What’s the Difference Between Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

If you choose to groom your own facial hair or a pet’s hair, you need some decent clippers. You should use specific grooming clippers for whichever job you need them for. If you are grooming dogs you are recommended to use the best dog clippers rather than human clippers. Dog clippers and human clippers have a specific set of tools for the job at hand.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

At first glance, they might look very similar but they both have their own specific features.

Intended Use

Humans have only one type of hair on their head which is called terminal hair whereas pets grow different types on their bodies. There is the bristle which is the layer of guard hairs which is at the top of the dog’s coat. This protects the undercoat which is known as the wool. There are other types of hair called whiskers and other coarse long hairs on the face called vibrissa. This means that the Clippers used for trimming your dog’s hair need to have the specific tools in order to manage and handle the different types of hair on a dog, whereas your human clippers will have one setting for the only type of hair that humans grow.


The different types of hair are dealt with by using different speeds, motors and interchangeable blades. Speeds up to 5,000 strokes per minutes leave the dogs coat with a smooth sheen after finishing the cut, while much slower strokes per minute mean you can work on the tender areas of the face and feet in a safer way by not making as much vibration and much less heat. Human clippers have a much slower speed as it is not as difficult to cut through human hair as it is with dog hair.

Clipper Motors

Grooming your pet can be a very long task and can take a lot of time and precision. Pet clippers are designed for a much longer period of time and so are designed to not overheat and to prevent the motor from getting hot in your hand. This is done by the baffles that are attached to the motors which help to stop and slow down vibration and sound. This makes it much less noisy for skittish dogs and stops your hand from getting tired too quickly. Human clippers are designed for quick use, as it takes a very short time to cut a human’s hair. The clippers are then turned off and set aside to cool down before the next person needs to use them. This is because the motor is not designed for long use and could get hot in the barber’s hands.


Pet clippers come in a No.10 which means it leaves the dog’s hair 1/16 inch from the dog’s body. You will find that clipper blades for human hair have much finer teeth than dog clippers. The usual size of human clippers is No.000. This leaves 0.008 inches of hair from the scalp. This narrow-toothed clipper is more likely to get caught up in a dog’s hair. Both of these types of clippers come in different variations, like fine-tooth or skip tooth blades. Skip tooth blades are good for pets as they have wider teeth and are better at cutting through matted fur without pulling it or causing pain to the dog. To get a very smooth texture on your pet’s coat, you can use a fine-tooth blade.


There are different accessories for the two different types of clippers. For instance, the grooming combs are used by fitting them over the blades of the clippers and help to deliver an even cut. Combs designed for the pet clippers help the groomer to cut the hair from 1/16 inch to 2 inches. This delivers a good even cut and reduces the likelihood of the hair becoming tangled and also makes it easier to detangle matted knots in the hair. The combs used for human clippers are designed to help cut the hair to about 1 inch or less. This mainly gives an easy and overall even sheen on a human head.


In conclusion, the clippers for both pets and humans have their advantages for different uses. It is highly advised to use dog clippers when grooming a dog, and human clippers when cutting human hair. This makes the job much easier to handle. As stated above, the different features are what make the clippers designed for their particular uses. The speed, motors, blades, and accessories are what define the clippers, and these are intended for certain hair, whether it’s human — also known as terminal hair — or the several different dog hairs, bristle, wool, whiskers, or vibrissa. Make sure to use the right type of clippers for the job you are doing.

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