How to Groom a Poodle Step by Step Guide

This page is all about taking care of breed that we love so much. I came to love this breed when a black standard poodle basically fell in my lap. From there the rest is history, I fell in love with the big guy and he’s laying his head practically on the keyboard right now as I am typing this intro. His name is Milo and his nickname The Beast because how much he loves running, retrieving, swimming, and any mix of those things.

I love learning new information about the breed and I am also very interested in grooming standard poodles. As a broke college student, I started grooming my poodle to save some extra cash. I give him a very simple retriever clip and strangers always compliment me saying it looks professionally done. This page will explain how to groom a standard poodle the easy way for the do it yourself out there. Enjoy and let your standard poodle embrace it’s natural athletic retriever within!

How to Groom a Poodle at Home and You will Really Bond with your Dog

Paying a groomer can add up, save money by grooming your standard poodle yourself by doing simple retriever clip.

Short hair dogs or hypoallergenic? I like the hypoallergenic coat myself but let me tell you it requires maintenance and if you’re paying out of pocket it is going to add up. The price for grooming a standard poodle ranges from around $50 to $100 and the poodle must be groomed monthly. A standard poodle is sounding like quite the investment now isn’t it? Well, I’m a broke college kid that manages to sustain while giving my poodle the care he needs. I threw down on an Andis Clipper and the thing is amazing a straight workhorse. It was costly but pays itself off very quickly, when you consider regular grooming fees over a year can be around $750.

In order for someone to go with this more economical route, they must be willing to keep there poodle’s clip simple. If you want a fancy classic cut than keeping shelling out tons of money to your groomer because you’ll have quite the headache on your hands trying to give your dog a show quality clip. Just keep it simple one length for the body than cut the face short and do whatever you want with the top knot. I use a 9.5mm guard for his entire body, then I switch to the 1.5mm and for his face and feet. The funny thing is people always compliment me on his clip and I just laugh to myself because when I started I had no idea what I was doing and now people compliment me on a job well done.

Beyond saving money grooming your dog will help you bond with the animal. My poodle will let me do just about anything to him now, roll him over, trim his face, pick him up, etc. It has definitely strengthened our bond and kept more cash in my pocket.

Cleaning your Standard Poodle’s Ears after grooming

Along with having to maintain your poodle’s coat you also have to pull the hair from their ears

To make the hair easier to pull out use ear powder and depending on the amount hair you can either use your fingers to pluck it out or use a hemostat. Hemostats are very cheap and work perfect but make sure you don’t pinch the poodle’s skin. You can get a hemostat in most places with medical supplies.

After you remove the hair you want to clean the poodle’s ear with a cotton ball. Wipe all of the dirt out of there and remember to use a cleaner that is very low in alcohol content specific for cleaning dog’s ears.

Are Standard Poodle Retrievers?

Some people are blown away when they see how much of a savage retriever my standard poodle is

So I and my standard poodle Milo went and hit up the dog park today. Every time we run into other standard poodles I wonder they don’t want anything to do with retrieving. They act like they are to smart to chase after a ball but they are supposed to have to retrieve genetics so it confuses me.

I think it is because most standard poodle owners don’t realize how athletic their dogs are and don’t work with them on retrieving when they are pups. This is crucial to getting your standard poodle to remember their roots and retrieve anything and everything. I would highly advise anyone getting a standard poodle to spend a lot of time working with their pup so It can have the necessary skills when they reach adulthood.

When poodles are never exposed to retrieving they become sort of numb to it and just don’t care. Trust me it is nice to be able to take your dog and throw the tennis ball with the chucker. It is very easy to get your dog a very intense workout and without it, you would have to run your dog. I know most people would save themselves the chore of running while giving their dog twice the workout.

Even if your poodle is full grown you can still work with them on retrieving. The receptiveness of your dog will vary but just don’t give up and remember that standard poodles have hunted in their blood.

Feeding Your Standard Poodle

Well, I’m not an expert but I try and buy the most quality food I can find for my standard. I have been feeding Milo Solid Gold for most of his life and he loves it. It keeps him extremely healthy and might have something to do with his dark coat. I like to feed him some actual meat occasionally along with some cooked vegetables to keep him tip top.

You have to keep in mind that the money you spend on your dog’s food will pay off in the long run besides just giving your standard poodle a better quality of life. Do your research and make sure you are paying for something truly quality and nutritious for your dog.

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