All About Hair Grooming and Styling Using Clippers and Trimmers

Hair grooming in styling is important for your looks and the way you feel. When your hair looks its best, then you feel better about yourself. Grooming and styling your own hair allows you to get the look you want, without paying a big price.

In order to perform grooming and styling that looks really good, you are going to need to buy the equipment to do the job. Hair clippers are a necessity for most hairstyles for men and women.

Not all hair clippers are meant to do the same kind of grooming or cutting.

Different Hair Clippers

The number one consideration when you are shopping for hair clippers is the motor that powers the clipper. It stands to reason that clippers that have a larger motor are going to be more powerful. It takes power for those clippers to give you the clean cuts you are wanting.

There are three basic motors used in these appliances. They are:

  • Pivot motors have a lot of power but the blades in the clippers are slower. These are ideal if you cut really thick hair or you are going to be cutting wet hair.
  • Magnetic motors will operate on Ac or DC and they can be very powerful. They also wear out faster and they are noisier while in use.
  • Rotary motors have an equal amount of power to blade speed ratio. These are considered to be the most versatile of clippers.

Cordless hair trimmer

The cordless hair trimmers are the new kids on the block. You can get cordless trimmers and clippers that have plenty of power. You will find that cutting hair without a cord restricting your movements is wonderful.

You will also find that not all cordless cutters can operate long enough to make an entire hairstyle. These items often have to charge for long periods of time, and they may need to be replaced quicker than the original corded clippers.

Professional hair clippers

The main difference between the professional hair clippers and the home-use clippers is the motor size. Professional hair clippers have larger motors because they are used more frequently, and they have to be able to cut through hair quickly.

Professional hair clippers are usually made with metal housings instead of plastic housings. The metal housings are heavier, but they withstand the occasional fall to the floor, and they help the clippers to last longer.

Professional clippers usually have a larger variety of clipper guards. These guards help you to cut hair to a specific length, and some of the guards are designed to trim around ears or to thin the hair instead of cutting it.

Pubic hair trimmers

Pubic hair trimmers, or personal hair trimmers, are designed to help you keep your bikini line trimmed properly without having to use a razor. You can keep your down-there hair trimmed and sculpted without having to go to a salon.

These trimmers come in cordless and corded versions. They are narrow and lightweight. They are designed to remove a small amount of hair at a time, and they do not come with as many guides as other trimmers come with.

Beard trimmers

These clippers are smaller in size and specifically designed to help you cut your facial hair. They help you keep your beard trimmed to a manageable length. They also help you to thin your mustache, and create looks like goatees, and sculpted beard lines.

Cordless versions of these trimmers are very handy, and you can keep the charging unit on your counter, with the clipper and accessories in the charging unit. This makes them convenient to use and to keep charged.


If you are going to buy clippers to cut your hair at home you need to make sure that you get all of the accessories with your purchase. These devices should have guides and combs that attach to them so they allow you to cut your hair to a specific length and no shorter.

They should also have guards and protective pieces that help you to not cut yourself while you are cutting your hair.

Make sure to put mirrors up that you can use to see the hair on the back of your head so you get the back looking as good as the front.

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