5 Mistakes You’re Making When You’re Shaving Down There

There are many of us who have taken on the regular regimen of shaving that bikini area. Whether it be a full shave or a trim up, it is not always the easiest to do. There are also quite a few of us that run into the same problems over and over. Such as rashes, nicks and more as well. They can be uncomfortable and can also lead to infection. There are things that you are doing wrong that may be causing these problems as well. 

It may not be intentional, but if you can figure out what you are doing wrong things will be easier. It will seem like less of a chore and something that can be done with ease. So, I have made a list of the 5 most common mistakes you can encounter while shaving the bikini area. Then I will give you some great ways to avoid or correct those mistakes. 

Top 5 Bikini Area Shaving Mistakes

First I am going to go over what the top 5 bikini shaving area tips are. Then I will go over the best ways to avoid those mistakes making it an easier and more comfortable thing to do. So here they are, see if you have done any of these yourself. 

  • Dry shaving, all of us have done this at least a few times especially if we are in a hurry.
  • Leaving out exfoliating, while not necessary it does make things easier.
  • Dull or inadequate razor.
  • Shaving over irritated areas.
  • Leaving out the moisturizer before and after the shave.

Any of these could lead to an uncomfortable rash or nicks and cuts. It is a very sensitive area and more attention should be given to that area. Many of the next remedies to the mistakes can also be carried through to shaving other areas as well.

Feel the Burn

Always try to have something handy you can use even if it is a trial-size bottle of shaving cream, body wash, or bar soap. Those are great for on the go, at home you can just buy the full size. Using a good shaving cream provides that gentle moisture barrier you need between the razor and the skin.

Smoother Easier Shave

Many think about exfoliating their face but not down there. Well exfoliating can be just as beneficial down below as it is for your face. Just make sure you do so before shaving not after. It gets rid of the dead skin and other things that will slow a blade down or clog it up. It also helps to get rid of any bacteria that may be hiding down there that could cause grief should you accidentally nick yourself.

Don’t Be Dull

This should be common sense, but you should never use a dull razor. Even though a razor doesn’t look dull doesn’t mean it isn’t. If it’s disposable and you have noticed it is dragging lately it is probably time to switch it out. When it comes to shaving this is one area that spending the money getting the best razor for the bikini area is worth it. There are some great choices on the market today to choose from.

Avoid Irritated Areas

Even though that area that has razor bumps, ingrown hair, or another irritation needs to be shaved. Don’t you will just make things worse by doing so. Your razor can cut that area much easier since the skin is raised and or irritated. Which can also make you more susceptible to infection. Wait until the irritation clears up before shaving. 


Should be done before and after for the best results. Most shaving creams have a moisturizing additive that is why it is so important to use. Even still after shaving it is advisable to moisturize again. To avoid irritation, use a lotion that is an after-shave lotion or a quality lotion with no perfumes or alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Following some of the things I have covered will give you a much better end result. You will feel more comfortable as well when there is less chance for irritation. There will be no more dread, just being comfortable again.

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