How Can I Learn To Cut Hair At Home For My Child

Often people struggle to get their child’s haircut at the salon.  Not only can it become very costly, but to make the appointment, go out with sometimes more than one, all for a child haircut just to hear them scream or be uncomfortable in the presence of a stranger cutting their hair doesn’t seem all worth it.  What if there was a way, even a combination of ways to show you that you can successfully do your child’s hair cut at home without all of the hassles. 

Learn To Cut Hair At Home

Maybe your think that it can be a hassle to do an at-home child haircut, or to have to buy the proper tools to do it, but I can assure you that you would save a ton of money doing it at home.  Here are some great tried and true tips for you to learn to cut hair at home for your child.

Creating The Right Atmosphere

A baby or child will often become frustrated because they are sitting in a chair too long for the haircut process, which causes them to fidget or fuss. There are some great ways to divert their attention to something else.

A high chair or booster seat. This will help them be safely seated on a surface, which you are easily able to clean during the child’s haircut. If you have another parent or adult, you may also set them on their lap, this sometimes helps it seem less scary to the child. Just remember to drape the adult as well so they don’t get clippings on them.

Another person. Whether it is a sibling, parent, or friend the other person must understand they need to capture the attention of the child who is getting their hair cut and keep them somewhat still.

The television. You can put in the child’s favorite cartoon, movie, or music video to capture their attention and keep them facing in one direction during the child’s haircut.

A book or a toy. Something that can hold their attention for a while should also be close by as backup, but make sure it can easily be cleaned off.

A fun styling cape. It helps to have some great pictures on the cape for the child to look at and discuss with you during the child’s haircut.

You may also use a lollypop or ice pop, but I do not recommend this as hair may get in the child’s mouth.

To Start

There are a lot of great informative books and guides for an at-home child haircut. This will just go through a very small amount of information to show you how easy it can be.

To start off for both boys and girls you want to first do the bangs. This way if the child refuses to sit, or throws a fit, the most important part of the child’s haircut is finished.

Remember for every child haircut that wet hair will shrink up so if you don’t want the bangs to shortcut them at a bit of a longer length. You can always go shorter, but you can never go long without a bit of time and patience.

The At Home Child Hair Cut

Child Hair Cut – Bangs

Part bangs from the rest of the hair. Spritz with a water bottle.

Comb hair so it lays flat in between your index and middle finger on your free hand. Make sure that it is smooth and straight pulled slightly. Keep your fingers aligned parallel to make sure they will be straight. Try to comb them slightly forward; this will help it to have a more natural shape.

You want to cut across underneath your index and middle finger. Once you have cut the hair comb it down straight on the forehead and trim any excess or uneven long hairs.

Little Boys Basic Child Hair Cut

Use cordless hair clippers to evenly trim the back and sides. A #2 or #3 guard is great for summer, but on very small children you may want to use a 4 as their hair is still pretty fine.

If you do not want the buzzed look on the sides and back and you like a longer look, then use scissors to cut the outline of the hair all around, then go back and trim the hair with scissors to trim.

Use the clippers to trim up to about 1 to 2 inches above the top of the ears all around the head. From that point, trim hair using scissors.

Always cut hair by pulling it through your index and middle fingers across and making the cut using the already cut hair as a guideline. This will help keep from leaving the hair uneven during the child haircut.

Use scissors or a trimmer clipper to cut the hairs around the ears and to make a straight line on the back of the neck. You want to use the trimmer clipper for the sideburns.

Little Girls Basic Child Hair Cut 

Spritz hair or make sure it is damp and combed through.

Part the hair horizontally down the head. Use a clip to keep the other hair up. Make sure the child is looking at a downward angle.

Comb hair straight down. Grab hair with index and middle finger and use them as a guide or ruler and cut right underneath. Make the first cut in the center of the bottom back hair. Then make your way left and right.

Comb down the next layer of parted hair and do the same using the previously cut hair as your guide along with your fingers.

To make sure that it is even, take a cluster of hair from the same spot on both the right and left sides of the head. Bring them to a point in the center of the neck. If they are even they will match. If they are not cut a small amount off the long side until it matches.

Choosing The Right Tools

When giving your child a haircut it is important to know what you will need and to have it on hand. You also need to know what to get for the child’s haircut.

A good book on how to do a child haircut at home. The techniques will also extend into men’s haircuts and further into women’s haircuts for your older children or teenagers.

Haircutting scissors. You do not want to use any other source of scissors as they will not cut the hair right, but will only bend the hair and cut poorly. You want a good sharp pair of scissors that you will feel comfortable with. A starter pair of scissors would be perfect!

You want to get a well-made pair of clippers because if they are not well made, they can pull the child’s hair and that may hurt. It also is important to keep them well-oiled and clean in between the child’s haircuts.

It would be very helpful in assisting in the child haircut to have a fun styling cape for them to look at. It is not a toy they can play with every day, yet something fun that only will come out at haircut time.

Hair clips are great for parting the hair into sections to make sure they stay where you put them. They are also great for cutting bangs and keeping the other hair from straying in the way and for pinching a too large cape tighter for a child haircut.

A basic comb will do. You do not want to use a large comb or a tail comb as it will not be comfortable or grab the hair properly.

Final Note

There are so many more great and useful tools for doing a child haircut at home. This was just a glimpse into how easy it can be and how it can save you money. Most children need their hair cut at least once every 2 months and how much easier can it be to do it at home than have to bring them out so frequently. So give it a try and give your kids an at-home child haircut!

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