How to Clean Clippers – Clipper Blade Cleaning Solution

It’s important to clean the clippers that you own, whether they are for your own grooming or that of a pet. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your hair clippers or dog clippers will ensure that they last longer and make them remain hygienic for every use. Using dirty or rusty clippers can lead to a bad job and even infection if you accidentally nick the skin. Having clean clippers can also help you achieve the look you are after by providing precision and keeping them from rusting and becoming blunt. Here is a quick and efficient guide to cleaning your clippers.

Guide to Cleaning Clippers

Remove the blades

The first thing you need to do is take out the two screws that hold the head plate down which are located on the top of the clippers. Do this by using a screwdriver. After this use your fingers to remove the head as well as the blades from the clipper unit and then separate them.

Removing the hair

The second thing to do is to use a thick brush to quickly brush the visible hair off of the head plate as well as inside the top of the clippers. There may be a small square hole where quite a lot of the hair has bunched up together. Use the brush, and your fingers if necessary, to clean out all of this hair. Any hair that is visible should be removed at this point and then you should put the blade and the head of the unit into warm water for a couple of minutes. This helps to loosen the smaller hairs which are more difficult to clean out.

Clean the blades

If you have some blade cleaning solution, put a little of this on a toothbrush and scrub the head and blades until they are totally clean. This will remove stubborn and tiny, hard-to-see hairs. If you do not own a blade cleaning solution you can use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water and it will work just as well and is much less expensive than the original cleaning solution. Once you have removed the hair and cleaned the blade and head you should then dry the blade and head with a towel and let them air dry for a couple of minutes. You must make sure the blades are completely dry before performing the next step.

Oil the blade

Once the head and blade are completely dry you can then reassemble them with the clippers. It is essential to make sure the blades and head are completely dry, After you have done this you should point the clippers towards the ground so that the head is facing away from you. You can then turn the clippers on and put a couple of drops of hair clipper oil along the top of the blades. This will make sure the blade continues to be moveable and keep them clean while avoiding clumping the hair. This makes it much easier to clean and makes them work much better.

Obviously be very careful when applying this oil as the clippers are on, which makes the oil work better but could cause an accident. Remember to not add too much oil. There is no substitute for this clipper oil as it is a light-grade machine oil. It is not expensive, so you should definitely invest in it and it helps to keep your clippers working to the best of their ability. Try to avoid dropping the clipper oil dripping into the back of the clipper unit as it is only designed for the blades.

Clean Clippers

Now you have clean clippers which are safe to use and will provide you with optimal precision while performing the job you need. Maintaining your clippers are important for hygiene and safety. You should perform these steps after every use of your clippers in order to maintain them and prevent them from rusting and causing more problems or infections.


There are many different ways to clean your clippers, but this is simple to follow and does not require any additional pieces of cleaning equipment or liquids. This guide will help you to keep your corded or cordless clippers well maintained and clean so you can perform the job you need to do in a hygienic and precise way, avoiding rust and other debris ruining the job you need to achieve.

If you accidentally nick yourself, a rusty and dirty clipper, or those clumped with old hair, will make the cut even worse and you could end up with an infection which would require more care.

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