Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster Clipping Machine

Are you in search of a reliable and forceful clipping machine for fur shearing?

The Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipper is a highly improved grooming tool for animal hair. The maneuverability is awesome, and the operator experiences less fatigue from the sharp blades. The serviceable clipper comes with an extra blade, grease, and storage tray to hold grooming accessories.

It’s smooth and easy to handle; the vibration from the clipping machine while working doesn’t cause discomfort. The super quality clipper comes with other grooming tools for your pet and breed of animals. It’s more value for money when you purchase this machine because it comes with a toolbox case and a detachable storage tray. More so, the toolbox has compartments for additional intake screen, blade, grease, and brush.

Do you need the best horse clipper that trims furs efficiently? The Oster Clipmaster is rugged and designed with superior parts, and lightweight. The shearing tool can go through coarse hair quickly like a hot blade slicing through cheese.

Features of the Oster Clipmaster Clipping Machine

Handles a range of fur

The course and tender fur of animals can’t be a challenge for the sharp blades of this clipper. The 83AU and 84AU (top and bottom blades) are fast and sharp to shear a wide range of animal fur. The 3-inch head runs smoothly through animal hair with precision, and you don’t need barbing experience for easy control.

Adjustable speed

The lightweight animal hair clipping machine has a single speed of 3000 strokes per minute as the maximum range. However, the operator can adjust and get variable speed while barbing. The variable speed setting has a range of 700 to 3,000 strokes per minute. Dogs, horses, lambs, and other domesticated animals have different thicknesses of fur. You can shave them to look tidy by using the variable speed feature.

Easy to use

Using this Clipmaster Clipping Machine requires less fatigue because of many features. It has an adjustable tension knob that sets the blade with precision. The product is easy for detailed clipping of animal hairs. The lightweight machine has a cool-running motor that doesn’t emit unbearable heat after continuous use.

Sturdy built

This clipper for animals is made from durable parts that offer superior balance while shearing. The outer material that covers the coil and the engine is compact. Upon impact, the shatter-proof housing absorbs shocks without damage.

Serviceable shearing tool

Regardless of how dense an animal’s hair might be, the clipping machine has improved maneuverability. This product has a more secure grip and moves through thick tangled hair with wind speed. There’s no loud noise from the motor, and the blades are easy to replace. The product is serviceable and easy to disassemble after use.

  • It has a more secure grip that makes the clipping machine reliable when shearing large animals like horses.
  • It has a variable speed adjusting feature and allows a range of 700 to 3000 strokes per minute
  • The blades are not rare to find; 83AU, and 84AU are the specifications for the clipper’s top and bottom blade,
  • While shaving, the tool gives superior balance and allows you swipe the blade through the coarse hair
  • The Variable Speed Clipmaster isn’t a heavy-duty clipper

Final Verdict

The shatter-proof Oster Clipmaster Clipper is highly improved and weighs 30% lesser than its previous version. The grooming tool comes with a toolbox, and accessories to shave better than regular clippers. More so, with a single-speed of 3,000 strokes per minute, the lightweight clipper shears any texture of animal hair with ease. However, the clipping tool offers great value for money.

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