Cordless Head-to-Toe Trimmer with 8 Attachments and Grooming Kit by Remington

The cordless lithium-powered trimmer by Remington is rechargeable and works effectively. When fully charged, the 1.2V 600mAh battery gives 70 minutes of runtime and its reliable. There are attachments for grooming different parts of the body. More the package comes with complete accessories and washable plastic combs. The all-in-one trimmer comes with 8 attachments – full-size trimmer, detail trimmer, vertical body hair trimmer, foil shaver, hair clipper comb, beard, and stubble combs.

The precision blades is a type of self-sharpening surgical steel that should be lubricated. Despite its non-slip feature, this professional trimmer enables a textured grip. This feature keeps your palm firmly wrapped around the clipper, and allows a maneuver at any angle for even trimming. Only use recommended replaceable parts, detach and after use, store the cordless clipper in its pouch.

Features of the Cordless Head-to-Toe Trimmer

Head-to-Toe Grooming

The eight shaving attachments and other accessories help to achieve full body grooming. A foil shaver, four washable trimming attachments, beard, clipper, and subtle combs are tools for personalized styles. For facial hair trimming, the full-size trimmer is compatible with the clipper’s adjustable length combs to trim facial hair. More so, the trimmer is suitable for hard-to-reach body parts ( nose and ear) and a good shaver for your head as well.

Sturdy design

It’s a distich cordless clipper with an ergonomic appeal, a charging indicator, and switch. The sturdy material is compact with a long lasting feature. All eight attachments are washable after use, and reusable.

Highly designed battery

The 1.2V 600mAh lithium battery needs only 70 minutes to charge and it runs continuously for a longer period too. However, the Li-battery is not detachable except you tamper with the soldering connection. More so, use original rechargeable AA battery as a replacement when needed.


These clippers are efficient for outdoor use; this product serves multifunctional use. Each accessory is for full body, nose, ear, and beards trimming. The plastic cover material doesn’t prevent the attachment tips from shaving thoroughly and removing hair from sensitive areas. Apart from its versatility, the attachment tips don’t emit heat or trigger uneasy vibrations during shaving. This is one of the best stubble trimmers as well.

Steel blades

The surgical steel blades are highly improved, and their teeth don’t pull hair while shaving. After use, there’s no need to resharpen the blades because of their self-sharpening feature. More so, oiling the blades will prevent moisture accumulation that triggers rust. The steel blades and built-in motor are cool-running parts of the cordless clipper. During operation, both parts produce less vibration and low sound.

  • Adjustable hair clipper comb with 8 length settings
  • Surgical steel blades
  • Eye-catching design with compact materials
  • Complete accessories
  • It has poor battery life after using for a few months. Perhaps, a 3.2V Lithium battery will be better.
  • The stylish design doesn’t have a nonslip grip feature.

Final Verdict

Are you in search of the best cordless hair clipper that works effectively? It’s a chance to add this head-to-toe trimmer to your wardrobe. The ideal grooming kit for men is stylishly designed with a non-slip feature. Apart from the full-size trimmer, the product comes with a detail attachment, vertical trimmer, foil shaver, and a 3-length adjustable comb. The handy piece of equipment is sturdily designed to handle your grooming needs. Unlike regular body trimmers, this product has detachable self-sharpening steel blades that are sharp and quick.

Prevent moisture accumulation on the surgical steel blades; oil them to prevent rust. The blade has a snag-free feature that prevents pulling of tangled or straight hair off your body. The grooming kit and cordless hair trimmer are powered by a rechargeable 1.2V 600mAh lithium battery.

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