Oster Classic 76 Review

Endangered classics to gather at Liverpool Cathedral were the headlines of an online article. These cars were old, manufactured in the 1920s but still looked great.

Just then, I passed near my Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper and thought if we were to hold a classic clipper showcase, this clipper would be the highlight.

The Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper has been around for ages and is not looking like it’s going away anytime soon. Yeah, so this professional hair clipper is reliable, but is it any good at cutting?

Well, will discuss this and many other reasons why this clipper is great whether you are the barber or a do-it-yourself at home kind of person.

Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper Review

This is one of the most powerful clippers you’ll ever buy. It features a heavy-duty 45 watts powered motor that makes it possible to cut just about any type of hair and at a great speed too.

Compared to other clippers that are powered by only 15-watt motors the Oster Classic 76 clipper is a beast. But what could be wrong with a 15-watt motor?

Weaker motors tend to tug and pull at the hair they don’t fare too well against thick hair either. The motor of this classic clipper works so well that it cuts through damp and even wet hair. The blades also contribute to the performance of this clipper. They are wide; this helps cover a wider area so that you can finish cutting hair faster.

You don’t need to pass the blade over an area multiple times because the blade is so sharp, once or twice will do, depending on the style you are going for.

Here’s Why I Love This Clipper

Many people will readily agree with me that this is one of the best clippers ever made and still being sold today. You just can’t go wrong with the Oster Classic 76 Professional Clipper.

Others have called it the “Cadillac” of clippers and it’s not hard to see why.

1. This Clipper has incredible power

As I mentioned earlier, this machine packs a powerful motor, 45 watts to be exact. This enables it to cut through any hair type with ease. Whether your hair is wet or dry does not matter either. Not only is the motor power, but it is also incredibly fast, reducing the amount of time it takes to cut your hair. If you are accustomed to using cheap hair clippers, you’ll be blown away by the speed and power of this amazing machine.

2. The Blades are Super Sharp and Long Lasting

These blades are wide to allow you to cover a wider area. The blade is removable Cryogen-X blades which are exclusive to Oster. This is how they are able to get the blades harder and denser so that the metal blade glides through your hair with a sharper edge. The package comes with two sizes: 000 and 1, you can always buy more blades if you need to. These blades are no joke and will last a long time too.

3. Won’t Overheat

despite the powerful motor, this clipper will not overheat easily. If after an extended period of use you begin to feel some heat, just place a little oil on the blade and it will be fine.

4. This Clipper is Completely Serviceable

Although this is built like a tank, if something does break, you don’t have to throw it away like the cheaper clippers out there. These parts can be easily replaced: the main power switch, the power cord, the clipper lever or any of the brush sets. Even the motor is serviceable, so you see you will have this clipper for a long time maybe even pass it on to your grandchildren.

5. The Design and Durability

If there is one thing that you will continue to hear about this clipper is that it is built to last. It is really sturdy, made with a strong valox resin/plastic makes it practically indestructible. One thing to note is that the clipper is slightly heavier than the average clipper, this is just a testament to the durability of this thing. The design is great, it is a straight cylindrical shape and fine ribbing along the body for a better grip. You can rest assured of the quality of this product since it manufactured it is 100% USA built

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Some Things I Did Not Like

This not a perfect clipper but for what it delivers, you could live with these quirks

1. The Clipper is Loud

Because of the powerful motor, the clipper is a little loud, but the loudness is not unbearable much like that of a cheaper clipper that will not deliver half as well as this one will.

2. Requires Experience

If you are a newbie don’t let this shy you away from this great clipper. Because the clipper cuts fast, it requires a great deal of control in order to prevent taking too much hair off. This will come with practice so stick with it.

Have you ever used the Classic 76? What’s your experiences? Share with us.

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