How to Shave Down There with a Razor

Beauty regimens have been part of our lives for many years, everyone has their own different things that they decide to have in their regimen. Most of us have one main one in common though and that is shaving. It is pretty standard for most women and it is more than just legs and underarms. Yes, that is right the bikini area! The area down there, that needs some grooming from time to time as well.

Some are hesitant to use a razor down there, and for good reason. It is a very sensitive area, but for the cleanest cut, a razor is the best choice. Especially if you want it smooth and down to the skin. Now of course how much each person wants to remove is up to them. I am going to go over the best way to shave down there, before you know it you will be a pro.

Steps for A Great Down Below Shave

Here are the steps you need to know when wanting to know how to shave down there with a razor. Following these steps will give you a great final result. Once you have it down you will probably come up with some of your own tips that work well for you.

  1. Shaving cream is your friend, is the best thing you could have in your shaving arsenal. It will provide the moisture you need, helps prevent nicks, and helps prevent ingrown hair that you don’t want. The key here is to make sure you get a quality shaving cream or shaving gel. Since it is typically a sensitive area for most, a sensitive formula may be the best bet as well.
  2. You will want a quality razor, you are shaving an area that you really don’t want to be using a cheap disposable on. Disposables can nick, cut or even break during use. Do yourself a favor and invest in a razor with multiple blades that also pivots. That way it will follow your curves down there while leaving you with a silky-smooth finish. If you have skin that is sensitive, you could just use a razor with a single blade.
  3. Before getting started, you want to trim down there to make the shaving process easier. So, you will want to use a trimmer, scissors or clippers on the lowest setting or with the lowest clip to get it as short as you can.
  4. Then take a warm bath or a shower, this will soften things up as well as making those hair follicles open. Ths making getting that closer shave even easier. A long shower or bath is not needed around 10 minutes should be enough, but that is up to you.
  5. Next do a prep clean as I like to call it. Use either an exfoliating body wash or bar with a wash cloth to clean the whole area down there. It will assure that there will be no dead skin or unwanted oils to dull up the razor.
  6. Once the prep clean is done, pre-shave oil is a great idea. While not mandatory it is a great additive to use with your shaving gel or cream to get a great result.
  7. Now you can finally apply your shaving gel or shaving cream. Apply to the area you want to shave, if you have a shaving cream brush use it. It does help some to lift the hair for a closer shave. If you don’t have one though that is ok.
  8. Make sure you have a new razor, or a new blade on the razor you are going to use. Start out shaving the area you want to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Once you have done that then go back over it and shave against the growth of the hair. Be careful not to shave the same area too many times. Make sure you rinse the razor frequently so that you don’t have to keep shaving the same area due to a clogged blade.
  9. Once you have shaved the area that you wanted to shave, rinse razor and put aside or store depending on your set up.
  10. Now you can rinse the area, if you notice any areas you have missed. Use more shaving cream and go over again. Once you are sure you have gotten rid of all the hair you wanted gone, you only have a couple more steps.
  11. Dry the area thoroughly with a soft towel until you are sure you have dried area as much as you can. Pat the area don’t rub dry it otherwise you could irritate the freshly shaved skin.
  12. Use an aftershave lotion, again due to the area being shaved a sensitive formula is the best. You could use an unscented lotion as well. Another great product you can use is coconut oil, since it is all natural and a little goes a long way.

Helpful Tips

Now since I gave you the basics on how to shave down there, I am going to tell you some helpful tips. They may help you out with some things you may encounter or may want to avoid.

  • Try not to shave when you are menstruating, your skin is way more sensitive during that time.
  • For most it is easier to stand to shave, but pick a position that is comfortable and safe for you. There are some gadgets out there that can help, such as handles for the shower for stability.
  • Many women have the same fear, cutting their vulva. Since the hair grows right on the ridge of the inner and outer. There are guards available now that you can buy that can help ease your fears if you are a little worried about it.
  • If you want a longer lasting effect, you could opt for a waxing. Longer results but temporarily a little more painful.
  • If you do nick anything down there, hold pressure on it with a piece of gauze or a rag. If bleeding doesn’t stop or it seems worrisome to you have it checked out. The odds are very slim that any injury could happen if you follow the steps, but it can happen.

Final Thoughts

Shaving the bikini area by most is done for both hygiene and looks. So, you always want it to look its best, you will be able to accomplish that when you find the best razor for the bikini area for you. Once you find the perfect one, you will know it. Overtime when you are feeling confident with your shaving skills you can even make designs down there to change things up from time to time.

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