Which is the Best Way to Shave Down There?

There are some great tools on the market today to get rid of unwanted hair. The thing is though some work better for some areas than others. Some also work better on certain types of hair than others as well. While some will work well in some areas, other areas may be too sensitive and a method may be too painful or cause too much irritation.

Best Way to Shave Down There

One of those areas is your bikini area. It is a very sensitive area, but many like to keep things neat and clean or at the very least trimmed. Well, what is the best shaving tool to get that done? For the closest cleanest results you will want to go with a razor. You will only want to use the best razor for the bikini area. This is one area you don’t want to slack on quality. 

Electric Trimmer/Shaver

There are some that like electric shavers either by themselves or in conjunction with a razor. Just make sure it is a wet and dry one, because we all typically do like the advantage of shaving in the shower. They will give you a good shave, but still not quite as good as a razor. They are great though as trimming pubic area makes it easier for the razor to get through. 

Epilator No No

Yes, they still exist! I am also sure someone has had enough guts to try it down there. It is far from the best choice and is probably too painful for most to use as a method down there. Sure, hair won’t come back for a while longer, but I honestly think it would be worse than going through a waxing. Hair is thicker in that area and the area is way sensitive. Epilators are best for thinner and less sensitive areas. 

Razor It Is

Razors have come a long way since the straight blades of many years ago. There are some good disposables but there are also so very bad ones. Try to avoid the single blades ones if you can, twin blades are plenty sufficient but you can go higher if you like. 

Overview of Shaving Down Under

While most of us already have been doing this for a while, maybe you are looking for a better way to take care of business down there. Here are the steps I think lead to the best shave down there. 

  • If hair is extremely long, trim it down with an electric shaver or trimmer if you have one. Otherwise if it is long enough use a pair of hair cutting scissors if need be. 
  • Next clean and exfoliate area you want to shave. Makes the shaving process smoother. 
  • Next apply a shaving cream or lotion to the area you would like to shave. 
  • First shave going with the direction of the hair, reapply shaving cream or lotion if needed then go against the direction of the hair if you want the closest shave. 
  • Rinse and make sure you got all the areas you wanted to. If you didn’t repeat the process only on the spots you missed. 
  • Do the final rinse and finish your shower or bath, which ever one it is.
  • Make sure when you dry off that you completely dry area so it doesn’t hold moisture. Moisture buildup is not good for a freshly shaved area. 
  • Then apply a sensitive formulated after shave lotion or moisturizer to the area. Using a sensitive formula will reduce the chance of irritation. 

That is pretty simple, right? Of course, it is, Key things are shaving cream, great razor and great after-shave lotion.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you take heed of the simple things I have mentioned, will make the shaving process quicker and more comfortable for you. You won’t be questioning yourself as to why you torture yourself anymore with a case of razor burn or irritation.

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