along with your skill level.

You should also think about your hair type as some motors are designed for better cutting precision on certain types of hair. You want to ensure that your chosen clipper has a powerful enough motor to get the cutting job done without getting too hot quickly. If you plan to use your clipper for cutting your kid’s hair, you should also consider the vibration and noise level.

  • Corded or cordless

To be honest, choosing between a corded or cordless clipper all boils down to personal preference. If you want to get a quick trim, going cordless is ideal. Also, a corded clipper could cause a potential safety hazard when using on your kids simply due to its cord.

Cordless clippers, on the other hand, are a lot more convenient since you can use it just about anywhere you want. However, as they run using a built-in battery, you’ll have to recharge it first before you can even use it. Also, a fully charged clipper can only last for a few hours of usage.

Some stylists also claim that cordless models are less powerful compared to corded ones. But then again, the choice will fall down to personal preference.

  • Accessories

Accessories are yet another important factor when buying a clipper package. Ideally, you want to go for a product that comes with a number of essential accessories for its price. Most of the time, clippers come with their own set of attachment combs, a blade guard, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.

However, there are also some instances when you have to make a separate purchase, especially if you want to achieve a perfect cut.

How do you do a fade haircut?

fade hair cut


Achieving the perfect fade can be really difficult, even for seasoned barbers, considering the number of factors you have to take into account. However, with a bit of practice along with the right tools, you can achieve a fade with the help of your clipper. Here’s how:

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  • To start, damp your hair by using a water spray. Once it gets wet, cutting will become a lot easier. Let it dry for a while, then use a comb to part your hair. Make sure you park it in the right position.
  • After parting your hair, pick the right guard size depending on the fade you want to achieve. Typically, a lower guard size will give you a shortcut while a higher guard size results in a long cut.
  • Next is to determine where you should include the fade lines. This might be a bit tricky, but you can easily do so by taking your hair’s stature into perspective. The fade line is where your hair transitions from one length which starts from the back of your head and goes from one ear to another. Keep in mind, however, that the position of the fade line will matter based on your preference.
  • After including the fade line, section your hair’s top portion. You can do so by using a comb then tracing a rectangular shape on top of your skull. This will require skill and experience, but if done right, it can perfectly separate your top hair from the shorter hair.
  • Before you start clipping, use a hair band to separate your hair’s top portion from the sides. After that, trim your hair using the clipper. Make sure to move it vertically as you shave your hair. Start by trimming the sideburns, then slowly make your way to the back of your head. Don’t forget to maintain an arch with every movement.
  • Make sure you move in small sections as this will play a very important role in the end result. As you trim, push the trimmer forwards so that the blades can catch all of the hair. Then again, make sure you trim in small sections while maintaining a vertical motion.
  • After completing the surface using a specific guard, make sure you change it to one with a lower length. I recommend repeating the same technique used earlier.
  • Once you’re done, simply clean the fade with the help of a comb. Angle the comb in 45 degrees then run your clippers over the hair. Keep on repeating until you get a short hair with each shave. Don’t forget to use a comb, otherwise, you’ll ruin your fade.

What size of clippers do you use for a fade?

The Clippers used by barbers and the ones for personal use come with clipper guards which are attached to the clippers to help change the cut length. Each of the guards has its own size which signifies the haircut size they make.

Typically, you can use a clipper without a comb guard on. This will result indirectly in shaving your head using the blade, likewise known as size 0. Now, keep in mind that regardless if you use a size comb or not, you have to align the blades every time to make sure they perform perfectly.

Most people use a clipper guard size that ranges from ½ to 10. Basically, the higher the number, the longer hair will remain after cutting.

To answer the question, the size will vary depending on the fade you want to achieve. If you want a shorter fade, using a guard size with a lower number is ideal. Meanwhile, if you want to achieve a long cut, going for a higher guard size is recommended.

Final Note

The bottom line is, the best-looking fades were made possible with the help of the best clippers for fades. Hence, if you want to achieve precise and perfect cuts, investing in the best clippers is ideal. I have tried my best to review some of the best on the market along with a quick buying guide and a few helpful information.

Hopefully, my review of the best fade clippers can help you make an informed buying decision. Good luck shopping!

What is the Best Dog Nail Clippers for Home Use in 2018

Dogs’ nails tend to get long and sharp really fast, which is why you’ll need a pair of dog nail clippers ready to use. I personally cut my pup’s nails once a week, and I make sure I use only the best dog nail clippers available.

If you’re looking for the best ones, then here are a few that I think are the most worth it to buy. This list will help give you an idea of what to look for and what to buy.

Best Dog Nail Clippers 2018 Reviews 

1. Boshel Dog Clippers and Trimmers

Boshel Dog Clippers and TrimmersThis is the dog nail clipper brand that most professionals would recommend. It is built for power and clipping ease. That’s why it is the brand that is often found in vet clinics or professional grooming centers.

What makes it very powerful is its design. It comes with 3.5mm thick blades which are good enough to cut even big dogs’ nails. Other than its strength, it’s also got a very easy-to-use design. It has safety handles with a good grip making. This way, the clipper won’t slip out of your hands, and you won’t get any of those accidental cuts.

However, the feature that makes this clipper really special is its special safety stop blade. This stop blade is meant to automatically block the blade if it detects that you’re cutting too short or if you’re clipping the nails too fast. This would ensure that your dog is safe from having any type of accidental injury because of the nail cutter.

Overall, it is both safe to use for you and your dog. Its safety features plus strong blade mechanism is perfect for regular use if your dog’s nails grow too fast.

2. OmegaPet – Best Nail Clippers for Puppies

OmegaPet - Best Nail Clippers for PuppiesThis one is used more for grooming centers because of its ability to cut without much pressure applied. As it’s made of sharp stainless steel and heavy-duty metals, it doesn’t rust easily and is very durable. While it is made of a strong material, it is quite lightweight which makes it very easy to carry around and use. It’s also got a set of grips attached to the clipper so that you won’t have a hard time holding on to it.

One of the best things about this dog nail clipper is that it has a Nail Safety Guard which allows you to cut fast and quick without having to worry about hurting your dog’s paws. It’s actually very versatile and good for both big and small dogs. I have personally used this for my little puppy and he didn’t complain or made a fuss at all.

While most dog nail clippers may make your dog feel rather uncomfortable, this one definitely won’t as it allows you to clip swiftly. This way, it’ll be all over before your little dog can even feel anything.

3. Pedy Pet Nail Grinder/Trimmer

Pedy Pet Nail Grinder/TrimmerIf you want something that’s a little easier to use, then you can try an electric nail trimmer. Pedy is a great brand that you may want to check out. This model is great because it’s versatile and can be used for all pet sizes. It’s interesting to note that there are three different sizes of ports in the grinder area that you can change based on the type of dog you’re trimming.

If you’re trimming the nails of a small dog, you can use the small port and so on. You can even trim the nails of your cat if you have one. It’s also really easy to hold due to its silicone handle which allows for a tight grip.

Now another great thing about this dog grooming clippers is that it’s very quiet. You see, I know some friends who have told me their pets get scared when they hear vibrating noises. However, this one has a mute function which can help eliminate all the anxiety or fear that your pet has. I’ve noticed this to be especially true for cats who hate weird noises. So if you have a cat, I’d say this is a good clipper for you to buy.

4. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail GrinderThis one is pretty handy if you and your pet travel very often and you need to cut his nails from time to time. The Hertzko nail grinder is known to be very compact and lightweight, making it very easy for you to bring wherever you go.

What makes this unique is that it has a Diamond Bit Grinder which prevents clipping the claws short as this could injure your dog or cat. This feature allows you to grind your pet’s nails with total precision.

Just like the previously mentioned electric clipper, this one also comes in three sizes. This is to fit the nail size of your dog or cat so that you don’t accidentally injure it. Not to mention that this clipper is rechargeable through a USB port so you can pretty much charge it anywhere where there’s a socket. You can even charge it by plugging it into a computer.

Lastly, it is very easy to dismantle so that you can clean it well. Just take out all the parts and clean the inside for any excess nails or debris.

5. Dremel 7300 Pet Nail Clipper

Dremel 7300 Pet Nail ClipperThe last on the list is the Dremel pet nail clipper. This is also an electric nail grinder but slightly a bit more different than the previously mentioned ones. First, it’s one of the safest nail clippers that you can find. It makes use of a 60 grit sanding drum so that it can grind nails comfortably and quickly.

Your cat or dog won’t even feel the grinder touch his nails with the speed at which the clipper is going. Not only is it very comfortable for your pet, but it’s also totally safe. This grinder is guaranteed not to hurt your pet no matter how strong the grinder is. It’s one of the preferred dog nail clipper brands of many animal lovers.

Personally, I like Dremel models because they come with a wide variety of sanding drums and bands. This allows you to have more versatility when it comes to cutting nails. It also comes in two speeds which are 6,500 RPM and 13,000 RPM to match your own preference. One thing that you’ll notice is that it’s also cordless which makes it easier to bring around. You’ll need two nickel cadmium batteries to make it work.

How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Clippers

Now that we’ve gone through the brands that I think are the best, the next thing is to learn how to buy one. Even though I’ve mentioned 5 of the best ones you’ll find in the market, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to buy if you don’t have a set of criteria to consider. With this little guide, you’ll be able to choose the best one for your pet.

Basically, these factors are what you should consider when buying a nail clipper for your pet:

  • Size

One of the most important things for you to think of would be the size of the clipper. You must always base the size of your clipper on the size of your dog. If you’re going to pick an electric clipper though, you can adjust the size easily. In any case, you need to think about this when buying your pair of clippers.

  • Type

The two types you can choose from are the manual and electric type. The manual is the usual type of clippers that you can use for pets, while the other is the electric grinder type. The advantage of using the manual type is that you can accurately cut the nail of your dog.

The drawback is that you may risk injuring your pet if you don’t use it properly. On the other hand, the electric type is easy to use and quick. However, you may have some difficulty when it comes to precision.

  • Safety Features

The next thing to look out for is the safety features. For instance, most of the brands that I’ve mentioned above have a sort of lock that locks the blade when you’re clipping too fast and too deep. You have to look at these safety features whenever you’re choosing your clipper.

  • Durability

Knowing what material was used for making the clipper is the key to knowing how durable it is. When looking for durability, you need to buy a clipper that doesn’t rust, doesn’t corrode, and doesn’t just break apart easily. I suggest that you buy stainless steel clippers.

  • Handle

Lastly, you have to think about the handle too. The handle will determine whether or not you’ll have an easy time using the clipper or not. Most good clippers these days have rubber handles or some other type of a safety handle. These handles allow you to have a firm grip on the clipper so you won’t accidentally slip it off or cut yourself while clipping your dog or cat’s nails.

Do You Have to Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

While we have been talking a lot about dogs, what about the cats? Do pet owners need clippers for their cats as well? The answer is yes.

Cats have very sharp claws that may break if they get stuck in clothing or carpets. By cutting their nails, you lessen the chances of their nails getting caught in anything in your house. Also, cutting your cats nails is also good for you and your family. Cats’ nails are significantly sharper and longer than dogs’ nails, which is why a cat’s scratch is much more painful than a dog’s.

In order to avoid a scratch from your cat, you need to make sure that you cut your tabby’s nails regularly. My sister, who owns a cat, cuts her cat’s nails at least once a week so that they won’t get too long, especially since her feline likes to scratch on carpets and shirts.

Thus, you also have to make sure that your cat’s nails are carefully and properly trimmed so that you won’t have to worry about any cat scratches and accidents wherein your cat gets his claws stuck in something.

Best Way to Trim Cat Claws

Now that you know why your cat should always have his claws trimmed, the next thing to do is determine the best way how. Here are a few steps on how to do this:

[wpsm_list type=”arrow”]

  • 1: Get your cat to sit on his bottom with his paw facing you. This is known as the cat trimming position.
  • 2: Pull out his paw and gently massage it. Squeeze on the claw out so that the nail can be seen fully.
  • 3: Look for the quick, which is a pinkish triangle somewhere below the entire nail area. It’s very important to remember that you can’t cut the quick, otherwise, you might hurt your cat or worse, make his nails bleed.
  • 4: Once you find the quick, mark it and start clipping from the end of the nail.
  • 5: Gently cut the nail continuously while going down to the quick. When you hit the mark where the quick is, stop cutting. It might take a bit of practice before you can perfectly locate the quick. If you’re a beginner, just practice clipping off the top of the nail first.
  • 6: After you finish one claw, massage the paw and then move to the other one.
  • 7: Once you have finished cutting all of the nails, then you must give your cat a treat. This way, you can give your cat an indicator that behaving while cutting nails is a good thing and deserving of a reward. I always give my cat one of those yummy cats treats that you can find in the pet store.


Those are the steps on cutting your cat’s claws. You may also ask someone to hold your cat for you if you don’t think you can get your cat to be in a nail trimming position.

How to Restrain a Cat to Clip Nails

Of course, you better not expect your cat to let you cut his nails without a fight. Cats are very particular with their claws, and they don’t usually like anyone touching them. So as a pet owner, you have to know how to restrain your cat. The technique here is not to really restrain your cat by force. You just have to make sure your cat is comfortable to allow you to cut his nails.

To do this, make sure that you feed him first and wait for him to relax. Once your cat is relaxed, you can bring him over to a nail trimming position. If your cat is well fed and well rested, it’s your chance to put him in place. While on your lap, pet your cat’s paws. If he takes his paws away, then it means he isn’t relaxed yet. In this case, wait for him to become relaxed then pet him again.

If your cat is okay with you petting his paw, then you can start massaging him. Lightly massage your cat’s paws for a few minutes. Once your cat becomes more relaxed, then you can start cutting the nails.

Now, there will be times when your cat isn’t going to cooperate. In that case, give him some snacks every time he follows your instructions. For instance, if he lets you pet his paw, give your cat a treat. If he lets you massage his paw, then give him another treat. If he lets you put him in the nail trimming position, then give him yet another treat.

If your cat suddenly decides to pull his paw away WHILE you are cutting his nails, then repeat the same process again before continuing (pet and massage the paws).

Do Cats Lose Their Nails?

In relation to cutting nails, one of the most common questions that I get from cat owners would be whether it is normal for a cat to lose his nail or not. The short answer to that question is “yes”.

However, it’s not something that you have to be too worried about. A cat usually sheds his claws when he wants to keep those claws or nails sharp. If you see your cat using the scratching post (or scratching up your furniture) very often, then it means that your cat is just sharpening his claws to prepare himself for any “threat” that may come his way.

Eventually, your cat will shed off his old nails and a new one will slowly grow from those layers. Of course, the longer the nails are, the more uncomfortable it may be for your cat to shed them off. That’s another big reason why you should regularly trim your cat’s nails.


Whether you have a dog or a cat, you have to make sure that you have a pair of clippers ready. Just like how we cut our own nails to keep them neat and trim (and to prevent ingrown or overlapping nails), animals also need to trim their nails as well.

Of course, we need to have a set of high quality clippers to get the job done properly. This is why I made a list of the best dog nail clipper in the market along with a buying guide. The list tells you which brands are worth buying and the buying guide can allow you to make a comparison of features while taking into consideration some criteria for choice.

Hopefully, you can find the right product you need. Shop wisely!

What is the Best Dog Clippers on the Market in 2018

As an owner of 3 dogs and a certified true dog lover, I’m very particular about my pooch’s grooming because I want them to look the best they can be.

I’m especially particular with dog clippers because I want my dogs’ hair to be trim and neat. However, I also don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.

If you’re a true dog lover like myself, you’d definitely appreciate buying the best dog clipper for the money.

Here’s a list of my top brands.

Best Dog Clippers 2018 Reviews

1. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

best dog grooming clippersThis is a brand that I notice a lot of grooming centers use, which is why I bought it in the first place. It’s a rather heavy-duty dog clipper that can easily cut very thick fur. Its motor is very powerful and is great for dogs with thick coats like cocker spaniels, poodles, or shih tzus. The motor is also very quiet which allows you to cut your dog’s hair without scaring him with any buzzing noise.

With regard to its blade efficiency, it’s got a special Andis UltraEdge blade that is very durable and can last a pretty long time. It also has a special chrome coating on it which protects the blade from rust or corrosion. With that, you won’t have to worry about the blade wearing out any time soon.

Aside from that, it’s also very versatile because the blades are easily detachable. If you want to change your blade to another type, you can detach it easily and replace it with another one. This Andis clipper is compatible with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, and ShowEdge blades. As such, it can fit a huge number of blades with ease. Of course, they’re all sold separately.

2. PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming KitWhat I like the most about this particular dog clipper are its blading system and combs. The blades are built for total precision, allowing you to style your dog’s fur perfectly. The blades are also made of titanium material, making them very durable.

Also, this PetTech clipper comes with a contoured comb that’s very comfortable to the skin of the dog. You’ll also notice that this comb doesn’t get stuck or entangled in your dog’s fur. This brand, for me, is the most comfortable for dogs as per my experience.

It’s also cordless as it can run on rechargeable batteries. One of the best things about this dog clipper is that it has long-lasting batteries. It can last hours before the next charge, so you can use it on multiple dogs at one time. Of course, you also have the choice to plug it into a socket in the event your batteries are dead. With that feature, you can pretty much bring it anywhere with you.

Finally, its motor is as quiet as a whisper. This allows you to groom your dog without him getting spooked or frightened by any noise. It’s an anxiety-free dog clipper.

3. Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers

This is another brand that a lot of grooming centers use. However, it differs from Andis in a sense that it is stronger and more heavy-duty. In fact, it can be used for both dogs and cats because it is powerful, steady, and efficient. First of all, it has a titanium acute angle blade that’s mixed with a ceramic blade. The combination of the two types of blades makes the cutting very precise.

The combs that this clipper uses also has a limiting feature of 3-6-9-12mm. This ensures that you won’t accidentally cut too deep. This feature is ideal for beginners who have yet to try cutting their dog’s fur before.

Another great thing that I love about this dog clipper is that it is both cordless and doesn’t need to run on batteries. It has a built-in battery and comes with its own charger. The total time needed to charge for this equipment is five hours. After that, you can use it for around half an hour before having to charge it again. That’s already enough to cut two medium-sized dogs with thick coatings.

4. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Trimmer

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and TrimmerWahl has always been a well-known brand for dog clippers, so this model definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s specialized for long and falling hair like the ones you may find on Shihtzus, Spaniels, and Maltese dogs. It makes use of an electromagnetic motor which makes it steadily strong. In fact, it has a total speed of 7,200 strokes per minute, making it one of the fastest moving clippers in the list.

One thing about this model is that it’s not heavy-duty, which may not necessarily be a bad thing. It is compact, making it great for trimming and clipping the hair on paws, ears, and on the face. It’s great for the more sensitive parts, hence making your dog comfortable while you trim.

To add icing on top of the cake, this model has a 2-year warranty and even a 30-day money back guarantee which makes your purchase extremely safe. That’s how confident Wahl is about the quality of their products.

5. Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed – Best Dog Clippers for Small Dogs 

Best Dog Clippers for Small DogsUnlike the previously mentioned Andis model, this one isn’t too heavy-duty and isn’t that fast. However, it’s ideal for smaller dogs because smaller dogs are rather sensitive to strong vibrations. My tiny toy poodle doesn’t like the more heavy-duty dog clippers I have with a high rate of strokes per minute. However, she doesn’t mind this one.

This model is able to do 3,000 strokes per minute which makes it not too strong but not too weak either. It also has a two-speed rotary motor which makes it still very efficient and good for all breeds. Its versatility is what really makes this model shine.

Other than that, it’s got a detachable blade wherein you can change the blade type whenever you need to. You can try out many other blades in the collection as the Andis clipper can take all Ultraedge or Ceramicedge blades. You can choose which one suits your dog the best.

Another great feature that you’ll notice about this blade clipper is that it has a very hard case. Due to this, you won’t shatter the clipper even if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

6. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper Dog Grooming Kit for Small/Large Dogs

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper Dog Grooming Kit for Small/Large DogsThis is another clipper that is best suited for pros. This is because it comes with an entire package with everything that anyone who wants to open a grooming center will need. But first, let’s talk about the clipper itself. The clipper is very precise and has a very strong motor that can cut off hair with 30% more strength than the other brands. In fact, it is really made for dogs with a thick fur.

Another great aspect of this clipper is that it has self-sharpening blades that are also tangle-free. This way, you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blades because they can stay sharpened on their own. It also doesn’t easily get tangled in even the thickest or curliest hair.

Now let’s talk about the things that are included in the package itself. It comes with the clipper, a storage case, and four guide combs. In order to have a better clipping experience, it also comes with some oil, a pair of scissors, a cleaning brush, a comb, and a mirror. Lastly, to protect the clipper, it also comes with a blade guard.

7. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog ClippersAnother Wahl model that’s made it to the list is the Pro Series. It happens to be one of the best for beginners in my opinion. It may not be the strongest, but it is definitely one of the easiest to use. It is a great clipper for both small and medium-sized dog breeds. It can be used for short trimming and clipping fur that is long and silky.

What makes it great is that it has a very long battery life of 2 hours while requiring only 2 hours of charge time compared to many other clippers you’ll find in the market. It also doesn’t need batteries at all – it has a built-in battery that can be charged with its charger that comes with the package. It’s also known to be snag-free and smooth, allowing you to shag off hair without any problems.

Most of all, it has a 5-year warranty that allows you to replace the machine in case of defects. Of course, there are limits to the warranty that you must know about; still, it is a pretty good deal.

How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Clippers

The above-mentioned dog clippers are my personal favorites and also the most preferred by a lot of dog lovers. These are also some of the brands that received some of the best ratings on the internet.

In the event that you’re having a hard time choosing, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for so that you can make the right choice. For that right choice, you’re going to need a set of criteria. If you want to buy the best dog clipper, these factors can help you:

Motor Strength

The first thing that you have to consider would be the motor strength. A higher motor strength doesn’t necessarily mean a better clipper. I usually use my dog as the basis to how strong I want my clipper’s motor strength to be. For instance, if I’m clipping the hair of a really small dog, I prefer something that’s not too strong as it may be uncomfortable. Thus, it’s better if you get a motor with balanced strength and speed.

Motor strengths can be measured by RPM, or in this case, SPM (strokes per minute). A good SPM is around 4,000 strokes per hour. Smaller dogs may need lower SPM’s like 3,000. Bigger dogs can take something like 6,000 to 7,000 SPM.

Sound and Vibration

Another thing to take note of would be the sound and vibration of the clipper. The ones on the list all have no sound and low vibration. Whenever choosing a clipper, look for one that has low vibration and sound as to not scare your dog.

Blade Material

The blade material is important to think about because it determines how smooth you’ll be able to cut your dog’s fur. Some of the best blade materials include chrome tint or titanium. Titanium is especially good because it’s slicker and smoother for your dog.

Corded or Cordless

Next, you have to ask yourself whether you want one that’s cordless or corded. There are pros and cons to both of them, so the choice is really in your preference. If you choose a corded one, you don’t have to charge your clipper anymore. Of course, this means that your movement is limited. If you get a cordless one, you can move around but you need to charge from time to time.


Weight is very important because you want something that’s rather easy to use. The lighter and more compact the clipper, the easier it is for you to move around. However, the lighter ones are usually not as strong as the heavier ones. Of course, there are some exceptions to that.

You just have to buy the one that you can carry without ease. Try to weigh the clipper whenever you carry it and see if you are comfortable holding it.


The last thing to think of would be the price of the clipper. Cheap clippers are never good to buy because they may explode or break down after some time of using. Fortunately, the ones on the list are reasonably priced. They’re not too expensive and not too cheap either. They’re just the right price for the quality you’re getting.

Are Dog Clippers Different than Human Clippers?

While dog clippers and human clippers may look alike, they are actually very different with regard to functions. Here is a short comparison of some of their features:

Dog Clipper

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  • Dog clipper motors are built to last longer and not heat up too much. Since dog hair takes longer to trim, dog clippers need to last longer.
  • Dog clipper blades are known to have much thicker blades because fur is harder to cut than a human hair. That’s why dog clippers need thicker blades.
  • Dog clippers are known to have more accessories than human clippers. For example, there are a lot more comb designs for dog clippers than human clippers since there are more varieties of dog’s fur than human hair.

Human Clipper

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  • Human clippers don’t really need to be used too long, which is why human clippers heat up faster than dog clippers. Human clippers need to rest first before you can use them again.
  • Human clippers use thinner blades since they don’t really need to deal with thick fur like that of dogs. Since dog fur tends to get tangled in blades pretty easily, you need to have a thick blade that can penetrate fur. You don’t really need that with human hair since human hair is thinner.
  • Human clippers don’t need that many accessories since there are only a few varieties of hair types as compared to dog fur types.

Basically, these are some of the differences between human clippers and dog clippers. If you’re curious as to whether you can use dog clippers on your own hair, then you’d better stop yourself right now because you may just end up with a bald spot.

Also, if you’re thinking of saving money on buying a dog clipper by just substituting it with a hair clipper, then you better stop as well because you’ll just ruin your human clipper by using it on your dog’s fur.

What Kind of Clippers Do Dog Groomers Use?

Dog groomers usually use the heavy-duty and versatile types of dog clippers on their clients. This is because they won’t exactly know which type of dog they’re going to be grooming. That’s why they have to be prepared to trim a small dog, a medium-sized dog, a big dog, a straight-haired dog, a curly haired dog, or a short haired dog. They also need to have a clipper that has quite a bit of accessory and supplemented equipment at its disposal.

Some of the clippers on my list that a lot of dog groomers use are the following:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]
  • Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper
  • PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit
  • Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers
  • Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Trimmer

Can I Cut Dogs Hair with Human Clippers?

As I mentioned above, it is definitely not advisable to cut a dog’s hair with human clippers. To further emphasize, the differences between the two clippers are just too great for it to work. The human clippers are not built to take on the thick and long type of hair that dogs have as human hair is much finer.

What exactly would happen would happen if you used human clippers on dogs anyway? These are the possible things that may occur:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]
  • Your blades might get a lot of hair stuck and clogged in them
  • Your clipper will eventually overheat from overuse
  • Your clipper would stop halfway while you’re trimming your dog and get the motor stuck
  • You most likely won’t be able to get any hair out from your dog if you use a human clipper
  • If your dog has thin hair which your clipper can take, you’ll still take hours to trim your dog’s hair because thin blades can’t cut dog hair well

With that said, it’s never advisable to use human clippers on dog hair and vice versa. If you really are serious about grooming your dog, then invest in a pair of good dog clippers. Otherwise, just bring your dog to an actual groomer or to the vet to get its hair trimmed.


Good dog clippers are extremely essential to the grooming of your dog. If you like to groom your dog yourself (like I do), then you need to make sure you get a pair of clippers that can trim or shave your dog’s hair well, make your dog feel comfortable, and not spook him out.

That’s why I recommend that you buy only the best dog clippers money can buy. I made my choice by comparing the various features of known brands and narrowing down to what I think are the best. That’s how I made my list.

Hopefully, my buying guide and reviews can help you find the right clipper for your furry friend. Best of luck!

Best Balding Clippers in 2018 – Head Shaver Reviews

When people want to have a clean shaved head, the first thing that they’d reach for would most likely be a razor. While a razor is more popular among people, I find that balding clippers are more efficient in scalping my hair. They also prevent ingrown and itchiness.

If you want to shave your head like me because of a receding hairline or such, why not buy the best balding clipper you can find? I’ve made a good list for you to choose from so you won’t have to research too much.

[table id=5 /]

Best Balding Clippers 2018 Reviews

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding ClipperIf you’re looking for quality, then you’ll find it with this balding clipper brand. It’s a brand that you’ll probably find in most hair salons because it is commercial grade and has laser sharp precision.

One of the best things about this clipper is that it has an electromagnetic motor. This electromagnetic motor allows you to cut hair faster than the usual pivot motor that most brands offer these days. Not only will you be able to get a very clean shave, but you’ll also get it really fast.

Aside from that, you’ll really appreciate this product because it’s lightweight. It is only about 6 inches long and has a total weight of 1 pound. This is extremely light and allows you to make quick shaves yourself. Also, it’s perfectly safe because the cord is chemical-resistant and the blade comes with a blade guard to ensure that you won’t cut yourself while setting up.

Lastly, you’ll notice that it’s got a great sophisticated red design. So whether you’re a regular person or even a hair stylist, you’ll definitely appreciate the whole look of your balding clipper.

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Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington cordless clipperIf you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to waste time setting up your balding clipper because you’re always on the go, then this is probably the best product that you’ll be able to find. What I like best about this balding clipper is it’s very compact and easy to use design.  It’s designed to fit right in your palm so that you can have an easier time using it.

To add to its overall ease of use, it has this rubber grip at the end that allows you to hold it easily without it following down. With this little feature, you’ll be able to have total control over your balding clipper, allowing you to get the ideal haircut you want. It also has a no-cord mode wherein it runs on lithium batteries so that you don’t need to plug it in all the time. Of course, you also do have the option to plug it in if you don’t have any fresh batteries.

Lastly, this brand has what is known as the Power Curve Blade system which makes use of a curved blade. This curved blade allows you to make angles and contours on your haircut so that you can get a nice and clean shave.

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Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8451

best head shaverThis is yet another great product from the selection of Wahl brands. As usual, Wahl brands really don’t disappoint when it comes to quality because they’re really built for professional use. Just like the above mentioned Wahl product, this one also makes use of a professional grade blade as well as a very powerful motor. However, it runs on a cool-running V9000 motor instead of an electromagnetic one.

I find that this product focuses a lot on power instead of speed. While the last Wahl product gives you a quick cut, this allows you to powerfully dispose of hair because of its strength. In fact, the motor is able to produce 50% more power than usual balding clippers.

This is especially good for hard to cut hair. There are times when really long and thick hair might jam up the clippers. Fortunately, this one has enough power to slice through even that kind of hair.

In the package, you’ll find that there are a lot of cool additional things included. There are 8 attachment combs, a nice cleaning brush, some oil, and a manual to help you set it up.

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Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

What makes this brand pretty unique is that it’s a multipurpose balding clipper — hence the name. This means that it isn’t just used for trimming hair on the head but the ones on your face as well. With this trimmer, you no longer need to buy a shaver or shaving cream. This can be used really well for dry shaving.

You’ll also notice that the blade is a bit different from regular hair trimming blades. The blades are a little bit close to each other. This was designed in such a way that it is not only good for trimming hair but also for beards and mustaches.

Now, it may be small but that doesn’t mean it lacks power. In fact, it has a high-speed motor that can really shave off hair from both your head and your face. Not only is it strong but also very efficient. It has a carbon T-shaped blade, allowing you to have a more even shave with great detail. This is definitely an amazing product that you can use for more than just giving yourself a haircut or shaving off your head.

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Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

We’ve got another Andis shaver that is also multipurpose and can be used to shave facial hair. However, this one is different with regard to size. This one is much smaller than the previously mentioned. It’s about 4.75 inches in length and one of the most useful shavers you can bring around.

I would say that it’s pretty similar to the Remington product that I’ve mentioned earlier in this review. The only difference is that this one has blades that are closer together, making it more suitable for shaving facial hair. Just like the Remington brand, this one has also no-cord mode, if you install some lithium battery on it.

It can last for around one and a half hour before the batteries die out. Of course, you do have the option to use the cord once the batteries die.

One of the best things that I like about this product is that it has hypoallergenic foil heads. As a person with sensitive skin, I really appreciate this feature as I usually get skin irritation when I shave. However, I don’t really experience anything like that with this Andis clipper.

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Best Balding Clippers Buying Tips

As per my experience, those 5 clippers are the best ones that you can find anywhere. I have carefully tried and tested all of them and they all work really well. So all you have to do now is to choose which of the 5 suits you best.

If it’s your first time using a balding clipper, I understand that choosing the right one for you may be a little difficult because all of them have different features. You need to choose the one that has features that are good for you and your own needs.

To help you with that, I’ve come up with a little buying guide that can make choosing the right clipper easier. When you’re choosing which clipper to pick, just follow these factors in selecting the one most suited for you:


The first thing that you should look out for when buying a hair clipper would be the motor. You would want a smooth and powerful motor if you want your hair to be totally shaved. When checking out the motor, I usually look at the voltage to know the motor strength. I find that 120V is a fairly standard figure for most hair clippers. Anything above is pretty good too.

Cord or No Cord?

Another thing to take into consideration would be whether you want to buy the one with a cord or the one that can work without a cord. Obviously, the one without the cord would have to run on batteries. So if you happen to buy one without a cord, then you’d have to buy some batteries to make it run. If you buy one with a cord though, they are a bit more powerful and don’t rely on batteries to run.

The choice will really be up to your own preference. For me, I would suggest that those who travel a lot should buy the cordless type as it’s more practical for them to shave whenever they’re traveling or on the go.

Blade Quality

When you look at brands, you must always look at the blade quality. While most blades are already self-sharpening, there are those that aren’t and are of low quality. Personally, I prefer the self-sharpening types because they give more value for your money and produce much better results.

Accessories Included

This isn’t such a crucial factor, but it does add to the whole attractiveness of the package. When you buy your hair clipper, you might want to check the accessories that come with it. Obviously, the more the accessories the package has, the better the purchase. The brands that I’ve mentioned above all come with a lot of great accessories like a small storage bag, oil, extra combs, and many more.


The last thing that you would have to watch out for is the price. While we’re all trying to save money when we make our purchases, we have to watch out for products that seem to cost too low. These are usually the low-quality types that break easily. The brands in my review above are all reasonably priced and of good quality.

Bald Head Maintenance

Now that I’ve mentioned some of my favorite products and gave you an idea on how to choose the best product for your needs, here are a few other tidbits that you may find useful.

It’s important to take note that even when you shave your head, your hair will grow back little by little. Sometimes, your head could produce ingrown hairs that will look terrible on your scalp. In order to keep your shave looking good, you need to maintain your bald head.

How do you do that?

Well, depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll need to shave quite regularly if you want to keep the bald look. However, it could be a problem if you shave all the time. You see, the friction and heat from the blade may irritate your scalp and even cause rashes.

In order to prevent that, I load up on a lot of moisturizers. This will help keep your skin moist so that it won’t itch or irritate. We all know that moisturizers are very important for the skin because they keep the skin from breaking out in rashes. The same thing goes for your scalp. After shaving, your head is now more susceptible to rashes—especially if you always shave. Keeping it moisturized will help lessen the chances of such things occurring.

Aside from moisturizer, I suggest that you also put some SPF on your head. When you’ve just shaved your head, you’ll notice that your scalp is rather sensitive to heat from the sun. To protect your head from the elements, you may need to buy a good SPF or sun protector so that your scalp won’t get burnt. Apply your SPF every time before you go out during the day.

How do you keep your head bald?

Best Balding Clippers


One of the most common questions that a lot of people ask me is how do I keep my head bald? I noticed that most of my friends who try out the bald look can never seem to get it because they still have traces of hair after they shave. Eventually, the hair goes back and ends up being uneven. If you want to keep your head bald, there are a few things that you’ll need to do. Here are the steps I took:

[wpsm_list type=”check” gap=”small”]
  • Use your trusty hair clipper to buzz all your hair away until you have no more hair left.
  • Soak your head in some warm water and wash away all the remaining hair.
  • Pull out some shaving cream and apply the shaving cream all over your head.
  • Take out your razor and glide it all over your head until all hair is gone.
  • Make sure that you glide the razor in the direction where your hair is growing.
  • Soak your head in warm water and wash all the remaining hair out.
  • Apply a bit of your post shaving oil or moisturizer on your head so that you don’t get any type of skin irritation or the like.

After that, you should be able to have a nice bald head. The next thing to think about is maintenance. As I’ve mentioned in the section before this, you have to make sure that you maintain your bald head well so that it will remain like that. You have to regularly put moisturizer and the occasional SPF when you go out.

More importantly, you’ll need to shave it every week like you would with your mustache or beard to prevent it from growing. If your hair grows really fast, you may even need to shave it every other day. The good thing about maintenance though, is that you can skip the buzzing part and just directly use your razor along with your shaving cream.

Of course, I know that it’s quite a hassle if you’re going to have to shave your head very regularly (especially if your hair grows really fast). That is why I have a few friends who use hair removal cream or have undergone hair removal laser treatments to maintain their bald heads.

Personally, I would avoid these sorts of things because I’m very careful with chemical ingredients and lasers. I would rather just shave regularly and keep safe. However, you may go for these treatments provided you get the go signal for your physician. Otherwise, I’d not recommend it.

How to clean balding clippers

If you want to maintain your bald look, then you must also make sure that you maintain your clippers well. You’re going to be using your clippers a lot if you want to retain your bald look so you better make sure you keep it in good condition. The best way to do that is to clean it regularly so that it will continue to work well. If you’re a first timer in using balding clippers, then I’ll teach you how to clean them the proper way:

The first thing that you have to do is to disassemble the clipper so that you can clean even the deeper parts found inside. After you’ve disassembled the clipper, you have to clean out any remaining hair that’s left in the clipper. In most packages, you’ll find a small cleaning brush inside. You’re to use that cleaning brush to brush away any remaining hair on the clipper.

The next thing to do is to use the oil found in your package and apply it on the blades. You have to apply oil on the blades after each use.

If you do this religiously, then you’ll definitely be able to maintain your clipper well. What happens if you don’t clean your clipper well? For one, all the trapped dirt and debris from your last haircut can give you skin irritations and rashes. Also, dirt and hair might jam the insides of your clipper causing it to stop working. If you want your clippers to work well continuously, make sure to clean it.

Final Notes

Are you now ready to buy your first set of clippers? I definitely hope that this little guide was able to help you make your choice. For me, it’s important that you compare all the features of the potential clippers you want to buy before you make the actual purchase.

Also, you should have some criteria when choosing your product so you’ll know which one suits you the most. That’s where my buying guide comes in. Put that all together and you’ll be able to buy the best balding clipper you can get.

Best Cordless Hair Clippers in 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons

As a man who grows a beard, I always find my cordless hair clipper to be of a great help. It allows me to cut those extra hairs quickly and with ease. Not to mention, it’s portable and cordless, allowing me to bring it wherever I go.

If you, like me, want to trim your beard, or even your hair, all by yourself, then you definitely should buy a cordless clipper. To help you, here’s my review of the best cordless hair clipper products in the market. 2 of the best cordless hair trimmers are also included in the list.

[table id=4 /]

Reviews of Best Cordless Hair Clippers in 2018

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

This cordless magic clip from Wahl is certainly one of the best there is. It’s very affordable but is fully capable of providing an excellent hair clipping performance for the years to come. Aside from that, this product is designed for professional use. Additionally, it’s easy to use even for beginners but versatile and powerful enough for use by professional hair stylists.

best cordless hair clippersOne of the most notable features of the Wahl cordless hair clippers comes in its precision zero-overlap blades which provide excellent speed and ease of use. It also comes with a cordless cutting capability. The clipper runs on a lithium-ion battery which can last for up to 90 minutes when fully charged.

You don’t also have to worry about buying any separate accessories as it does have a few included in its package. For your own convenience, you can get 8 attachment combs, a recharging transformer, red blade guard, cleaning brush, oil, and a manual. It only measures 6.25” long and weighs only 10 oz. making it extremely lightweight and portable.

All in all, the Wahl magic clip definitely has a lot of cool features you can find in a cordless clipper. It’s really comfortable to use, can cut perfectly and precisely, and can last for more than an hour of continuous use. Perhaps the only problem is that it’s a bit loud when operating and may not be really long-lasting.

Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Wahl is known for creating quality and affordable hair clippers. This cordless Color Pro is no different. Despite its very affordable price, it’s quite well-rounded and includes everything you’re looking for in a cordless clipper.

best cordless clippers reviewLike the previous product, it features an excellent continuous runtime which lasts 60 minutes on a full charge. Aside from that, the battery recharges relatively quickly. It comes with a ton of accessories included such as 12 guide combs, a pair of scissors, two conventional combs, and maintenance items such as a bottle of oil and a brush. The kit can certainly cater to your daily haircut and trimming needs.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Wahl Color Pro clipper is its color-coded combs. They’re not just for aesthetics; in fact, each of them has its own respective size so you can quickly switch from one size to another without any problems. And just like any other cordless clipper, it’s compact, lightweight, and extremely portable so you can use it anytime and anywhere you want as long as it’s properly charged.

While it’s not as powerful as the previous Wahl clipper, it’s still exceptional on its own rights. It may sometimes feel a bit flimsy and can only last for 60 minutes, which is 30 minutes short from the first one. However, thanks to its budget-friendly price, it’s certainly a worthy investment.

Philips Norelco Cordless Hair Clippers

Made to reduce friction and prevent you from nicking yourself, this cordless clipper from Philips Norelco is the perfect choice if you’re new to haircutting. Also, it comes with a turbo mode button which provides you with a power boost through stubborn patches. Due to its ease of use and an ergonomic design, you won’t have any problems using this clipper.

cordless hair clippersThe Philips Norelco clipper comes with 23 built-in length settings which range from 1 to 23 mm. You can also use the adjustable comb which comes in the package for choosing and locking on your desired length. Due to its dual-cut technology, you can trim your beard and hair up to two times faster with its double sharpened blades.

One of the best things about the Philips Norelco clipper is its turbo power button which can significantly boost your cutting speed. Since it has self-sharpening blades which are made of durable titanium, you won’t even need to use a blade oil. There’s also a storage case and a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. Lastly, it uses a lithium-ion battery which can last up to 120 minutes of continuous usage on a full charge.

Its impressive battery and continuous operation which lasts for 2 hours is definitely a great deal. Additionally, it has self-sharpening titanium blades, so you don’t have to worry about the blades getting dulled with use. Unfortunately, the frame is made of a low-quality plastic material which can cause it to break easily if it falls on a hard surface.

ER224S – Best Panasonic Trimmer

Panasonic is no doubt a trusted brand worldwide. That only goes to show how excellent and noteworthy this electric trimmer is. You can never go wrong with this cordless wet/dry trimmer in terms of performance and reliability. Basically, it’s the all-in-one solution for all your trimming and grooming needs.

cordless electric trimmerThe best part about the Panasonic clipper is that it’s designed to be waterproof. Thus, you can completely use it even when taking a shower. One of the features of this clipper is its 14 quick-adjust settings which allow for a quick and personalized clipping. Since it’s cordless, you can easily bring it anywhere you go. It comes equipped with a built-in AC battery which can last you for around 50 minutes of trimming.

The package includes a cleaning brush and a blade oil to ensure excellent performance at all times. It also has a rubberized grip to offer an ergonomic design along with a replacement blade and charging stands.

Overall, the Panasonic electric trimmer is a solid choice for precision trimming and clipping. The only caveat is that it’ll take you 8 hours to charge it fully. This means you’ll have to charge it overnight in order to use it for 10, 5-minute trims.

Remington Shortcut Pro

Remington cordless clipperIf you spend a lot of time in front of your mirror trying to achieve that groomed look, then the use of the Remington Shortcut Pro can surely help you. As one of the leading clippers designed for men, this compact and portable tool can comfortably fit in your entire palm but features an extra wide curved blade. Due to its design, it can easily align with the contours of your head to achieve the cleanest cut possible.

As a heavy-duty clipper, Remington Shortcut Pro comes with stainless steel blades that can effortlessly trim through thick hair while significantly reducing the risk of pulling. It has 9 different guard sizes so you can choose the right length for that right cut. You can use the clipper either corded or cordless. If you go cordless, it can run for up to 40 minutes of continuous operation on a full charge which can be achieved after charging it for 4 hours.

Additionally, this cordless waterproof hair clipper is really convenient, allowing you to use it on either wet or dry conditions. It also comes with its own storage case, 9 length combs, a blade oil, and cleaning brush.

Remington Cordless Vacuum Kit

Cordless Vacuum clipperAnother quality product from Remington, this vacuum hair clipper is what you need if you hate messing up your hair. It comes with a special suction fan that will help collect all of the hair you cut into one large bin, thus removing the hassle of having to clean up and cut hair on the floor.

As mentioned, the Remington cordless vacuum clipper has a vacuum chamber which collects your hair as you cut it. Aside from that, it also features superior precision-ground blades that can trim through your hair with ease. Meanwhile, its high-speed fan creates a strong vacuum which effortlessly sucks any cut hair.

The package includes 9 fixed combs, a blade oil, barber scissors, and a cleaning brush. It’s equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 60 minutes of continuous power in just four hours of charging. Also, its vacuum chamber is really easy to empty.

So far, the only downside with this clipper comes in its extra weight at 1.6 pounds. Regardless, it’s a highly-rated clipper which is well worth the investment.

Sminiker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Sminiker clipper is an excellent investment if you don’t want to head to a nearby barbershop or salon to trim your hair and prefer to do it yourself instead. Designed for cordless and professional use, this clipper can certainly give you everything you need when it comes to cutting and trimming your hair.

Professional Cordless Hair ClipperThe Sminiker clipper comes embedded with titanium blades to ensure durability and sharpness. As titanium is known to resist corrosion, the blades will certainly last for a long time. One of its notable features is its low-noise onboard motor which promises a quieter operation at only 50dB. It’s also designed to be energy-efficient and run with less vibration.

The two built-in lithium batteries can provide you with 8 hours of runtime with just 2-3 hours of charging time. This is definitely a lot better compared to other brands which can take 6-8 hours to achieve a full charge. It comes with 5 different length switches, 6 different guide combs, a conventional comb, scissors, and a cleaning brush.

Due to its extreme versatility, you can use the clipper on curly, straight, thick, and even thin hair. It’s also applicable for use on both children and adults. Overall, it’s a really good deal with a very affordable price tag. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with its own blade oil, so you’ll have to make a separate purchase.

Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer

Andis ClippersThe SlimLine Pro Li trimmer is one of the best the Andis Company could offer. With the help of this cordless clipper, you can enjoy professional hair trimming at the comfort of your home. It comes with excellent blades, power, and efficiency, all to make that quality trimming possible.

The SlimLine comes with an elegant chrome design which is coupled with a lightweight body to allow you to achieve a perfect grip. Aside from that, the blade is also zero gapped so you can experience tidy shaving.

The trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can offer 2 hours of continuous runtime in just 2 hours and 15 minutes of charging. Included in the package are four combs of varying sizes to help you get the right length, a charger stand, blade oil, and a BeauWis Blade brush.

Overall, the Andis Slimline trimmer is an extremely powerful and durable clipper capable of catering to your grooming needs. Perhaps the only problem is that there have been some complaints regarding the battery which drains off very quickly.

Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Kit

Remington hair clippersIf you’re looking for a professional and premium-looking clipper, this lithium powered kit from Remington is certainly the one you’re after. Yet another quality product from Remington, it’s a complete kit which allows you to trim your beard, cut your hair, and groom your pubic hair with just one cordless trimmer.

There are 8 attachments included in the package including a foil shaver, clipper comb, and beard and stubble guard sizes. Another impressive feature is its self-sharpening blades which can trim through different hair types with absolute ease. These blades are accompanied by a powerful motor so you can trim your hair without any worries.

With its lithium-ion battery, the clipper is capable of running for 65 minutes after a full charge. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable trimmer for your grooming routine, this lithium powered kit from Remington is a solid choice.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Hair Clippers

After reading this cordless hair clippers reviews, now, you know what to do next. But, before you finalize a purchase, you should take some time familiarizing the different factors that set hair clippers apart. While all of the products included in the list can get the trimming job done, each of them has its own differences. As such, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best cordless clipper:

  • Motor

You need to keep in mind that a cordless clipper operates through a motor which performs most of the grunt work. It’s the one responsible for cutting your hair by turning the blades. If a clipper’s motor is not powerful enough, it won’t be able to cut your hair quickly or even cut it at all.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re picking a clipper that comes with a powerful motor installed. Cheaper motors tend to provide an uncomfortable cutting experience, not to mention they burn out very quickly compared to quality ones. More powerful motors, on the other hand, trim tougher hair effortlessly without pulling, hence allowing you to enjoy a comfortable trim.

There are three different motor types available: magnetic, pivot, and rotary. Magnetic motors are the cheapest option while being both economical and versatile. Meanwhile, pivot motors run at a much lower speed but offer additional force when operating. Lastly, rotary motors are the most versatile, although they’re the most expensive as well.

  • Self-sharpening Blades

Self-sharpening blades are yet another necessity when picking a cordless clipper. With repeated use, the blades in your clipper will wear down over time. As a result, you may experience frequent pulling and snag of your hair.

Fortunately, you can avoid that with the help of self-sharpening blades. Most cordless clippers nowadays come fitted with self-sharpening blades. This type of blades can automatically sharpen themselves each time you use a clipper. Hence, you no longer have to sharpen the blades or even buy new ones.

  • Guide Combs

Cutting your hair by yourself is a lot difficult than you think it is, especially if you don’t have any experience at all. This is why you need to choose a clipper that comes with a set of guide combs. These combs help make sure that you can cut just the right length of hair, preventing you from trimming too much hair unexpectedly.

Most cordless clippers on the market come with their own guide combs. While you don’t really need a lot, you want to make sure that their guide combs are durable and heavy-duty so they can last for a long time.

  • Storage

When buying a clipper, you’ll find that most of them don’t just include the clipper in the package. They also come with a number of accessories such as the guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, and a storage case.

The storage case is actually more than you could ever think of. As you store your clipper and accessories after use, they should be properly protected to make sure that their performance won’t be affected. This is where the storage case comes in handy. It should also be capable of transporting your clippers with ease.

How to Use a Clipper

how to use hair clippers


If you haven’t used a clipper before, here are some tips you want to follow to properly use one:

  1. First of all, you want to make sure that you properly clean and wash your hair. A clean hair makes it a lot easier to trim and cut. It also helps you spot any areas you might otherwise miss.
  2. After that, choose the right attachment based on your desired length. If you prefer short hair, going for a ¼ or ½ inch attachment is ideal.
  3. If you’re doing it by yourself at home, you want to place a plastic sheet on the floor to catch any falling hair. Make sure you properly position yourself so you won’t be hunched over for a long period.
  4. Make sure you pick the right comb attachment in order to achieve your desired length. The ideal starting point is at the base of your head then towards the top. Always work against your hair’s direction to achieve a more efficient and smoother cut.
  5. Slightly tilt your head forward then let your clipper rest on the back of your head. Turn on the clipper and start applying a firm pressure then move up towards the top. Make sure you maintain a firm grip of your clipper.
  6. Keep repeating the same step until you’re able to achieve an even cut. You can also use a comb and run it through your hair so you can achieve an even finish. Check for any spots you might have missed.
  7. You may now move towards the sides of your head. As before, start from the base then work your way to the sides. Pull your ears so your clipper can get around them. Keep repeating as necessary until you get a smooth cut.
  8. Once you’re at the top, start by running your clipper at the front then work from the hairline backward until you get to the top. Continue until you get your desired length.
  9. Now you’re done. Just make sure to examine your head and comb your hair through to see if there are any areas you missed.

How It Works

The main component of a clipper is its motor. Attached to its motor is a piston which houses a set of sharpened blades. When the motor is turned on with the help of a battery, it will move quickly in a horizontal fashion. You can also notice a vertical axis movement.

These cause the blades to start rubbing against each other fast enough to cut hair. Since the blades installed in a clipper are self-sharpening, they are capable of cutting hair without pulling them out of your scalp.

Battery-powered clippers require little maintenance apart from just removing hair from the blades using a cleaning brush and applying blade oil every other cut. The clipper’s motor is encased inside a casing which is designed for handheld use.

Most modern clippers nowadays come with clipper “guards” which are made for styling. These guards are attached on top of the blades. Depending on the size, they can cover some teeth of the blades in order to achieve your desired length. For example, a guard measuring one-half inch can cover enough blade teeth to cut your hair at a half-inch length.

Alternatively, some clippers come with an adjustable lever on their blades for managing hair length precisely to as little as 1/32 of an inch. This is often used when trying to cut a “fade”, a type of haircut which shows a gradual taper of length on both sides of the head from an unlimited length located at the top to almost hairless skin on the sides. These are basically known as clippers for fades.

Cordless Clippers Cleaning Guide

Once you have purchased your cordless clipper, you want to make sure to clean it properly. After all, we don’t want to use a pair of dirty clippers when trimming the hair on our face. Hence, we need to know how we can clear them properly. Here are some tips you have to follow:

[wpsm_list type=”check” gap=”small”]
  • Start by removing the blades. You can do this by using a screwdriver. Remove the two screws located on top of the clippers which keep the head plate secured. Once done, remove the head and blades from your clipper.
  • Using a cleaning brush, quickly remove all visible hair you can find on the head plate and the inside of your clipper. You can find a small square hole where most of the cut hair has piled up together. Make sure you clean them all out. After that, place both the blades and clipper head in a warm water for a few minutes. Doing so will help loosen any smaller hair which is hard to remove.

With the help of a blade cleaning solution, brush the blade and clipper head until they’re thoroughly clean. You can use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water as an alternative to a blade cleaning solution if you don’t have one.

Using a towel, dry both the blade and clipper head for a few minutes.

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  • Once the blade and head are completely dry, reattach them to the clipper. Point it down then turn it on. Afterward, apply a few drops of your blade oil across the top of your blades. Make sure you don’t add too much. Don’t use any other oil aside from blade oil when cleaning your blades. Fortunately, they’re really cheap and easy to find.

After you’re done applying oil, you now have a thoroughly cleaned hair clipper. Ideally, you need to do this after each use, but a few intervals wouldn’t hurt either.

Care and Maintenance

Just like properly cleaning your clipper, you should also make sure that it’s cared for and maintained properly. Otherwise, it will cause your tool to deteriorate a lot quicker or result in its blades dulling too quickly without you noticing.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to properly maintain and take care of your clipper. Here are some tips you just have to follow:

[wpsm_list type=”arrow” gap=”small”]
  • After each use, make sure you remove any hair and debris on your clipper’s device. You’ll find the cleaning brush included in the package to be really useful.
  • Always make sure that its blades are free of any hair. Then again, you want to use the cleaning brush and also blow into the blades to make sure any dirt and debris are removed.
  • Getting rid of any hair will not only ensure that your device will keep performing efficiently, it will also help you maintain its blades’ sharpness. At times, open your clipper and remove its internal components then clean them using a brush.
  • Apply the right amount of blade oil on your blades. This will not just extend the sharpness of your blades, it also makes sure that they can last for a longer time.
  • Clean the attachment combs using soap and water. Make sure they’re completely dry before you return them to the case.

Although most clippers nowadays come with self-sharpening blades, it is still important to keep them sharpened after each use. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them, but maintaining them properly can reduce the frequency of you doing so.

Final Notes

With a cordless clipper, you can perform trimming and cutting on your own while at the comfort of your home. There’s no need to go out and visit your local barbershop or salon. However, you just have to make sure that you properly maintain your device so it can last longer.

Hopefully, you can find the right clipper for your grooming needs. My list of the best cordless hair clippers 2018 should be enough to help you with your buying decision.

Home Remedies for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Are you looking for the best dry hair remedies to help with your frizzy, tangled and lifeless hair? If you have dry hair and get frustrated trying to put a simple comb through that tangled web, I can relate and have done lots of research to help myself and am sure these dry hair care tips will help you too.

Whether you have a temporary dry hair issue, dry hair in summer months or even if it’s been a more long-term problem, we’ll help you say goodbye to dry hair. You’ll find all the best dry hair remedies with products, tools and hair supplements together in this article with rave customer reviews and at the best prices, plus videos and links for more helpful ideas for dry hair.

Here’s a list of some of my best how to treat dry hair remedies that work for me, are highly rated by other customers and should work for you too from best dry hair shampoos and brittle hair conditioners, to overnight dry hair treatments, best tools to use for dry hair, nutrients and tips to prevent drying your hair out more.

Don’t give up, you can get silky and shiny hair with these home remedies for dry and frizzy hair and these are great stocking stuffer ideas for girls and women too. Don’t forget to share with your best friend!

Top 10 Causes of Dry Hair

Dry damaged hair is usually caused by at least one of these items if not more.

These are the Top 10 main causes of dry hair:

Have a look and see if you can’t determine what could be causing your dry hair problem before we move on to dry hair remedies.

  1. Sun – the sun’s rays are very powerful and even if you only spend a small amount of time enjoying its warmth, it’s drying out your hair.
  2. Overprocessing – hair coloring can take it’s toll on your hair as well as perms or relaxing treatments when used too often and the results are those dry, brittle and frizzy ends that you’re trying to deal with.
  3. Heat – this can be due to the heat of the weather as in the sun above, or even hot water on your hair when you shower or the heat from a blow dryer or curling iron.
  4. Infrequent haircuts – haircuts or even a hair trimming every six weeks is good for your hair and eliminates the dry, split ends that are typical of dry hair.
  5. Chlorine – if you’re a frequent swimmer and don’t use a shower cap, your dry hair could be the result of this chemical.
  6. Lack of nutrients – hair needs vitamins and minerals to be the most healthy, just like your body does.
  7. Lack of moisture – hair also needs moisture that can and should easily be added daily for the healthiest locks.
  8. Chemicals in products – could be the problem of dry hair since they get into the roots and build up. Plus they add no nutritional value to your hair.
  9. Menopause and aging – two common factors that happen to all of us that live long enough to grow old. Hormonal changes and aging cause decrease levels of moisture in all our cells, including our hair.
  10. Medications and illness – as a side effect of many medications, you may experience very dry hair. You can’t stop taking your medications but, you can add extra moisturizing shampoo, conditioners and treatments plus supplements to help you. See our recommendations for dry brittle and frizzy hair below.

The Science Of Hair

Okay, I’d be a bit remiss if I didn’t at least give you a short lesson about the composition of our hair. I promise not to make your eyes glaze over by making it too technical!

The inside of the hair is called the cortex and the outside the cuticle, and it is very similar to an electrical cord. Just like an electrical cord has an inner layer of fine wires protected by a thicker, outer layer of plastic insulation, the hair’s cuticle protects the cortex. The cuticle is made up of several layers of cells that overlap one another, very much like the shingles on a roof. Human hair has about 7 to 12 layers of overlapping cuticles cells that are orientated away from the scalp so when you brush or comb your hair, you want to work with the cuticles and not against them.

Our hair gets its strength mostly from the cortex so if you scrape away too many of the cuticle cells, you end up exposing the cortex and can damage your hair. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to make sure you brush or comb your hair properly. If you don’t, you can cause friction that results in the loss of protective cuticle cells. Loss of the protective cuticle cells equals rough cuticles which it turns equals split ends and damaged hair.

To have healthy hearing, we want the cuticle cells to lie flat on the shaft. When the cuticle cells are rough, they make our hair look dull. But, when they life flat, they make our hair look shiny and healthy. Have you ever noticed that your hair looks healthier near the roots than it does on the ends? That’s because the hair near the roots is newer and hasn’t been damaged as much by improper care.

All of the things we do to our hair, from simple brushing to using heated styling tools to chemical processing, can wreak havoc and cause damage. We can either go to the salon and get a really expensive hair treatment every now and then or, we can just go raid our kitchens because whether you realize it or not, it’s stocked full of ingredients that are excellent for treating dry hair!

Home Remedies for Dry and Frizzy Hair

dry hair home remedies

When you need some fast treatment for your dry hair and having a really bad hair day, look no further than your own kitchen! Although these options to cure dry hair aren’t free, chances are good that you have some of these ingredients at home already or can easily find them in a local store.

Although they can be messy, these are some of the best ways to give yourself a hair treatment in a pinch:

  • Use Mayonnaise! Portion out a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise into a small bowl. Use your hand to apply small amounts directly to dry hair and work it into all hair including the scalp and ends. Allow it to set for 20-30 minutes and then rinse out, style as usual. Use weekly.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Pour two to three tablespoons of oil into a small bowl or into a sprayer bottle. Apply to dry hair starting at the roots and working all the way to the ends. If possible, use a wide tooth comb to comb oil all the way through the strands of hair for a deep conditioning treatment that you can use at least weekly. Rinse out after 30 minutes and style as usual. Try canola oil, peanut oil or your favorite vegetable oil too.
  • Hot Oil Treatment – use any number of oils found in your kitchen such as canola, sunflower, vegetable oil. Place 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil in a bowl, wet hair with warm water, apply the oil using your fingers or a pastry brush. Comb through as best as you can. Heat a towel in the microwave until you can safely add it to your head without getting burned! Wrap hair with the warm towel, wait 20-30 minutes. Remove towel and wash hair thoroughly, rinse with cool water.
  • Use Eggs! Eggs are loaded with protein and can help to heal your dry hair to reduce brittle and frizzy hair. Crack 2 eggs into a small bowl using the whites and whisk with a fork to blend well. Apply to dry hair using your hands starting at the scalp and working through to the ends. Leave on 5 minutes, rinse well with warm water and a cool rinse. Style as usual.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner for both skin and hair. In technical terms, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft.”

What does this mean in plain English? Simply put, it means that because of its composition, coconut oil can penetrate the hair easier and repair damage to the cuticle, the cortex, and the bonds in the cells that hold the hair together.

In a study conducted using coconut oil, sunflower oil, and mineral oil, to condition hair and repair damage, “coconut oil was the only oil found to reduce the protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product.” So, it’s excellent for both damaged hair and undamaged hair and can be used before washing your hair or after. Since it has to be rinsed from the hair after applying it and leaving it on for a set amount of time, it makes more sense to use it as a pre-wash conditioner.

You can find coconut oil in most supermarkets along with other cooking oils. Don’t look for it in a bottle, instead, look for it in a plastic jar. Much like Crisco, coconut oil is solid at lower temperatures but will easily melt when you rub it between your hands.

To use as a hot oil treatment, place a few tablespoons of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl and microwave until it is melted and hot. Not too hot though, you don’t want to burn your hands and scalp. Apply the hot oil to your hair and really saturate it. After applying the oil, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo well to remove all of the oil from your hair, then condition as normal.

What Else Can You Use To Make Your Own Hair Treatments At Home?

What can other goodies from the kitchen be used to make hair treatments at home? I’m glad you asked because more than likely you have most, if not all, of the following ingredients to make your very own hair conditioner and dry hair treatments.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – Made through the fermentation of fresh apples, it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Apple Cider Vinegar is cleansing, adds body and luster to hair, helps to reduce hair loss, and balances the pH of the scalp. It helps seal the cuticle, condition the hair, smooth the hair shaft, aids in removing debris from the scalp, and reduces scalp itch and dandruff.
  2. Avocado – Avocados are rich in Vitamins A, B, D, and E, nutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and potassium. They have natural humectant properties, meaning they draw moisture and lock it in. Avocados help to hydrate the scalp, promote new hair cell growth, and give hair a silky texture and glossy shine. Any type of hair can benefit from a treatment using Avocados, but they especially beneficial in treating dry, damaged hair.
  3. Banana – Bananas are rich in potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins, and natural oils that help to soften the hair and protect its natural elasticity. Using bananas in hair care treatments can help to prevent hair breakage and split ends, control dandruff, and make the hair manageable and shiny.
  4. Beer – Beer is made from malt and hops that contain proteins that are very nourishing to the hair. Beer softens and clarifies the hair and helps to balance the pH of hair and the scalp. It increases shine and elasticity and acts as a gentle detangler.
  5. Castor Oil – Castor Oil contains Ricinoleic acid and Omega-9 fatty acids. Ricinoleic acid has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to protect the hair and scalp from infections that can result in hair loss. The Omega-9 fatty acids nourish the hair by helping it to retain moisture. Castor Oil is a natural humectant that draws in moisture and locks it in. You can find Castor Oil sold in pharmacies.
  6. Chamomile – Chamomile soothes the scalp and can be used to help prevent dandruff. It helps to strengthen and revitalize the outer layers of the hair and helps to minimize the damage that can be caused by chemical hair treatments and the heat from styling products. Chamomile will also brighten blonde hair naturally.
  7. Cucumber – Cucumbers are made up of approximately 96% of the water that is naturally distilled, making it a superior water. Cucumbers contain sulfur and silicone, which help to promote hair growth, aid in the removal of residue caused by hair care products, and add shine to the hair.
  8. Coconut Milk – Derived from the white meat of the coconut, Coconut Milk contains Vitamin E and fats effective in moisturizing the hair. Coconut Milk is said to boost hair growth as well as helping to control dandruff, hair fall, and graying of the hair. Coconut Milk is an excellent conditioner that leaves the hair soft and supple.
  9. Eggs – Eggs contain a high concentration of essential proteins and nutrients. Protein helps to strengthen hair follicles, making hair stronger and less prone to breakage and split ends. The essential fatty acids and vitamins in eggs are a natural moisturizer and conditioner for hair and the fatty acids also help to prevent dandruff. Eggs soften the hair, make it shiny and manageable, and help to reduce frizz.
  10. Honey – Honey is another natural humectant that attracts and holds moisture. It contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron, and zinc. Honey is very restorative when it comes to hair and helps increase the health of the scalp and hair follicles.
  11. Lemon Juice – High in Vitamin C, fresh Lemon Juice can help to prevent dandruff, strengthen hair roots, and help in the prevention of hair fall. It also helps to remove the buildup of hair products when used in a hair rinse and can help control excess oil produced in the scalp. NOTE: Lemon Juice can also lighten hair when used consistently over a period of time. If you have dark hair and don’t want it to lighten, limit the use of hair treatments with lemon juice.
  12. Mayonnaise – Mayonnaise has long been used as a treatment for dry hair. The three main ingredients it contains are eggs, vinegar, and oil, which are all excellent in helping to restore the hair’s moisture. Mayonnaise helps to condition the hair strands and hydrate the hair.
  13. Milk – Full fat cow’s milk helps to nourish the scalp and hair, especially when hair is dry and brittle. It is used to rejuvenate the hair and keep it soft and radiant.
  14. Olive Oil – Vitamins A, E, and K as well as Phenols, which are antioxidants and Squalene – a natural moisturizer, can all be found in Olive Oil. When used on the hair and scalp, Olive Oil provides deep conditioning and aids in dandruff control and dry scalp. It also seals in moisture and helps to improve the elasticity of hair. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the oil obtained from the very first press of the olives and is more beneficial to the skin and hair than other grades, such as virgin or pomace.
  15. Rosemary – Rosemary is an herb that is often used in hair care. It is used to help stimulate the growth of hair, strengthen the hair’s roots and support hair follicles as well as help clean the scalp and hair of impurities and eliminate dandruff. Rosemary is also used to naturally darken hair. Note: If you have light hair and don’t want it to get dark, limit the use of hair treatments containing Rosemary.
  16. Thyme – Thyme is used to help control oily hair, eliminate dandruff, and help with mild hair loss.
  17. Wheat Germ Oil – A rich, unrefined oil, Wheat Germ Oil contains Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, and B6, as well as proteins, all of which are beneficial to the scalp and hair. It is effective as a treatment for dry damaged hair as well as for a dry, flaky scalp. It nourishes the hair from the roots to the tips and helps restore shine and gloss. Wheat Germ Oil will degrade quickly and should last for about eight months when kept in a cool place.
  18. Yogurt – Yogurt contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12, as well as calcium, lactic acid, and protein. It acts as a gentle cleanser and helps clean the pores of your scalp and strengthens hair follicles. Yogurt is an excellent conditioner, promotes hair growth, helps eliminate itchy scalp and dandruff, and makes hair shiny and soft.

Making Your Own Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Now that you know what ingredients can be used to make your own dry hair remedies and why they are good for your hair, here are a few recipes to get you started.

Avocado Deep Hair Conditioner Mask


1 cup of Mayonnaise

1/2 Ripe Avocado


Cut avocado in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the avocado flesh and put it into a medium-sized bowl. Add the mayonnaise and beat the mixture with an electric hand mixer until it is creamy and blended well. (If you prefer, you can use a small food processor or blender.)

Smooth the mixture onto your hair making sure to distribute evenly from the roots to the tips. If the ends of your hair are very dry, add a little extra to the tips. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and leave the mixture on your hair for 20 minutes. For an extra deep conditioning, you can wrap a hot damp towel around your head over the plastic cap. Rinse and shampoo and condition as usual. The unused mixture must be refrigerated and used within one week.

Honey & Olive Oil Damaged Hair Mask


2 Tablespoons Honey

3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Blend the two ingredients together and heat in the microwave until the honey turns a bit runny and mixes well with the olive oil. Do not overheat the honey, just microwave until it is a bit runny. Stir until the mixture is smooth. Shampoo your hair and apply the mixture. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and leave the mixture on your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then condition as usual. The unused mixture must be refrigerated and used within one week.

Banana, Mayo & Olive Oil Damaged Hair Cream


1 Banana

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise


Combine ingredients in a small blender or food processor and mix well until smooth. Apply mixture to dry hair from roots to tips and cover hair with a plastic cap. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse well with warm water and shampoo and condition as usual. The unused mixture must be refrigerated and used within one week.

Honey & Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment


2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Honey


Combine the olive oil and honey and warm in the microwave. Do not overheat. Apply the mixture to dry hair from roots to tips making sure to saturate your hair. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse and shampoo well, making sure to remove all the oil. Condition and style as usual. Discard any unused oil.

Hot Oil Treatment For Frizzy Hair


3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon Castor Oil


Melt coconut oil on low in a small pot. Add castor oil and warm – do not overheat. Apply oils to dry hair, cover with a plastic cap, and leave on hair for 30 – 45 minutes. Rinse and wash hair well to remove all oils. Condition and style as usual. Discard any unused mixture.

Clarifying Vinegar Rinse


1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 1/2 Cups Cool Water


This rinse will remove buildup and leave your hair shiny and soft. Mix the vinegar and water together in a plastic bottle. Shampoo and condition hair as normal and then pour the clarifying rinse over your hair. Work through your hair from roots to tips and leave the rinse in your hair for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Discard any unused mixture.

Tips For Healthy Hair

  • Go Natural – One of the best things you can do for your hair is to leave it be for a day or two. That means no shampooing or styling. Over-washing your hair can cause damage as well as styling it on a daily basis with blow dryers and curling or flat irons. Whenever you have a few days off and you really don’t need to look presentable, give your hair a break and allow it to restore some of its natural oils. And, if you can get away with it, try washing every other day rather than every day.
  • Use Sulfate Free Shampoo – Sulfates are surfactants that create the suds in shampoos and other products, such as body washes. Typical sulfates found in shampoos are Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES). Sulfates can rob the hair of moisture and cause color-treated hair to fade. Even if you don’t color your hair often or don’t color it at all, sulfate free shampoos are better for your hair than those that contain sulfates.
  • You can find sulfate free shampoos just about anywhere. Be sure to read the labels and make the shampoos don’t contain any of the sulfates listed above.
  • Brush And Comb Your Hair Properly – When you comb wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb and start from the ends first and work your way up. Tangled hair means one hair is rubbing against another and this can cause damage, so you don’t want to pull through the tangles. You also don’t want to stretch your hair either. Start from the bottom and gently work your way to the top and as you do you can change to finer tooth combs and then a brush.
  • Towel Dry Your Hair Properly – Gently wring your hair before getting out of the shower. When you towel dries it, blot and squeeze gently. Do not rub your hair dry with a towel as this causes damage along with frizzy hair.
  • Avoid Hair Care Products Containing Alcohol – Some hair gel, hair spray, and other styling products contain alcohol. Alcohol is drying and continued use of these products can dry out your hair.
  • Massage Your Scalp – For increased circulation, massage your scalp or better yet, have someone massage it for you. Massaging your scalp also helps to distribute some of the natural oils throughout your hair.
  • Summer & Winter Hair Care – During the winter we spend a lot of time indoors in dry heat. During the summer, we’re out in the sun more. Both the dry heat of the winter and the summer sun can wreak havoc on your hair. In addition, swimming in a pool with chlorine or in the salt water of the ocean can also cause damage to your hair. It’s important to wash and condition your hair as soon as you can after swimming in a pool or the ocean to remove chlorine and salt.

The key is to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Hair masks, hot oil treatments, and hair rinses will nourish your hair and help keep it healthy and beautiful.

Best Way to Remove Underarm Hair | Hair Removal Tips for Women

In North America, it is rare to see a woman with hairy underarms, and if a woman does forget to shave, she’ll be loathed to show you. Even countries like France and Italy, which were once renowned for their free and easy attitude towards armpit hair, have jumped on the bandwagon, with women shaving, waxing and undergoing laser hair removal every day to achieve a clean and smooth look under the arms.

The best ways to remove underarm hair

If you are wondering what the best way to remove underarm hair is, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve experimented with a variety of hair removal methods in my time, and have found that each method has its pros and cons depending on the situation and the sensitivity of your skin. On this page, I’d like to share these pros and cons with you so you can make an educated decision about which method is right for you.

1. Shaving your underarm hair

Shaving your underarm hair is probably a method you’ve tried at least once in your life as it is undoubtedly the cheapest, quickest and most common way of removing unwanted hair. All you have to do is lather soap under your armpits, and gently run the razor downwards and then upwards along the skin, and voila: smooth, hairless skin.

There are two types of razors one can use. The first is the manual razor with disposable blades. This is the cheapest kind of razor and can usually be bought in bulk packs of five or more. This type of razor will give you a close shave, but after using it a few times, the blade will begin to dull and develop rust around the edges. At this point, it is time to throw away the razor and start using a new one.

The second type of razor is an electric shaver such as the popular Close Curves shaver by Panasonic. This type of shaver was made to fit the contours of your body, catching even the most difficult-to-reach hairs. It uses specialized blades that give you the closest shave possible without any irritation.

The Pros and Cons of Shaving

  • shaving will leave you with a very close and smooth shave if done correctly
  • it is the most economical way of removing armpit hair
  • it is the fastest way of removing hair under the arms
  • it is the least painful way of removing hair
  • shaving may leave you with razor burn, irritation or ingrown hairs
  • hair grows back very quickly (within 2-3 days)
  • is far from a permanent solution
  • hair that grows back is coarse and prickly

2. Waxing your underarm hair

Waxing is another common method many women use to eliminate hair under the arms. Waxing can be performed either in a professional beauty salon or at home with hot or cold home waxing kits.

If you decide to visit a beauty salon, you’ll usually end up spending around $10 to wax your armpits, and around $30-40 if you want to depilate your legs and bikini line as well. Since I am a wimp when it comes to inflicting pain on myself, I actually prefer to visit a salon as the entire process is in the skilled hands of the beautician. Plus, she always does a much better job of removing the hairs than I do on my own.

If you have a high threshold for pain, however, you may want to try an at-home waxing kit such as the GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit. The average kit comes with a container filled with wax and a series of paper strips. All you have to do is spread the wax evenly across your armpit, place a paper strip firmly on top, and have the courage to rip it off in one quick motion. It is best to let the armpit hair grow out before you do this to get the best grip possible on the hairs.

The Pros and Cons of Waxing

  • waxing lasts for a number of weeks
  • if done frequently, hair growth may decrease over time
  • hair is left finer and less prickly than with shaving
  • is quick and relatively inexpensive considering the duration of the results
  • is quite painful, especially under the armpits and around the bikini line
  • may result in ingrown hairs

3. Epilation to remove underarm hair

Epilation refers to the removal of hair from the root. It is done with an epilator, a small hand-held machine with a number of rotating tweezers.

To remove as much of your underarm hair from the root as possible, you must make sure that your hair is trimmed down to a few millimeters in length so the machine’s tweezers can easily grab them. You must also make a point to move the epilator slowly, or else it won’t have the time to lift the hairs out of the pores and may end up snapping the hairs in two.

I am not going to lie – epilation is an extremely painful process if you aren’t used to it. In fact, I never use my epilator under my arms or along my bikini line because the skin is too sensitive. That being said, there are many women out there with higher pain thresholds than me who manage to epilate their underarms without issue.

It is said that exfoliating, having a warm shower, or placing a cold ice pack on the area beforehand may help ease the pain. You could also try taking ibuprofen or Tylenol a half an hour before beginning the process.

The Pros and Cons of Epilation

  • lasts as long as waxing (a few weeks) if done correctly
  • you only pay once for the epilator and it will last for years
  • very efficient at pulling out hairs from the root
  • very painful at first
  • takes a long time to do
  • difficult to use for those with a low pain threshold
  • the epilator must be thoroughly cleaned every time
  • may leave you with ingrown hairs

4. Hair removal cream for underarms

Another underarm hair removal option which many woman use is hair removal cream such as Veet or Nair. I recommend Veet as it is the brand I use most frequently on my arm hair and underarms.

To use hair removal cream, slather on a thick layer of the product under your armpits so that it completely covers the hair. Make sure your hair is at least a couple of centimeters long before using the cream, as it tends to not work on short hair or stubble. Wait a maximum of six minutes before removing the product. If you leave it on any longer, you risk burning your skin, especially if it is sensitive. You should notice the hair frizzle up and remove itself naturally from your skin when you gently wash the product away under lukewarm water.

In all honesty, I tend to use hair removal cream more frequently on my arm hair than under my arms. This is because it is more effective on fine light hair than on thick coarse underarm or bikini hair. However, if you aren’t particularly hairy “under there”, you’ll definitely want to give hair removal cream a chance.

The Pros and Cons of Hair Removal Cream

  • removes hair in a matter of minutes
  • lasts a long time if you only use it on small areas like your underarms
  • relatively inexpensive
  • leaves your skin smooth, soft and stubble-free if used correctly
  • the result lasts slightly longer than shaving
  • the product does not have a pleasant smell
  • may burn your skin if you leave it on too long
  • is not as effective on underarm hair as it is on an ordinary arm and leg hair
  • 5. Underarm Laser Hair Removal

The best ways to remove armpit hair

Underarm laser hair removal has become extremely popular in recent years despite its sizeable cost. To give you a ballpark figure, I had laser hair removal performed on my legs and bikini line and it cost me well over $3000 for twelve sessions. However, it was worth it, as I now have 60% less hair on my legs and 70% less hair along my bikini line to deal with.

Given the small area of your underarms, there is no doubt you will pay less than I paid for a full lower-body treatment. Happily, laser hair removal works extremely well on the thick dark hair, making underarm hair the perfect target. The result on underarm hair is near-permanent, though you may have to go in for “touch-up sessions” every one to two years.

So, what’s the catch? Besides the cost, there is also the fact that laser hair removal is quite painful. The thicker and darker the hair, the more it stings. Most compare the pain to an elastic band snapping against your skin. I would compare it to a red-hot needle searing your skin. The good thing is that the pain passes in an instant, leaving you with a slight sunburned feeling at the end of the session. To keep your skin moisturized and healthy, it is very important that you use the before-and-after creams with which the beauty salon provides you.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

  • the results are near-permanent
  • works extremely well on people with dark coarse hair and fair skin
  • less painful than epilation or waxing
  • does not work well on people with dark skin
  • an element of pain involved
  • extremely expensive
  • a long process (may take up to two years to complete)

My Personal Hair Removal Recommendations

The methods I personally use on a daily basis.

Currently, I use a combination of all five hair removal methods mentioned above. As each method has its merits, it also has its shortcomings. Below, I’ll explain exactly when I use each method on my underarms and why.

Shaving, in my case, is a quick fix. If I find out at the last minute that a trip to the swimming pool is in order, the razor is the first tool I turn to. If I have more time on my hands, I’ll use a hair removal cream like Veet or I’ll book an appointment at my local beauty salon for a waxing session. I almost always go in for a waxing session at the beginning of the summer so that I am covered for the month of July. All my epilator did because my pain and suffering under my arms, so I save the torture device for my less-sensitive legs. I have yet to try laser hair removal under my arms, but after seeing the results on my legs and bikini line, I am tempted to try when my wallet looks a little less vacant!

Some Manscaping Tips Every Man Should Know

Decades ago it was considered attractive for a man to have a nice tuft of chest hair protruding from his half-buttoned shirt. It made them seem rugged and virile.

In recent years it has become more and more desirable for men to have little to no body hair. It probably started with professional athletes. Athletes may shave for a competitive edge like swimmers to reduce drag in the water or wrestlers having less to grab on their opponent. For pure aesthetics, bodybuilders remove body hair in order to show off their muscles better.

However it became popular is irrelevant, now it is preferred and even expected. It does have its benefits!

Attracting a partner is probably the most important reason men now remove body hair. This is not only visually attractive but it implies good hygiene habits, attention to detail, and self-confidence, all things that women like.

It also significantly reduces body odor! When we perspire, the hair wicks moisture away from our skin, but then it becomes the ideal breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria! Eliminating the hair eliminates the environment for the bacteria to breed and cause embarrassing odor!

While women have been dealing with this for generations and typically pass down techniques from mother to daughter or discuss it with other female friends, Men are left with the new daunting task of discovering ways of effectively removing body hair.

Manscaping Definition

The Urban Dictionary defines manscaping as

A fine art form exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body.

We are going to try and expand this definition as we go along by not only offering tips on exceptional hygiene, but on products that I have used and researched myself. We’ll explore several things that will keep you, as a real man, kept up and ready for the world and ready for the ladies.

Guys, feel free to leave comments and tips in the comment section. Ladies, feel free to leave your own opinions as well. After all, this isn’t just about the gents maintaining good hygiene practices, it is also about us trying to present a pleasing image to you!

Manscaping Tips

My goal with this page is to hopefully educate men on effective methods of hair removal and save them time by removing all the guesswork and trial and error.


Depilation is the removal of part of the hair above the surface of the skin.

Examples include:

  • Trimming
  • Shaving
  • Chemical Depilatories

These work by chemically breaking the bonds that give hair its strength. This is messy, smelly and does not work well on men’s hair (even if it says its made for men). Also if you leave it on a little too long you can end up with some ugly chemical burns.

Use the best pubic hair trimmer for your sensitive parts and handle it carefully.


This is a gentle rubbing of something like fine grit sandpaper over the area. Doesn’t sound like the best idea to me.


Epilation is the removal of the whole hair, including the part below the skin.

This method, while not permanent, lasts much longer than shaving.

Examples include:


Waxing is very effective but it is messy and pretty difficult to do on your own. I don’t know anyone I’d be comfortable asking to help me wax my backside.

Epilation devices

These are like electric shavers but instead of cutting they have a bunch of little rotating tweezer heads to pluck out the hairs. It’s a little painful but you get used to it and it’s very effective. Just don’t use it on sensitive areas.


Effective, but very time consuming

What is your method of manscaping? Do you have any other ideas that I missed in this article?
Share your thoughts.

How to Groom Your Cat – Bathing, Trimming & Brushing Hair and Nails

Keeping your cat well groomed is an important part of caring for your beloved friend. My tabby, Eeyore, loves having his fur brushed. He pretty much does the rest of his own grooming, however, some cats do need nails clipped, and fur trimmed and brushed to prevent matting.

How to Groom Your Cat – Cat Grooming Tips

Cats don’t generally enjoy bathing, but there are times it’s necessary. I created this post to give cat owners useful tips on keeping their kitties looking their best.

Bathing Your Cat

Most of the time you won’t need to give your cat a bath. They don’t like it much, and it’s better not to do it, except in three situations: using flea shampoo to help kill fleas, if your cat has some sort of skin allergy, or if your cat gets into something that stinks, and you need to bathe him to get rid of the smell as well as get whatever he got into off of him. I had to bathe my cat when I first brought him home at 10 weeks old because he stunk like vomit and he was infested with fleas. After that, I made sure to get some Frontline to put on him once I bathed him with flea shampoo.

First of all, when bathing a cat, you need to make sure you use shampoo designed for kittens or cats and not a shampoo that humans use. Our shampoo is too hard on their skin.

Next, you need to make sure you have all the necessary items right by the sink or tub you will bathe him in. You will need two thick towels, the shampoo you will use, and two cups or mugs filled with warm water.

Only fill the tub or sink with enough warm, not hot, water to get the cat wet enough to work up a good lather with the shampoo. You don’t want to drown the poor thing.

He is likely to be frightened enough without having the sink or tub filled deep. Once you have enough water in the sink or tub, turn the water off and hold your cat with his stomach resting on your forearm.

Get him wet with the other hand and then put just a small amount ( about a dime size ) of shampoo in your hand. Work it through his entire body, rubbing very gently and taking care not to get any in his eyes.

Once you work up a good lather, you can rinse him off with the two cups or mugs of water you have on hand. You may need to refill them and do it again if those two were not enough, but it’s best to use larger cups or mugs so you won’t need to do that. If bathing him in the kitchen sink, you can use the sprayer to rinse him off instead, or if you have a shower head attachment, you can use that in the tub.

If you are using flea shampoo, you need to leave it in for about five minutes before rinsing so that the shampoo has a chance to work on killing the fleas. After rinsing the shampoo off, you can grab one of the towels and gently wrap it around your cat. Dry the cat off, taking care not to rub too hard.

The extra towel is so the cat doesn’t get too cold, and if it’s a bigger cat, you may need the extra one. Once the cat has been towel dried, if he is an outdoor cat, don’t let him out until he’s had a chance to dry off completely. He’s likely to get too cold, especially in cooler weather.

The trick to bathing your cat is to be as gentle as possible and to get him in and out of the bath as quickly as possible, minimizing any trauma he may have with regard to being afraid of the water. Also, you want to get done in one piece and not have him scratch or bite out of fear. Now that his bath is done, you can now go on to other areas of grooming.

Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

cat grooming tips

Cats tend to shed, so they need regular combing or brushing. Outdoor cats tend to shed in the spring and fall, and indoor cats tend to shed all year long. Brushing your cat’s hair helps to keep his coat looking good and also helps to minimize fur balls. The type of brush or comb to use depends on the cat’s hair. Short haired cats need a shorter metal comb or brush and long-haired cats need a longer one. Also, longer haired cats need daily brushing and short haired ones need only once a week. Regular brushing also helps to prevent too much matting of the hair, although some matting may occur.

Note: it’s best to make sure your cat’s nails are trimmed before brushing his hair because otherwise, he could really scratch you. I will talk about trimming nails later.

When brushing or combing, you need to choose a time when your cat is relaxed and not feeling hyper. It will make brushing a lot easier. You also want to brush against the growth of hair first, and then with the growth of hair. Make sure you brush his head, back, stomach, tail, and yes, even his legs. You can use a metal comb to remove dead fleas.

Once your cat has been combed, you need to remove the hair from the comb or brush before using it again, and definitely if you are using the same comb or brush on more than one cat. Don’t use the same comb or brush on multiple cats if one of them has a skin disorder, as doing so will spread the itch to the other cats. After brushing, rub down your cat with a soft cloth in order to catch any loose hair to prevent him from getting hairballs when he licks himself.

If removing mats from your cat, do not be rough, as this will likely get your cat upset. Use the comb to gently pull the mats out of his fur. Continue to do this until the mats are removed. If there are a large number of mats on your cat’s fur, it’s best to take him to a professional groomer to have them removed. It will be much easier and more pleasant for your cat.

Remember, only comb or brush your cat’s fur when he is relaxed, and be gentle in combing and removing mats. Your cat will thank you for it. He will also have a shiny, attractive coat.

Trimming Your Cat’s Hair

Trimming your cat’s hair isn’t normally necessary, as regular brushing should take care of matting. Cats don’t tend to sweat, so they need their hair to keep them warm. However, when it’s harder to remove mats, giving your cat a haircut may be in order.

Sit with your cat in the crook of your arm where your elbow bends and use your arm to pin him to your side. Hopefully, he will stay put, and you’ll be less likely to get scratched this way. Your cat may not want a haircut though and may put up a fuss.

Use the cat hair clipper to cut your cat’s hair, moving them in the direction that the hair grows. This is important, as you’ll be less likely to nick your cat’s skin this way.

If for some reason, you are cutting cat hair on a larger section of your cat’s body, you may want to stop partway through to give both of you a break, then continue again a short time later.

Of course, you can always take your cat to a professional groomer for a haircut, if one is necessary. Ask your vet to recommend a qualified cat groomer in your area. This may be a better option, as a professional groomer will know better what to do.

So in general, hair trimming is not usually needed, but if it is, using a cordless hair clipper is the way to go. Sometimes using an electric razor is needed though, as shown in the following video:

Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

If possible, start getting your cat used to having his claws trimmed as a kitten. Gently stroke your cat’s paws often, getting him used to having his paws held before you try trimming them. Be sure to reward your cat with a special treat that he only gets during or right after trimming. The best time to trim your cat’s claws is when he is relaxed or sleepy. Never try to give a pedicure when your cat is upset or feeling energetic.

Your cat should be resting comfortably on your lap, the floor, or a table. Hold a paw in one hand and press a toe pad gently to extend the claw. Notice the pink tissue (the quick) on the inside of the claw. Avoid the quick when you trim the claw; cutting into it will cause pain and bleeding Remove the sharp tip below the quick (away from the toe), clipping about halfway between the end of the quick and the tip of claw. If your cat seems to be having a hard time, stop and try again at a later time, when your cat is more relaxed. Even if you can clip only a claw or two a day, eventually you’ll get it done. You don’t want your cat to be terrified of having his nails clipped. Because cats don’t do much damage with their hind claws and do a good job of keeping them trim themselves, by chewing them, many cat owners never clip the hind claws. Others trim their cat’s hind claws three or four times a year or have them done by their veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Many people hold the clippers at right angles to the nail, thus cutting across the nail. This tends to make the nail more subject to splitting or fraying. It is better to hold the clippers in a vertical position so that the claw is trimmed from bottom to top instead of across the nail. This position helps prevent splitting.

If you accidentally clip into the pink tissue ( quick ), don’t panic. The claw may bleed for a moment, but it will usually stop very quickly. Calm your cat by speaking softly to him and stroking his head. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped after a minute or so, touch a styptic pencil to the claw end or pat on styptic powder to help stop the bleeding.

How often you need to clip your cat’s claws mostly depends on how much of the tip you remove, but usually a clipping every ten to fourteen days will suffice. If your cat absolutely refuses to allow you to clip his claws, get help from your veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Trimming a cat’s claws don’t need to be an ordeal as long as you are gentle and are careful not to cut into the quick of your cat’s toenails. If it’s too much of a problem, it’s better to have a professional groomer or your veterinarian do it. The less trauma to your cat, the better.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Checking your cat’s ears should be a regular routine and should start at an early age so your cat gets used to it. When checking your cat’s ears, you need to look for a build-up of dirt & wax, blood, bad odor, lumps, redness and inflammation, and scratching and shaking ( which could indicate ear mites ). If any of these things are present, seek attention from a veterinarian immediately.

Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with a solution to clean your cat’s ears with. If this is the first time you’ve cleaned the ears, have your veterinarian show you the proper technique, as doing it incorrectly could cause damage to your cat’s ears. Ears should be cleaned if there is an excessive amount of wax, dirt or debris. Apply a few drops of solution to your cat’s ear, massage the base to loosen dirt and wax, use a cotton ball to wipe away excess solution and dirt. Never use a cotton bud in the ear. Doing so could damage it. Repeat with the other ear.

If you check your cat’s ears and there is just some wax, that is normal. No need to clean them, but if, after being checked, there is excess dirt and debris, go ahead and clean them, using the proper procedure. If there are any of the above serious situations when you’ve checked his ears, get your cat to a veterinarian promptly. You do not want to run the risk of permanent damage to your beloved cat’s ears.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Eyes

Regular cleaning of your cat’s eyes after he has gotten them encrusted from having been sleeping is a good way to prevent eye infections, such as feline conjunctivitis. If your cat already has an eye infection, cleaning them daily with a homemade salt solution is a good way to cure it.

  1. Boil a cup of regular tap water. Add a teaspoon of table salt to the boiled water, stir until dissolved and allow to cool to lukewarm temperature.
  2. Dip the ends of several cotton swabs into the warm salt water solution and get rid of excess water. Holding the cotton swabs in one hand and your kitten or cat in the other, apply the saltwater solution to one of your cat’s affected eyes.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for the cat’s other infected eye and do it again every four hours until all signs of infection are cleared up and your cat’s eyes are bright and clear. Remember to always use separate swabs for each eye to avoid cross-infection.

Make sure you have the cat gently but firmly restrained before cleaning. Be gentle in the pressure you apply to the area around the eye, as this is a sensitive area. Apply a sweeping motion with the moistened cloth in a down and outward (away from the nose) direction. Never use an inward motion as this may drive dirt into the eyeball.

Warnings: Always wash your hands and dispose of tainted cotton swabs after cleaning the eyes. There is always the possibility of infection spreading.

When cleaning non-infected eyes, it is only necessary to do this once daily or whenever your cat has crust in his eyes in order to prevent infection. You want to keep your cat’s eyes healthy so his vision isn’t impaired.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Nose

When cleaning your cat’s runny nose, moisten a tissue with warm water, gently wipe your cat’s nose, as well as any affected area around the nose. Gently remove any crust and discharge. Apply a drop of mineral oil to your cat’s nose to moisturize and prevent chafing or cracking of the skin on his nose.

Tissue works well for cleaning your cat’s nose, but cotton balls or soft cloth can be substituted also. If your cat has a runny nose, he may have discharge around his eyes as well, so you may want to wipe the eyes and eye area when you wipe the nose. Mineral oil is a good moisturizer for the cat’s nose, but petroleum jelly or baby oil can also be used.

Be sure to discard any used tissues or cotton balls or immediately wash the cloth used to clean your cat’s nose, as the cause of a runny nose may be contagious. Veterinary assistance is recommended if your cat is ill or has any excessive nasal discharge.

Cleaning your cat’s nose is only really needed if his nose is runny due to a cold. Normally, his nose will be just fine and not need cleaning, but just like with cleaning any other sensitive area on your cat, use extreme care. Your cat will love you for it.

How to Groom a Poodle Step by Step Guide

This page is all about taking care of breed that we love so much. I came to love this breed when a black standard poodle basically fell in my lap. From there the rest is history, I fell in love with the big guy and he’s laying his head practically on the keyboard right now as I am typing this intro. His name is Milo and his nickname The Beast because how much he loves running, retrieving, swimming, and any mix of those things.

I love learning new information about the breed and I am also very interested in grooming standard poodles. As a broke college student, I started grooming my poodle to save some extra cash. I give him a very simple retriever clip and strangers always compliment me saying it looks professionally done. This page will explain how to groom a standard poodle the easy way for the do it yourself out there. Enjoy and let your standard poodle embrace it’s natural athletic retriever within!

How to Groom a Poodle at Home and You will Really Bond with your Dog

Paying a groomer can add up, save money by grooming your standard poodle yourself by doing simple retriever clip.

Short hair dogs or hypoallergenic? I like the hypoallergenic coat myself but let me tell you it requires maintenance and if you’re paying out of pocket it is going to add up. The price for grooming a standard poodle ranges from around $50 to $100 and the poodle must be groomed monthly. A standard poodle is sounding like quite the investment now isn’t it? Well, I’m a broke college kid that manages to sustain while giving my poodle the care he needs. I threw down on an Andis Clipper and the thing is amazing a straight workhorse. It was costly but pays itself off very quickly, when you consider regular grooming fees over a year can be around $750.

In order for someone to go with this more economical route, they must be willing to keep there poodle’s clip simple. If you want a fancy classic cut than keeping shelling out tons of money to your groomer because you’ll have quite the headache on your hands trying to give your dog a show quality clip. Just keep it simple one length for the body than cut the face short and do whatever you want with the top knot. I use a 9.5mm guard for his entire body, then I switch to the 1.5mm and for his face and feet. The funny thing is people always compliment me on his clip and I just laugh to myself because when I started I had no idea what I was doing and now people compliment me on a job well done.

Beyond saving money grooming your dog will help you bond with the animal. My poodle will let me do just about anything to him now, roll him over, trim his face, pick him up, etc. It has definitely strengthened our bond and kept more cash in my pocket.

Cleaning your Standard Poodle’s Ears after grooming

Along with having to maintain your poodle’s coat you also have to pull the hair from their ears

To make the hair easier to pull out use ear powder and depending on the amount hair you can either use your fingers to pluck it out or use a hemostat. Hemostats are very cheap and work perfect but make sure you don’t pinch the poodle’s skin. You can get a hemostat in most places with medical supplies.

After you remove the hair you want to clean the poodle’s ear with a cotton ball. Wipe all of the dirt out of there and remember to use a cleaner that is very low in alcohol content specific for cleaning dog’s ears.

Are Standard Poodle Retrievers?

Some people are blown away when they see how much of a savage retriever my standard poodle is

So I and my standard poodle Milo went and hit up the dog park today. Every time we run into other standard poodles I wonder they don’t want anything to do with retrieving. They act like they are to smart to chase after a ball but they are supposed to have to retrieve genetics so it confuses me.

I think it is because most standard poodle owners don’t realize how athletic their dogs are and don’t work with them on retrieving when they are pups. This is crucial to getting your standard poodle to remember their roots and retrieve anything and everything. I would highly advise anyone getting a standard poodle to spend a lot of time working with their pup so It can have the necessary skills when they reach adulthood.

When poodles are never exposed to retrieving they become sort of numb to it and just don’t care. Trust me it is nice to be able to take your dog and throw the tennis ball with the chucker. It is very easy to get your dog a very intense workout and without it, you would have to run your dog. I know most people would save themselves the chore of running while giving their dog twice the workout.

Even if your poodle is full grown you can still work with them on retrieving. The receptiveness of your dog will vary but just don’t give up and remember that standard poodles have hunted in their blood.

Feeding Your Standard Poodle

Well, I’m not an expert but I try and buy the most quality food I can find for my standard. I have been feeding Milo Solid Gold for most of his life and he loves it. It keeps him extremely healthy and might have something to do with his dark coat. I like to feed him some actual meat occasionally along with some cooked vegetables to keep him tip top.

You have to keep in mind that the money you spend on your dog’s food will pay off in the long run besides just giving your standard poodle a better quality of life. Do your research and make sure you are paying for something truly quality and nutritious for your dog.

How to Stop Biting Your Nails – A Proper Guide

I don’t know when I began to bite my nails, but it had to be when I was still a little girl. I can remember my Dad promising me a quarter if he saw any growth what-so-ever and it worked… on and off. I still have this nibbling issue whenever I get nervous but there is one nail that I can’t seem to completely stop biting. It’s the thumbnail on my left hand. If I’m going to turn my attention anywhere, it will be to that poor nail.

So, it seems that you can stop biting your nails to some degree, but it’s always present in your life. I hope that some of you will leave comments on how you managed to quit or the little stories that you remember. Maybe together we can kick it permanently.

How To Stop Biting Your Nails… Style Advice from A Year of Style

Actually, the best way to do something is to have as much fun doing it as you possibly can. Whatever your intention… do one little thing each and every day and by the end of the year, you have learned/accomplished so much. And to your amazement, you will suddenly find people that are turning to your for advice or hints about the latest trends! I certainly don’t know everything there is to know on the topic, but what I do know, I’m more than willing to share.

Oddly enough I think that I have the most fun looking for the latest info. For some reason, I find research fascinating. It takes a lot of work, but you just never know what you are going to find once you go looking. And the more it’s buried, the better I like it!!

You simply need to know where to look lol! I hope that you join me on a regular basis. I have lots to share… and I’m just getting started! Here’s to letting our nails grow… in a safe, easy and healthy way!

Why do you bite your nails?

No one WANTS to bite their nails and there are a lot of triggers that can set someone off. The trick is to learn what your triggers are and be ready for them.

Today… it’s the dentist. I’m going through Root Canal and my canals are co-operating which is really dragging out the visits. I’m surprised that I have any fingernails left… but I’m not doing too badly considering.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my triggers is a ragged edge. It simply drives me nuts and if there isn’t an emery board handy, I will use my teeth… disgusting I know. That is why emery boards are sooo important to have on hand.

Another one of my triggers is anxiety. If I get nervous about something, the first thing I do is start nibbling. But knowing that I have that tendency puts me ahead in the game. I use deep breathing techniques to try to settle the anxiety. If I can push that out of my mind, my nails stand a chance.

One more visit and I still have nails!! The end is in sight!

Use a Bandage

I have often used this little trick. I have one nail, in particular, that seems to take the most punishment, so if I’m trying to grow it out, I will wrap a bandage around it and replace it every couple of days. Having to chew through a bandage will pretty much stop you in your tracks!

Stop The Urge

I find that if I have a rough edge on one of my nails, I will nibble on the edge, hoping to get rid of the problem area, but you know what happens… you end up chewing the entire nail off. Problem solved but the nail has been reduced to nothing and you have started the entire cycle again. The answer… emery boards and lots of them in every room of the house.

Every room of the house you might be asking? This is not even negotiable. If you have to go looking for an emery board, chances are, you won’t bother. If there is an emery board handy, you will use it.

Men Do It Too!

It’s not just women who bite their nails! Men have the same problem and when their nails are bitten down to the “quick” it isn’t a pretty sight. But to be fair, it’s just as unsightly for women. You can be dressed to the nines, but one look at your hands and if your nails are non-existent or badly bitten, the effect has pretty much been ruined. It goes both ways!

I was talking about triggers earlier and men can have just as many, and lots of the little tricks apply to both sexes. But there are a few extras to point out when it comes to men. My husband for example.

  1. It wouldn’t occur to him to use a hand cream unless they were starting to hurt. It would just never occur to him. He gives new meaning to the word “workaholic”.
  2. He also wouldn’t think of using sunblock on his hands. It’s hard enough making him wear it on his face and neck!
  3. And during the winter… putting on a pair of gloves. Forget it unless he’s shoveling snow. Just isn’t a big deal with him.

But if he got into the habit of doing all of the above, his hands just might be in better shape than what they are at present. He doesn’t bite his nails but bites the skin around the nails. Strangely enough, it’s a heredity thing. His father does the same thing. We simply have to find the same little tricks to make him stop. Hopefully having nice looking hands on a regular basis, just might point him in the right direction

Pretty Hands as a Deterrent (For Women)

If your hands are soft and pretty, are you really going to want to ruin the effect by chewing on a nail? Okay, we talked about triggers and they are always going to be there, but if you look down and your hands are looking pretty darn good, it just might be enough to make you think twice. The trick is to keep them looking… soft and pretty.

Feels Sooooooo Good

Have you ever experienced a hand massage?? There is nothing quite like it and if you happen to have a husband who isn’t into the hand lotion thing, this is a good way to earn some browning points and work some much-needed hand lotion into his skin.

And don’t worry about not knowing how to do it. Just put some lotion into the palm of your hand, pick up a little between your fingers and start working it in… pretty much anywhere on his hands. That’s about it.

Word of warning here. He’s going to love it so much that he’s going to ask for a hand massage all the time but you can always reciprocate. Fairs fair!

Use Polish

I have found that if I keep a soft color of polish on my nails, I am less likely to nibble on an edge. The reason? They are just starting to look pretty and I don’t want to ruin the look. Call it vanity!

Slowing Down

As you age, nails begin to slow down just how fast they can grow. That obviously explains why as a teen, your nails seem to grow with little effort from you.

Count It Down

Keep a calendar handy and put an X through every day that you did not nibble. Biting your nails is just a habit and if I can kick smoking, I can stop nibbling. With smoking (and I can’t believe that I ever SMOKED) it was all about getting another day without a cigarette. And when I got to the point of having 30 days with a cigarette, there was no way that I was going to ruin my stretch and then have to start all over again. The same should work with biting your nails!

A Special Tips

Have you ever tried that liquid that tastes absolutely horrible?? You paint it on your nails and the minute you begin to nibble, you are reminded of your habit… really quickly!!

They Really Don’t Know For Sure

I was just reading that experts don’t really know why people bite their nails. It could be as severe due to a medical condition to simple boredom! It’s strange that with a condition that is that common, that expert still doesn’t know.

I think that with a lot of us, it is simply the fact that we find ourselves with a snag and we don’t have an emery board or clippers handy. So… we simply bite it off. Bad habit!


Get yourself a jigsaw! This works for me… it’s when I get bored that I start to nibble! Jokes apart, what about the techniques and tricks that I shared to stop biting your nails? 

Understand The Different Types of Hawk Haircuts

Hawk haircuts are quite popular. Today you see them everywhere. I even have now right now as I am typing this (see pic)

The problem comes in getting your hawk hair cut the way you want it. You have to be able to communicate how you want your hawk. That is the key.

Read on below as we will explore the differences and the key features of hawk haircuts.

Defining the general hawk haircut universe

Hawk haircuts are also called ridge line haircuts.

The basic idea is that the haircut has an area of greater length somewhere on the top that forms a ridgeline. Notice, I did not say in the middle. Hawks can be off center, diagonal, curved, etc.

The sides can be any length from shaved to the skin too much longer and fuller. The ridge can be any length from stratospheric liberty spikes to just a buzzed stripe.

As we explore hawk haircuts below we will point out the different characteristics that distinguish one kind of hawk haircut form another.

Bottom line… hawk haircuts are cool. hawk haircuts get noticed. hawk haircuts are different… and different is good!

The basic types of hawk haircuts

Read on!

Following are images of each and definitions and much more…

  1. Traditional short mohawk
  2. Long Mowhawk
  3. Liberty spike mohawk
  4. fauxhawk
  5. Lowhawk
  6. Frohawk

The Fauxhawk Haircut – Not a hawk haircut

David Beckham | Image Credit: hairstylehub.com

This is a faked (faux) hawk haircut. This is a hawk haircut for a guy with a job.

A fauxhawk is just that. it is faux. it is not really a haircut at all. it is a styling trick.

The basic fauxhawk is ANY haircut that has been pushed into the center with a big glop of hair styling gel.

A fauxhawk is perfect for a guy or a girl that can not have a REAL hawk haircut. It is ideal for someone who wants to sport a hawk hair look on Saturday night and then needs to be able to go to work on Monday morning.

Any head of hair can be a faux hawk… that is any head with hair on the top. Sorry guys. Some of you can NOT have a hawk.

This image is a definite fauxhawk. he has a ridgeline. The ridgeline is NOT cut in. You can comb this another way and it is just a guy with a nice haircut. Not a bad thing. Just, it is what it is. it is faux.

Get some hair gel and anyone can go faux any time.

A fauxhawk is a sweet way to road test a hawk style. If mom or your employer FREAKS out… No harm. No foul. No hawk hair cut tomorrow.

Try a fauxhawk for size. see how you like the look.

The traditional Mowhawk haircut – Skinned sides and long ridgeline

Stephan El Shaarawy

A mohawk is defined as a ridge line haircut with a distinct disconnection between the ridgeline and the sides. There are many variations in looks and styles and types of Mohawk haircuts. The key is the disconnection.

If there is a blended transition between the ridgeline and the sides it is NOT a mohawk. (more on what it is in a bit).

The top can be very high. The sides can range from skinned to longer… but the key is that distinct, non-blended disconnection between the ridgeline and the sides.

Variations – 1 

Notice the sides are short… so it the top… But the disconnection says it all… A mohawk does NOT need to be long enough at the ridgeline to poke your eyes out to be a mohawk.

Variations – 2

It is a mohawk. It is disconnected. It is NOT shaved on the sides. Another way to “skin” the mohawk cat… so to speak.

The Lowhawk haircut – Currently the MOST popular of the hawk haircuts

The low hawk gets its name from 2 key characteristics.

The lowhawk haircut is just not all that tall. Maximum height is generally lower due to the fact that the other key element of this style is the blended transition from ridgeline to the sides, from sides up to the ridge.

The sides can be any length from shaved to fuller. The ridgeline CAN be any length… as long as the sides smoothly blend into the ridgeline. This is the key. SCULPTING in, (cutting) the progressive transition from sides to ridgeline peak.

Head shapes and sizes, therefore, limit the real possible maximum ridge height that can be executed and STILL maintain a complete, jump and disconnection free blend.

See the image here… Most of Beckham’s looks have been blended lowhawk forms. He is the big time celebrity ambassador of the Lowhawk haircut.

The Frohawk haircut – A lowhawk on Afro-textured hair

A blended transition look carved into Afro-textured hair is a lowhawk variation called a frohawk. If it were disconnected it would NOT fit into this category… as soon as the ridgeline is disconnected it is a classic mohawk.

These are way cool. These are fun to cut. These are good looking.

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

Baby, it’s Cold Outside…….and that cold can wreak havoc on your hair, big time! The cool air, chilly winds, snow and even those sunny winter days can leave your hair dull, brittle and prone to some much-unwanted damage. Not to mention with winter comes annoying static and the dreadful hat hair!

Fear not! I am going to share with you some simple tips to save you from having a season of bad hair days. 

How to take care of hair in winter naturally

Hydrate! – Choosing a Shampoo

Come winter it is important to choose a hydrating shampoo. This will not only help keep static at bay but will also work to add much need moisture to your hair. The right shampoo can make all the difference, think of it as the foundation, the shampoo you use will determine the way your hair is going to react to the conditioner and styling products you use next as well impact how your hair will behave in all kinds of climates and weather conditions.

Moisturize! – Choosing a Conditioner

When it comes to choosing a hair conditioner you want to keep your hair type in mind but you also want to make sure you get the much needed moisture that winter is going to suck from your strands! A thick, moisturizing conditioner is a must have when winter strikes. Look for conditioners which contain essential fatty acids and humectants to help seal in moisture.

Sporting some major dry, damaged hair? Get your hands on a deep repair treatment such as Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and leave on hair for at least 30 mins once per week. This yummy (smells soooo good) hair mask leaves hair super shiny and works to restore and repair from the inside out.

Style & Protect – at the Same Time!

Choosing a styling product that doubles as a protectant saves you both time and money. It also keeps you from weighing hair down with the use of too much product. In the wintertime, you want to choose a product that is going to nourish, protect and keep hair static and frizz free.

Again, depending on your hair type, you want to choose a product that will deliver the results be it curly, straight, thick or fine hair. A smoothing lotion is an excellent choice for hair that needs a little help being tamed. Look for a Humidity-resistant formula to fend off frizz and flyaways. Alcove Smoothing Lotion is a great one rich in antioxidants and it provides nourishment, hydration and protection.

Products containing ingredients such as Argan Oil or Macadamia Oil are also fabulous for adding nourishment and leaving hair super shiny and soft.

Hair Tools – Choose Wisely

The hair tools you use, not only during winter but throughout all seasons have a major impact on your hairs health. Now, our main focus here is winter hair care, so I will just quickly point out, investing in a Professional Flat Iron or Hair Dryer is totally worth it! You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on professional hair tools, but do a bit of research beforehand to make sure the tools you do choose include important features such as tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology. As a matter of fact, my next post will be all about choosing the best hair tools so be sure to keep an eye out 🙂

Ok, come winter, the heated hairstyling tools you use can make a huge difference! A flat iron, hair dryer and/or curling iron which features ionic and tourmaline technology help to seal in moisture as well as reduce static, frizz and annoying flyaway’s.

NEVER leave the house with wet hair in the winter! Wet hair can actually freeze and this can cause major breakage as well leave hair very brittle and dry. You also want to limit your time under the hair dryer so use a towel to blot out as much water as possible and allow hair to air dry when you can. The main reason is during the cold months we spend a lot more time inside with indoor heating, which is like spending the afternoon under your hair dryer!

Winter Hair Care – Quick Tips & Tricks

hair care

1. Avoid Hat Hair by putting long hair up into a high pony or bun, and push short hair straight back or secure the front sections into 3 or 4 small bumps (think mini retro rolls) using bobby pins, before putting your hat on then remove pony/bun/rolls when you take your hat off and shake hair out and style with fingers. This helps keep hair from falling flat and losing body.

2. For a quick fix on static that just won’t stop, lightly rub a dryer sheet over hair. Keep a few squares cut in half, in your purse so that they are always handy.

3. Avoid crunchy curls by using a cream-based styling aid and drying hair completely using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer.

4. Use olive oil as a quick fix on dry hair. Rub a few drops into your hands then starting at the ends of your hair, run fingers throughout. Hand cream also works well in a pinch and can help tame unexpected frizz and flyaway’s

5. Dandruff can be a major issue for some in the cold winter months. Fight it off using a shampoo formulated for dandruff. Once the problem is solved, keep it at bay by using it once per week in between your regular shampoo.

6. Protect your hair against the wind, which can cause major tangles leading to breakage by wearing a hat or securing hair in an updo when outside. A leave-in conditioner is also great for fighting tangles, wind or no wind.

So, let’s start today. Hope, this post about how to take care of hair in winter naturally helps!

How Can I Learn To Cut Hair At Home For My Child

Often people struggle to get their child’s haircut at the salon.  Not only can it become very costly, but to make the appointment, go out with sometimes more than one, all for a child haircut just to hear them scream or be uncomfortable in the presence of a stranger cutting their hair doesn’t seem all worth it.  What if there was a way, even a combination of ways to show you that you can successfully do your child hair cut at home without all of the hassles. 

Learn To Cut Hair At Home

Maybe your thinking that it can be a hassle to do an at home child haircut, or to have to buy the proper tools to do it, but I can assure you that you would save a ton of money doing it at home.  Here are some great tried and true tips for you to learn to cut hair at home for your child.

Creating The Right Atmosphere

A baby or child will often become frustrated because they are sitting in a chair too long for the haircut process, which causes them to fidget or fuss. There are some great ways to divert their attention to something else.

A high chair or booster seat. This will help them be safely seated on a surface, which you are easily able to clean during the child’s haircut. If you have another parent or adult, you may also set them on their lap, this sometimes helps it seem less scary to the child. Just remember to drape the adult as well so they don’t get clippings on them.

Another person. Whether it is a sibling, parent, or friend the other person must understand they need to capture the attention of the child who is getting their hair cut and keep them somewhat still.

The television. You can put in the child’s favorite cartoon, movie, or music video to capture their attention and keep them facing in one direction during the child’s haircut.

A book or a toy. Something that can hold their attention for a while should also be close by as back up, but make sure it can easily be cleaned off.

A fun styling cape. It helps to have some great pictures on the cape for the child look at and discuss with you during the child haircut.

You may also use a lollypop or ice pop, but I do not recommend this as hair may get in the child’s mouth.

To Start

There are a lot of great informative books and guides for an at home child haircut. This will just go through a very small amount of information to show you how easy it can be.

To start off for both boys and girls you want to first do the bangs. This way if the child refuses to sit, or throws a fit, the most important part of the child haircut is finished.

***** Remember for every child haircut that wet hair will shrink up so if you don’t want the bangs to shortcut them at a bit of a longer length. You can always go shorter, but you can never go long without a bit of time and patience.

The At Home Child Hair Cut

Child Hair Cut – Bangs

Part bangs from the rest of the hair. Spritz with a water bottle.

Comb hair so it lays flat in between your index and middle finger on your free hand. Make sure that it is smooth and straight pulled slightly. Keep your fingers aligned parallel to make sure they will be straight. Try to comb them slightly forward; this will help it to have a more natural shape.

You want to cut across underneath your index and middle finger. Once you have cut the hair comb it down straight on the forehead and trim any excess or uneven long hairs.

Little Boys Basic Child Hair Cut

Use cordless hair clippers to evenly trim the back and sides. A #2 or #3 guard is great for summer, but on very small children you may want to use a 4 as their hair is still pretty fine.

If you do not want the buzzed look on the sides and back and you like a longer look, then use scissors to cut the outline of the hair all around, then go back and trim the hair with scissors to trim.

Use the clippers to trim up to about 1 to 2 inches above the top of the ears all around the head. From that point, trim hair using scissors.

Always cut hair by pulling it through your index and middle fingers across and making the cut using the already cut hair as a guideline. This will help keep from leaving the hair uneven during the child haircut.

Use scissors or a trimmer clipper to cut the hairs around the ears and to make a straight line on the back of the neck. You want to use the trimmer clipper for the sideburns.

Little Girls Basic Child Hair Cut 

little girls hair cut a home

Spritz hair or make sure it is damp and combed through.

Part the hair into horizontally down the head. Use a clip to keep the other hair up. Make sure the child is looking at a downward angle.

Comb hair straight down. Grab hair with index and middle finger and use them as a guide or ruler and cut right underneath. Make first cut in the center of the bottom back hair. Then make your way left and right.

Comb down next layer of parted hair and do the same using the previously cut hair as your guide along with your fingers.

To make sure that it is even, take a cluster of hair from the same spot on both right and left side of the head. Bring them to a point in the center of the neck. If they are even they will match. If they are not cut a small amount off the longer side until it matches.

Choosing The Right Tools

When giving your child a haircut it is important to know what you will need and to have it on hand. You also need to know what to get for the child haircut.

A good book on how to do a child hair cut at home. The techniques will also extend into men’s haircuts and further into women’s haircuts for your older children or teenagers.

Hair cutting scissors. You do not want to use any other source of scissors as they will not cut the hair right, but will only bend the hair and cut poorly. You want a good sharp pair of scissors that you will feel comfortable with. A starter pair of scissors would be perfect!

You want to get a well-made pair of clippers because if they are not well made, they can pull the child’s hair and that may hurt. It also is important to keep them well oiled and clean in between the child haircuts.

It would be very helpful in assisting in the child haircut to have a fun styling cape for them to look at. It is not a toy they can play with every day, yet something fun that only will come out at haircut time.

Hair clips are great for parting hair into sections to make sure they stay where you put them. They are also great for cutting bangs and keeping the other hair from straying in the way and for pinching a too large cape tighter for a child haircut.

A basic comb will do. You do not want to use a large comb or a tail comb as it will not be comfortable or grab the hair properly.

Final Note

There are so many more great and useful tools for doing a child hair cut at home. This was just a glimpse into how easy it can be and how it can save you money. Most children need their hair cut at least once every 2 months and how much easier can it be to do it at home then have to bring them out so frequently. So give it a try and give your kids an at home child haircut!

How to Care for Your Nails – A Complete Guide

Having strong and clean nails is not just an attractive addition to your overall appearance, but it’s also a sign of good health. Keep in mind that having healthy nails starts from inside as well as outside.

How to Care for Your Nails

Here’s how you can take proper care of your nails :

Eat Healthy

As a rule, eating healthy will not only reflect in your nails but in your skin, hair and general appearances too. However, some vitamins and minerals help your nails more than others, namely vitamin B, protein and calcium. Eating meat, dairy products and green leafy vegetables are great natural sources of these vitamins and minerals. You can also opt to take vitamin and mineral supplements for your daily nutritional needs.

Wear Rubber Gloves

Our hands do a lot of work, and therefore our nails are exposed to a lot of work also. Prevent causing damage to your nails by wearing rubber gloves lined with cotton inside when doing chores that expose you to chemicals, detergents and dirt.


Beauty shops now offer a combination of hand lotions and nail lotion to make it easier to keep them moisturized. Apply moisturizer in the morning, preferably after taking a bath, to keep moisture locked in. You can also re-apply the lotion all throughout the day, especially in extreme temperatures such as the summer and winter seasons. At night, you can put lotion on and cover them with moisturizing cotton gloves. When applying hand and nail lotion, pay particular attention to your nail beds. Regular application of lotion makes your nails stronger. You should also regularly apply nail lotion to your feet’s nails. When applying lotion, make sure that you rub the lotion carefully all over your nails.

Trim Your Cuticles

Trimming your cuticles with a cuticle remover once a week is ideal. Use a cuticle softener and carefully trim with a cuticle clipper. Do not trim your cuticles to the quick, as it will cause your nail beds to grow deeper into your skin.

Clip Your Nails

nail care

Clip your nails regularly with a nail clipper into a regular square shape or a rounded shape. Pointed nail shapes have a tendency to snag your nails and cause damage. Again, do not clip your nails to the quick as too-short nails can become quite painful.

Give Your Nails a Break

No matter how pretty nail polish looks on your nails, you should give your nails a break from polish every now and then. This will allow your nails to breathe and will help them become less brittle. You can also use a nail buffer to keep your nails naturally polished and shiny.

Don’t Bite or Pick at Your Nails

Nail-biting and picking your nails are bad habits that should be done away with as soon as possible. This habit is one of the biggest causes of nail breakage and damage, so stop doing it.

Keep Your Nails Smooth

Keep emery boards in your house and in your bag to keep your nails smooth to prevent snags, which causes nail damage.

Nail Hardener

For particularly thin nails, using nail hardener can help, but you should avoid products that contain formaldehyde or toluene sulfonamide. These two chemicals can cause redness and irritation on your skin.

Minimize Nail Polish Remover Use

It’s generally prescribed that you do not use nail polish remover more than twice in one month. It’s better to touch up your nails instead. If nail polish remover cannot be avoided, use a remover that does not use acetone.

Repair Your Nails

If you find tears or splits in your nails, you can use specially-made nail glue to repair your nails or even clear nail polish.

Final Note

While we all have the tendency to not look after our nails, but with a little effort, we can keep them staying beautiful and healthy. Following these simple steps will ensure beautiful hands and nails in as short as a month.