How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching

Trimming your hair ‘down there’ can be an utter nightmare not just logistically but also with the infuriatingly itchy aftermath. Once shaved it can be common to find little red bumps on the skin and be in a considerable amount of discomfort and let’s be honest, no one wants to itch that area in public.

Here we will show you the best way to shave your pubic hair with the aim of avoiding the red, itching bumps.

The item you will need:

  • Clean clippers and a comb
  • A bikini trimmer
  • A mirror — this should be a large mirror, so you can see your entire self
  • Moisturizer

The Best Way to Trim Pubic Hair

  • You must disinfect your tools before you start. You must get all the horrible bacteria out of the blades. This is extremely important as you don’t want to get an infection down there! Once this has been done you make sure they are clean and dry, so they are ready to go.
  • Next, take a bath or have a shower to make sure you are all clean. Make sure your pubic hair is soft and then, if it looks long enough, combs it through with the comb to detangle it. Air dry the hair or use the blow-dryer until it is completely dry, then use the comb again to make sure it is detangled.
  • Angle the mirror so you can see everything either while standing or sitting. It is advisable to lay the clippers down on some paper so you can easily clean the little hairs that are hard to clean.
  • Use the comb and run it through the hair so that the excess is standing above the teeth of the comb. Use the clippers to cut the hairs short all across the pubic area. At some point, you might have to sit down to get to the hard to reach areas. Put your comb and clippers aside once this part is complete.
  • Now use the trimmer and trim the hair along the grain. Try to avoid going against the grain of the hair as this is what can cause those nasty little red bumps. You should also avoid going over the same spots multiple times because this can cause irritation as well. Trim evenly all around until you are satisfied.
  • Wash with warm water and dry yourself thoroughly. You should moisturize all of the skin that you have shaved and let it sink in. Avoid putting underwear or other clothes on and let the skin cool and dry so it has time to relax. Doing this will avoid irritation and make the skin nice and smooth.
  • The quicker you clean the tools the easier it will be to get all the little hairs off.

Some Quick Tips

  • Dirty tools and a dirty body is how infection, irritation and discomfort start so, avoid all of this by cleaning yourself and your tools thoroughly beforehand.
  • Replace the blades of your tools whenever they need replacing. Blunt blades can irritate your skin and also perform much more poorly as opposed to sharp blades.
  • Use long gentle strokes when shaving. Try not to go over the same place several times or press too hard with the tools as this can cause severe irritation and discomfort.
  • If the skin does become irritated before you even finish, apply some hydrocortisone cream in order to cool it off. Try not to scratch as this will only worsen the irritation.
  • When shaving avoids going over any cuts or bruises as this will cause even more pain and is likely to open up a cut again.
  • There are many different styles in which to trim your pubic hair into and it’s up to you what you choose. You may decide to just shave it all, have a neat little triangle, or go for a landing strip. Either way, make sure you’re comfortable with the movement of the clippers and trimmers in order to get the look you want.

Things you need to Consider

  • The time it takes for hair to grow back — hair tends to grow at a fast rate so it’s a good idea to try and get a routine going. Depending on how comfortable you feel with your pubic hair you can make sure to trim it every two weeks, a month, a few days, or whenever you feel like you need to.
  • Keep a check on your pubic hair so you know when you need to give it a trim. Everyone is comfortable with different lengths of pubic hair so just keep an eye on it every time you get in the shower or bath.
  • You need lots of time in order to complete this task. Make sure you don’t have to keep an eye on any kids, or cooking, or have an appointment. You need time to make sure you can achieve the look you are satisfied with. It might even be a good idea to mark it on your calendar, so you don’t book anything. Use an inconspicuous mark so no one will understand it.
  • It might be a better idea to do this task more often than not. This is because it is much easier and quicker to trim the hair that is shorter and finer which is how it begins to grow back.
  • Never ever share your skincare tools with anyone. This is how infections get passed on.


It’s important to keep a close check on your pubic hair and to try to maintain it as much as possible. It might be a natural occurrence and some people might decide to not shave at all, but it has been advised that having shorter, tamer pubic hair is much more hygienic and will stop infections.

Now, using just a simple razor may be an easier option but you will end up will irritation, red bumps, and itchiness. This is not ideal, especially if you shaving for a reason — i.e. a special night, or donning a bikini — as you don’t want to end up scratching in that region in front of people. Using the process above will help you to get the look you desire while avoiding the horrible irritation.

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