How to Cut Hair – Can You Cut Your Own Hair

Are you thinking of cutting your hair at home? Perhaps you don’t have the time to visit the salon and spend hours getting it done properly, or maybe you just don’t have the money for it. But don’t panic! There is a solution. You can cut your hair at home. It might not be recommended by professional stylists and hairdressers but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. So here are some step-by-step guides to cutting your hair at home and doing it properly. Follow these steps and you will avoid a hair catastrophe and have the haircut your desire.

Why You Need A Hair Cut

It is recommended to get a trim every now and again so that your hair strands can grow out in a healthy way and trimming stops them from splitting up the hair shaft. Getting a trim every six weeks can take up time and money that you may or may not have. Therefore, giving yourself a trim at home can be an easy solution to this problem. A trim usually entails removing the hair just above any split ends. It’s usually about half an inch to an inch.

First thing’s first, your hair should be clean and dry with its natural texture and no products in it. Then you will need some quality hairdressing scissors or a decent cordless hair clipper to trim the hair.

Cut Your Hair Shorter

You don’t need to wash your hair before doing this as it is a dry cut. However, you should make sure your hair is smooth, and there is no frizz, which can create an uneven cut. Now, tip your head upside down, and brush the hair forward. Gather the hair into a tight, secure, and smooth ponytail. The ponytail should sit in the center of your forehead, on your hairline.

Use a comb and measure from the hairline where you would want your first layer to be. This might be the bottom of your chin, or just below your cheekbones. Next, hold your ponytail firmly and use your hairdressing scissors to cut the hair in a straight line at the place you measure with your comb.

This gets rid of the excess length. Now you need to tip your head forward slightly and put the comb behind the hair. Point your scissors into the end of the ponytail and then clip it into blunt ends. This gives the hair more of a soft appearance. Stop when there are no more hard edges. Finally, you can pull the hairband out and shake your hair, so it falls back into place. Now style as desired!

Cut Your Hair into a Bob or Long Bob

To start with you should pull your hair into a neat and clean ponytail. It should sit at the back of your head, and as tight as you can possibly get to the bottom of your hairline, directly in the center.

Use the hairdressing scissors to cut straight underneath the hair tie. This will mean the hair will sit just on top of your shoulders. Before you cut, you can look in the mirror and measure where you want the hair to set and cut accordingly. The hair should now fall into a choppy, graduated long bob. It will be a little blunt but if you want it softer if you can tip your head upside down and gently cut into the ends while holding the scissors at a 90-degree angle. Now you can style your bob which can look great poker straight or wavy.

Trim Your Fringe

To trim your fringe, you should start by sectioning your hair, and pin back the parts of your hair that you don’t want to cut, away from your face. Using your hairdressing scissor you should now gently chip at the existing fringe while holding the scissors at a 90-degree angle. It is important to use hairdressing scissors as household scissors will end up making your fringe look a mess. Now your fringe should be thinned out, lightweight and natural. You should avoid cutting straight across your face as this will make a very blunt fringe which is not such a good look and can be very difficult to correct later on.

Try It For Yourself!

Cutting your own hair can seem daunting at first, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it’s easy to give your hair quick spruce up if you don’t have the time or money to visit a salon. For shorter hair or men’s hair, it’s recommended to use a cordless hair clipper for an all-around, even look.

For those with longer hair, you should invest in good-quality hairdressing scissors. This is because using household scissors will leave your hair uneven and blunt and might even damage your hair. Hairdressing scissors are designed to cut hair and will leave you with an even, smooth, and natural-looking hairstyle.

Become a Master Of Cutting Your Hair At Home

Once you master the trick of giving yourself a quick trim at home, you can perform this task every six weeks, so you never have a bad hair day. Cutting off the split ends will make your hair look healthy and help it grow longer. It will also stop it from frizzing and looking dull and dry.

So, if you need a quick spruce up, or want to change your hair into a bob or long bob, take a look through these step-by-step guides so you can have the hairstyle of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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