Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers

Human hair clippers and dog hair clippers look very similar and have very similar uses and so who wouldn’t think you could use them interchangeably? Is using human hair clippers on a dog safe?

Well, in this article we’re going to look at the pros and cons of using human hair clippers or specific dog hair clippers on your pet. 

Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers

There are, however, some differences between the two types of clippers that you should be aware of.

Motor Power

Clippers for human hair are made with a powerful and durable motor which will instantly trim human hair whereas a dog hair clipper has a much lighter motor which is best for your pet’s hair. The lightweight of the motor means it makes much less noise than human hair clippers, which is much better when working on dogs as it is less likely to scare them. The powerful motor can also be harsh on the dog’s skin which can lead to cuts.

Therefore, human clippers might not be suitable for dogs. Human hair clippers also work a lot hotter while dog clippers, due to their lightweight, do not get as warm in your hand. This means that using the human clippers could prove difficult, whereas using dog clippers might be easier and more comfortable to use over a long period of time.

Length of the Cuts

People use human clippers to mostly cut beards or body hair that they don’t want and the clippers give them a good finish. The brushes on human clippers are quite close to the blades which means that when human clippers are used on dogs it can cause some serious cuts. Dog clippers, however, are specifically designed for the long-length cuts that dogs might need.

That is why dog clippers are much more suitable to use on pets. The blades on the dog clippers are designed to prevent the pulling of the hair, whereas this is not applicable to human clippers, as most of the human hair that is being clipped is already short. But the dog’s hair needs to be treated with care, especially when the hair is matted or long.


Due to the teeth of the blades on human clippers being arranged closer together than those of dog clippers, human clippers could result in the jamming of the clippers. This can cause your pet some discomfort as their hair gets tangled into the clippers. This is especially true for those dogs with thick and long coats.

This can happen because human clippers don’t have the speed it requires to pass through a coat of thick hair. That is why human clippers are supposed to be used on thinner and lighter hair and not heavy hair like dogs’ coats.

Kits with the Clippers

Specialty items come with certain clipper kits that you purchase. If you buy a human clipper kit you will get items that will help with your human skin and hair to perform the best cut or shave for you. When you purchase a dog clipper kit, you will get items that are perfect for the use of clippers on your pet to make things easier.

While you might decide to use human clippers on your dog, you might need to buy specific brushes meant to be used for dog grooming. Combs that come in the pet clipper kits are usually cut from 1/16 inch to 2 inches whereas those found in human hair clipper kits are about 1 inch or less. Therefore, those combs that come with the pet kits are much more adept at cutting your dog’s hair than those that come with human hair kits.


In conclusion, you could use human hair clippers to groom your dog but there are risks that come along with it. In order to protect your dog from the clippers getting tangled, or causing cuts and bruises to your dog’s skin, it is advised to use clippers specifically designed for grooming a dog.

The blades and teeth of the clippers on each type are different — human hair clippers are more narrow and adept at cutting thinner and finer hair whereas dog clippers can come in fine-tooth or skip-toothed varieties, both of which have more of a space between the teeth. The motors of both are also different and if you have a skittish dog it’s best to use a clipper that is as noiseless as possible for the most comfortable cut possible for your precious pup.

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