7 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes and How to Avoid

Taking care of your hair should be one of your top beauty regimens. It is one of the first things that people will take notice of when they meet you or see you. All of us have seen that person with what seems to have the most perfect hair we have ever seen. In most cases, though that hair doesn’t come easy. There are things you need to do to keep that hair looking so great. 

Most of us are just making simple mistakes every day that are keeping us from achieving that hair. So, I have compiled a list of 7 of the biggest hair mistakes and how you can avoid them. Most of us don’t even know we are making them. Yet once we realize we do and fix them, then you will be on your way to beautiful hair. 

Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

There are surely more than 7 mistakes that people make but I want to go over the most common. 

  • Not brushing hair and only brushing the ends before washing.
  • Washing too much.
  • Not conditioning properly.
  • Towel drying friction.
  • Not using heat protection.
  • Using hairspray before you style.
  • Teasing damage.

Those are 7 things that can make havoc on your hair. So now let’s go over what we can do about them.

Pre-Wash Brushing

If you want all the benefits from your shampoo and conditioner, you want both to be able to permeate as much of your hair as it can. The best way to do that is to make sure you brush your hair thoroughly from root to end before washing and conditioning.

Too Much Is Too Much

Obviously, we all need to wash our hair, due to oil and product buildup from time to time. However, washing our hair too much is not good either. Over-washing your hair can also strip your hair of things it really needs. Which can cause many problems with your hair. There are dry shampoo products that can be used in between washings as well. 

Proper Conditioning Makes a Difference

Everyone has heard different ways of conditioning your hair. Some just the ends and some just the roots. However, all of your hair needs attention. You need the right product and not overdoing it is the key. You can use cream-based conditioners or if you have thinning hair you can also try some of the great oils for hair regrowth on the market today as well. You will always treat from the root to the ends. 

Towel Drying Friction

There are some hair styling tools that require towel-dried hair. While most of us don’t think of towel drying as being harmful it can be. Instead of rubbing your hair with the towel. Use a patting or pressure pressing technique instead. It is gentler on the hair and reduces the chance for breakage and entanglement.

Omitting the Heat Protection

If you use styling tools that utilize heat, you need to use some type of protection. Heat will achieve the style you are looking for, but high heat can damage your hair as well. It can dry your hair out, cause frizz, and over time breakage. Most heat protectants can be added to the hair after the towel drying before the hair is completely dry.

Hair Spraying Before You Style

There are some that may have that tough-to-set hair. So, they have decided applying hair spray before using a curling iron or straightener will help. The reason they keep doing it is that it does, but there is a downside to doing so as well. Most sprays have alcohol in them, so when you apply high heat you are burning the alcohol. So, it is best to apply the alcohol after styling to avoid burn damage.

Please Don’t Tease

Many of us have limp or thin hair, so to give that hair some life we have decided to tease. Well while teasing works well, it is not helping our hair, especially when using the back-combing method. It can damage the hair cuticles and cause hair breakage as well. If you really want that life there are great lift products on the market to aid instead.

Final Thoughts

If you have been doing one or more than one of these hair mistakes, hopefully, this gave you ideas on how not to keep doing them. Once you change things around you should notice a difference in your hair over time. This is what you will want to do, if you truly want that great-looking hair. 

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