What is the Best Dog Clippers on the Market in 2022

As an owner of 3 dogs and a certified true dog lover, I’m very particular about my pooch’s grooming because I want them to look the best they can be.

I’m especially particular with dog clippers because I want my dogs’ hair to be trim and neat. However, I also don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.

If you’re a true dog lover like myself, you’d definitely appreciate buying the best dog clipper for the money.

Top 7 Best Dog Clipper Reviews

1. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

This is a brand that I notice a lot of grooming centers use, which is why I bought it in the first place. It’s a rather heavy-duty dog clipper that can easily cut very thick fur. Its motor is very powerful and is great for dogs with thick coats like cocker spaniels, poodles, or Shih Tzus. The motor is also very quiet which allows you to cut your dog’s hair without scaring him with any buzzing noise.

With regard to its blade efficiency, it’s got a special Andis UltraEdge blade that is very durable and can last a pretty long time. It also has a special chrome coating on it which protects the blade from rust or corrosion. With that, you won’t have to worry about the blade wearing out any time soon.

Aside from that, it’s also very versatile because the blades are easily detachable. If you want to change your blade to another type, you can detach it easily and replace it with another one. This Andis clipper is compatible with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, and ShowEdge blades. As such, it can fit a huge number of blades with ease. Of course, they’re all sold separately.

2. PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

What I like the most about this particular dog clipper are its blading system and combs. The blades are built for total precision, allowing you to style your dog’s fur perfectly. The blades are also made of titanium material, making them very durable.

Also, this PetTech clipper comes with a contoured comb that’s very comfortable to the skin of the dog. You’ll also notice that this comb doesn’t get stuck or entangled in your dog’s fur. This brand, for me, is the most comfortable for dogs as per my experience.

It’s also cordless as it can run on rechargeable batteries. One of the best things about this dog clipper is that it has long-lasting batteries. It can last hours before the next charge, so you can use it on multiple dogs at one time. Of course, you also have the choice to plug it into a socket in the event your batteries are dead. With that feature, you can pretty much bring it anywhere with you.

Finally, its motor is as quiet as a whisper. This allows you to groom your dog without him getting spooked or frightened by any noise. It’s an anxiety-free dog clipper.

3. Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers

This is another brand that a lot of grooming centers use. However, it differs from Andis in the sense that it is stronger and more heavy-duty. In fact, it can be used for both dogs and cats because it is powerful, steady, and efficient. First of all, it has a titanium acute angle blade that’s mixed with a ceramic blade. The combination of the two types of blades makes the cutting very precise.

The combs that this clipper uses also have a limiting feature of 3-6-9-12mm. This ensures that you won’t accidentally cut too deep. This feature is ideal for beginners who have yet to try cutting their dog’s fur before.

Another great thing that I love about this dog clipper is that it is both cordless and doesn’t need to run on batteries. It has a built-in battery and comes with its own charger. The total time needed to charge for this equipment is five hours. After that, you can use it for around half an hour before having to charge it again. That’s already enough to cut two medium-sized dogs with thick coatings.

4. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Trimmer

Wahl has always been a well-known brand for dog clippers, so this model definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s specialized for long and falling hair like the ones you may find on Shih Tzus, Spaniels, and Maltese dogs. It makes use of an electromagnetic motor which makes it steadily strong. In fact, it has a total speed of 7,200 strokes per minute, making it one of the fastest-moving clippers on the list.

One thing about this model is that it’s not heavy-duty, which may not necessarily be a bad thing. It is compact, making it great for trimming and clipping the hair on paws, ears, and on the face. It’s great for the more sensitive parts, hence making your dog comfortable while you trim.

To add icing on top of the cake, this model has a 2-year warranty and even a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes your purchase extremely safe. That’s how confident Wahl is about the quality of their products.

5. Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed – Best Dog Clippers for Small Dogs 

Unlike the previously mentioned Andis model, this one isn’t too heavy-duty and isn’t that fast. However, it’s ideal for smaller dogs because smaller dogs are rather sensitive to strong vibrations. My tiny toy poodle doesn’t like the more heavy-duty dog clippers have with a high rate of strokes per minute. However, she doesn’t mind this one.

This model is able to do 3,000 strokes per minute which makes it not too strong but not too weak either. It also has a two-speed rotary motor which makes it still very efficient and good for all breeds. Its versatility is what really makes this model shine.

Other than that, it’s got a detachable blade wherein you can change the blade type whenever you need to. You can try out many other blades in the collection as the Andis clipper can take all Ultraedge or Ceramicedge blades. You can choose which one suits your dog the best.

Another great feature that you’ll notice about this blade clipper is that it has a very hard case. Due to this, you won’t shatter the clipper even if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

6. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper Dog Grooming Kit for Small/Large Dogs

This is another clipper that is best suited for pros. This is because it comes with an entire package with everything that anyone who wants to open a grooming center will need. But first, let’s talk about the clipper itself. The clipper is very precise and has a very strong motor that can cut off hair with 30% more strength than the other brands. In fact, it is really made for dogs with thick fur.

Another great aspect of this clipper is that it has self-sharpening blades that are also tangle-free. This way, you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blades because they can stay sharpened on their own. It also doesn’t easily get tangled in even the thickest or curliest hair.

Now let’s talk about the things that are included in the package itself. It comes with a clipper, a storage case, and four guide combs. In order to have a better clipping experience, it also comes with some oil, a pair of scissors, a cleaning brush, a comb, and a mirror. Lastly, to protect the clipper, it also comes with a blade guard.

7. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Another Wahl model that’s made it to the list is the Pro Series. It happens to be one of the best for beginners in my opinion. It may not be the strongest, but it is definitely one of the easiest to use. It is a great clipper for both small and medium-sized dog breeds. It can be used for short trimming and clipping fur that is long and silky.

What makes it great is that it has a very long battery life of 2 hours while requiring only 2 hours of charge time compared to many other clippers you’ll find in the market. It also doesn’t need batteries at all – it has a built-in battery that can be charged with its charger that comes with the package. It’s also known to be snag-free and smooth, allowing you to shag off the hair without any problems.

Most of all, it has a 5-year warranty that allows you to replace the machine in case of defects. Of course, there are limits to the warranty that you must know about; still, it is a pretty good deal.

How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Clippers

The above-mentioned dog clippers are my personal favorites and also the most preferred by a lot of dog lovers. These are also some of the brands that received some of the best ratings on the internet.

In the event that you’re having a hard time choosing, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for so that you can make the right choice. For that right choice, you’re going to need a set of criteria. If you want to buy the best dog clipper, these factors can help you:

Motor Strength

The first thing that you have to consider would be motor strength. A higher motor strength doesn’t necessarily mean a better clipper. I usually use my dog as the basis to how strong I want my clipper’s motor strength to be. For instance, if I’m clipping the hair of a really small dog, I prefer something that’s not too strong as it may be uncomfortable. Thus, it’s better if you get a motor with balanced strength and speed.

Motor strengths can be measured by RPM, or in this case, SPM (strokes per minute). A good SPM is around 4,000 strokes per hour. Smaller dogs may need lower SPM’s like 3,000. Bigger dogs can take something like 6,000 to 7,000 SPM.

Sound and Vibration

Another thing to take note of would be the sound and vibration of the clipper. The ones on the list all have no sound and low vibration. Whenever choosing a clipper, look for one that has low vibration and sound as to not scare your dog.

Blade Material

The blade material is important to think about because it determines how smooth you’ll be able to cut your dog’s fur. Some of the best blade materials include chrome tint or titanium. Titanium is especially good because it’s slicker and smoother for your dog.

Corded or Cordless

Next, you have to ask yourself whether you want one that’s cordless or corded. There are pros and cons to both of them, so the choice is really in your preference. If you choose a corded one, you don’t have to charge your clipper anymore. Of course, this means that your movement is limited. If you get a cordless one, you can move around but you need to charge from time to time.


Weight is very important because you want something that’s rather easy to use. The lighter and more compact the clipper, the easier it is for you to move around. However, the lighter ones are usually not as strong as the heavier ones. Of course, there are some exceptions to that.

You just have to buy the one that you can carry without ease. Try to weigh the clipper whenever you carry it and see if you are comfortable holding it.


The last thing to think of would be the price of the clipper. Cheap clippers are never good to buy because they may explode or break down after some time of use. Fortunately, the ones on the list are reasonably priced. They’re not too expensive and not too cheap either. They’re just the right price for the quality you’re getting.

Are Dog Clippers Different than Human Clippers?

While dog clippers and human clippers may look alike, they are actually very different with regard to functions. Here is a short comparison of some of their features:

Dog Clipper

  • Dog clipper motors are built to last longer and not heat up too much. Since dog hair takes longer to trim, dog clippers need to last longer.
  • Dog clipper blades are known to have much thicker blades because fur is harder to cut than a human hair. That’s why dog clippers need thicker blades.
  • Dog clippers are known to have more accessories than human clippers. For example, there are a lot more comb designs for dog clippers than human clippers since there are more varieties of dog’s fur than human hair.

Human Clipper

  • Human clippers don’t really need to be used too long, which is why human clippers heat up faster than dog clippers. Human clippers need to rest first before you can use them again.
  • Human clippers use thinner blades since they don’t really need to deal with thick fur like that of dogs. Since dog fur tends to get tangled in blades pretty easily, you need to have a thick blade that can penetrate fur. You don’t really need that with human hair since human hair is thinner.
  • Human clippers don’t need that many accessories since there are only a few varieties of hair types as compared to dog fur types.

Basically, these are some of the differences between human clippers and dog clippers. If you’re curious as to whether you can use dog clippers on your own hair, then you’d better stop yourself right now because you may just end up with a bald spot.

Also, if you’re thinking of saving money on buying a dog clipper by just substituting it with a hair clipper, then you better stop as well because you’ll just ruin your human clipper by using it on your dog’s fur.

What Kind of Clippers Do Dog Groomers Use?

Dog groomers usually use heavy-duty and versatile types of dog clippers on their clients. This is because they won’t exactly know which type of dog they’re going to be grooming. That’s why they have to be prepared to trim a small dog, a medium-sized dog, a big dog, a straight-haired dog, a curly-haired dog, or a short-haired dog. They also need to have a clipper that has quite a bit of accessory and supplemented equipment at its disposal.

Some of the clippers on my list that a lot of dog groomers use are the following:

  • Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper
  • PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit
  • Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers
  • Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Trimmer

Can I Cut Dogs Hair with Human Clippers?

As I mentioned above, it is definitely not advisable to cut a dog’s hair with human clippers. To further emphasize, the differences between the two clippers are just too great for it to work. The human clippers are not built to take on the thick and long type of hair that dogs have as human hair is much finer.

What exactly would happen would happen if you used human clippers on dogs anyway? These are the possible things that may occur:

  • Your blades might get a lot of hair stuck and clogged in them
  • Your clipper will eventually overheat from overuse
  • Your clipper would stop halfway while you’re trimming your dog and get the motor stuck
  • You most likely won’t be able to get any hair out from your dog if you use a human clipper
  • If your dog has thin hair which your clipper can take, you’ll still take hours to trim your dog’s hair because thin blades can’t cut dog hair well

With that said, it’s never advisable to use human clippers on dog hair and vice versa. If you really are serious about grooming your dog, then invest in a pair of good dog clippers. Otherwise, just bring your dog to an actual groomer or to the vet to get its hair trimmed.


Good dog clippers are extremely essential to the grooming of your dog. If you like to groom your dog yourself (like I do), then you need to make sure you get a pair of clippers that can trim or shave your dog’s hair well, make your dog feel comfortable, and not spook him out.

That’s why I recommend that you buy only the best dog clippers money can buy. I made my choice by comparing the various features of known brands and narrowing it down to what I think are the best. That’s how I made my list.

Hopefully, my buying guide and reviews can help you find the right clipper for your furry friend. Best of luck!

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