Cordless Clipper and Grooming Kit for Pets by PetTech

Is your pet clipper vibrating with loud noise and you need a sleek one with its grooming kit? The PetTech clippers & set of grooming tools is suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets with dense fur. The product is used by pet lovers, animal trainers, and veterinarians because it works effectively than regular animal clippers. This clipper can undertake body grooming for furry animals, and your pet deserves the best. Home and outdoor pet grooming just got easier with the rechargeable, cordless clipper.

It works with a built-in motor that runs smoothly. After continuous use, the low noise from its whisper-quiet operation calms your pet to enjoy the grooming session. This experience is necessary for pet lovers with noise-sensitive animals. Its precision titanium blades are sharp, and should be oiled regularly. More so, the powerful blades prevent snagging and pulling of pet hair. This feature allows the clipper to achieve shorter styling period for your pet.

Are you shopping for the pet clipper that gives a skin-friendly grooming experience? It will make a huge value for money when you purchase this premium dog grooming clipper and kit.  The pet grooming kit contains four guide combs, two pairs of scissors, a rasp, a nail clipper, and a styling comb. Use the product for trimming thin, and medium coat types.

Features of the PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Snag-free cuts

Pulling the hair strands while trimming can be uncomfortable for pets. Apart from its cordless design, the pet clipper has an amazing feature for safe cuts or trims. The pet clipper has precision titanium blades that don’t pull hair coat while trimming pets. The tug-free blades should be oiled regularly to prevent rust.

Silent operation

The clipper has a built-in precision motor that operates silently as a whisper. It emits low-vibrating sounds and emits zero heat while working. There’s no cause for worry from noise-sensitive pets when the motor is active. This feature ensures a stress-free grooming session for the clipper’s handler. The low-noise motor doesn’t increase its sound after a longer period; it runs smoothly.

Sleek design

The cordless clipper has an ergonomic design that makes it distinct. It’s easy to handle and trim furry pets with thick hair in hardest-to-reach parts like ears. The grooming accessories like combs and scissors are convenient to handle and use. At the base of the clipper is a port for the electric cord that recharges the battery. The cordless design allows more ease of use for outdoor full-body grooming of your lovely pets. The sleek design gives comfort to the clipper handler during operations.

Complete accessories

Apart from the pet cordless clipper, this product comes with precision-cut titanium blades, scissors, rasp, four plastic guide combs, a nail clipper, and a styling comb. The grooming kit contains original clipping accessories and parts from the manufacturer.

  • For thin and medium fur coats
  • Whisper-silent noise production
  • Sleek design that distinguishes the pet clipper
  • Strong titanium blades that prevent snagging
  • Complete accessories, rechargeable and cordless
  • An all-metallic body style would have made the pet clipper more durable.

Final Verdict

Do you need a whisper-quiet animal clipper without the power cord? The PetTech professional dog clipper has great precision, steel blades, and a powerful low-noise motor. It’s cordless, rechargeable, and comes as a package with four guide combs, styling comb, scissors, and other grooming accessories. The precision-cut titanium blades are sharp and quick; shearing through medium and thin coats. It’s the ideal clipping tool for furry pets, and grooming their paws, face, and ears is easy with this clipper. Every tool the pet needs to look attractive is in the package.

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