Best Cordless Hair Clippers in 2022 – Reviews and Comparisons

As a man who grows a beard, I always find my cordless hair clipper to be of great help. It allows me to cut those extra hairs quickly and with ease. Not to mention, it’s portable and cordless, allowing me to bring it wherever I go.

If you, like me, want to trim your beard, or even your hair, all by yourself, then you definitely should buy a cordless clipper. To help you, here’s my review of the top cordless hair clipper products in the market. 2 of the best cordless hair trimmers are also included in the list.

Best Cordless Hair Clipper Reviews

1. Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

This cordless magic clip from Wahl is certainly one of the best there is. It’s very affordable but is fully capable of providing an excellent hair clipping performance for the years to come. Aside from that, this product is designed for professional use. Additionally, it’s easy to use even for beginners but versatile and powerful enough for use by professional hairstylists.

One of the most notable features of the Wahl cordless hair clippers comes in its precision zero-overlap blades which provide excellent speed and ease of use. It also comes with a cordless cutting capability. The clipper runs on a lithium-ion battery which can last for up to 90 minutes when fully charged.

You don’t also have to worry about buying any separate accessories as it does have a few included in its package. For your own convenience, you can get 8 attachment combs, a recharging transformer, red blade guard, a cleaning brush, oil, and a manual. It only measures 6.25” long and weighs only 10 oz. making it extremely lightweight and portable.

All in all, the Wahl magic clip definitely has a lot of cool features you can find in a cordless clipper. It’s really comfortable to use, can cut perfectly and precisely, and can last for more than an hour of continuous use. Perhaps the only problem is that it’s a bit loud when operating and may not be really long-lasting.

2. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Wahl is known for creating quality and affordable hair clippers. This cordless Color Pro is no different. Despite its very affordable price, it’s quite well-rounded and includes everything you’re looking for in a cordless clipper.

Like the previous product, it features an excellent continuous runtime that lasts 60 minutes on a full charge. Aside from that, the battery recharges relatively quickly. It comes with a ton of accessories included such as 12 guide combs, a pair of scissors, two conventional combs, and maintenance items such as a bottle of oil and a brush. The kit can certainly cater to your daily haircut and trimming needs.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Wahl Color Pro clipper is its color-coded combs. They’re not just for aesthetics; in fact, each of them has its own respective size so you can quickly switch from one size to another without any problems. And just like any other cordless clipper, it’s compact, lightweight, and extremely portable so you can use it anytime and anywhere you want as long as it’s properly charged.

While it’s not as powerful as the previous Wahl clipper, it’s still exceptional on its own rights. It may sometimes feel a bit flimsy and can only last for 60 minutes, which is 30 minutes short from the first one. However, thanks to its budget-friendly price, it’s certainly a worthy investment.

3. Philips Norelco Cordless Hair Clippers

Made to reduce friction and prevent you from nicking yourself, this cordless clipper from Philips Norelco is the perfect choice if you’re new to haircutting. Also, it comes with a turbo mode button which provides you with a power boost through stubborn patches. Due to its ease of use and ergonomic design, you won’t have any problems using this clipper.

The Philips Norelco clipper comes with 23 built-in length settings which range from 1 to 23 mm. You can also use the adjustable comb which comes in the package for choosing and locking on your desired length. Due to its dual-cut technology, you can trim your beard and hair up to two times faster with its double-sharpened blades.

One of the best things about the Philips Norelco clipper is its turbo power button which can significantly boost your cutting speed. Since it has self-sharpening blades which are made of durable titanium, you won’t even need to use a blade oil. There’s also a storage case and a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. Lastly, it uses a lithium-ion battery which can last up to 120 minutes of continuous usage on a full charge.

Its impressive battery and continuous operation which lasts for 2 hours is definitely a great deal. Additionally, it has self-sharpening titanium blades, so you don’t have to worry about the blades getting dulled with use. Unfortunately, the frame is made of a low-quality plastic material which can cause it to break easily if it falls on a hard surface.

4. ER224S – Best Panasonic Trimmer

Panasonic is no doubt a trusted brand worldwide. That only goes to show how excellent and noteworthy this electric trimmer is. You can never go wrong with this cordless wet/dry trimmer in terms of performance and reliability. Basically, it’s the all-in-one solution for all your trimming and grooming needs.

The best part about the Panasonic clipper is that it’s designed to be waterproof. Thus, you can completely use it even when taking a shower. One of the features of this clipper is its 14 quick-adjust settings which allow for a quick and personalized clipping. Since it’s cordless, you can easily bring it anywhere you go. It comes equipped with a built-in AC battery which can last you for around 50 minutes of trimming.

The package includes a cleaning brush and a blade oil to ensure excellent performance at all times. It also has a rubberized grip to offer an ergonomic design along with a replacement blade and charging stands.

Overall, the Panasonic electric trimmer is a solid choice for precision trimming and clipping. The only caveat is that it’ll take you 8 hours to charge it fully. This means you’ll have to charge it overnight in order to use it for 10, 5-minute trims.

5. Remington Shortcut Pro

If you spend a lot of time in front of your mirror trying to achieve that groomed look, then the use of the Remington Shortcut Pro can surely help you. As one of the leading clippers designed for men, this compact and portable tool can comfortably fit in your entire palm but features an extra wide curved blade. Due to its design, it can easily align with the contours of your head to achieve the cleanest cut possible.

As a heavy-duty clipper, Remington Shortcut Pro comes with stainless steel blades that can effortlessly trim through thick hair while significantly reducing the risk of pulling. It has 9 different guard sizes so you can choose the right length for that right cut. You can use the clipper either corded or cordless. If you go cordless, it can run for up to 40 minutes of continuous operation on a full charge which can be achieved after charging it for 4 hours.

Additionally, this cordless waterproof hair clipper is really convenient, allowing you to use it on either wet or dry conditions. It also comes with its own storage case, 9 length combs, blade oil, and cleaning brush.

6. Remington Cordless Vacuum Kit

Another quality product from Remington, this vacuum hair clipper is what you need if you hate messing up your hair. It comes with a special suction fan that will help collect all of the hair you cut into one large bin, thus removing the hassle of having to clean up and cut hair on the floor.

As mentioned, the Remington cordless vacuum clipper has a vacuum chamber that collects your hair as you cut it. Aside from that, it also features superior precision-ground blades that can trim through your hair with ease. Meanwhile, its high-speed fan creates a strong vacuum that effortlessly sucks any cut hair.

The package includes 9 fixed combs, a blade oil, barber scissors, and a cleaning brush. It’s equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 60 minutes of continuous power in just four hours of charging. Also, its vacuum chamber is really easy to empty.

So far, the only downside with this clipper comes in its extra weight at 1.6 pounds. Regardless, it’s a highly-rated clipper that is well worth the investment.

7. Sminiker – Best Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Sminiker clipper is an excellent investment if you don’t want to head to a nearby barbershop or salon to trim your hair and prefer to do it yourself instead. Designed for cordless and professional use, this clipper can certainly give you everything you need when it comes to cutting and trimming your hair.

The Sminiker clipper comes embedded with titanium blades to ensure durability and sharpness. As titanium is known to resist corrosion, the blades will certainly last for a long time. One of its notable features is its low-noise onboard motor which promises a quieter operation at only 50dB. It’s also designed to be energy-efficient and run with less vibration.

The two built-in lithium batteries can provide you with 8 hours of runtime with just 2-3 hours of charging time. This is definitely a lot better compared to other brands which can take 6-8 hours to achieve a full charge. It comes with 5 different length switches, 6 different guide combs, a conventional comb, scissors, and a cleaning brush.

Due to its extreme versatility, you can use the clipper on curly, straight, thick, and even thin hair. It’s also applicable for use on both children and adults. Overall, it’s a really good deal with a very affordable price tag. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with its own blade oil, so you’ll have to make a separate purchase.

8. Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer

The SlimLine Pro Li trimmer is one of the best the Andis Company could offer. With the help of this cordless clipper, you can enjoy professional hair trimming at the comfort of your home. It comes with excellent blades, power, and efficiency, all to make that quality trimming possible.

The SlimLine comes with an elegant chrome design which is coupled with a lightweight body to allow you to achieve a perfect grip. Aside from that, the blade is also zero gapped so you can experience tidy shaving.

The trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can offer 2 hours of continuous runtime in just 2 hours and 15 minutes of charging. Included in the package are four combs of varying sizes to help you get the right length, a charger stand, blade oil, and a BeauWis Blade brush.

Overall, the Andis Slimline trimmer is an extremely powerful and durable clipper capable of catering to your grooming needs. Perhaps the only problem is that there have been some complaints regarding the battery which drains off very quickly.

9. Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Kit

If you’re looking for a professional and premium-looking clipper, this lithium-powered kit from Remington is certainly the one you’re after. Yet another quality product from Remington, it’s a complete kit that allows you to trim your beard, cut your hair, and groom your pubic hair with just one cordless trimmer.

There are 8 attachments included in the package including a foil shaver, clipper comb, and beard and stubble guard sizes. Another impressive feature is its self-sharpening blades which can trim through different hair types with absolute ease. These blades are accompanied by a powerful motor so you can trim your hair without any worries.

With its lithium-ion battery, the clipper is capable of running for 65 minutes after a full charge. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable trimmer for your grooming routine, this lithium-powered kit from Remington is a solid choice.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Hair Clippers

After reading these cordless hair clippers reviews, now, you know what to do next. But, before you finalize a purchase, you should take some time familiarizing the different factors that set hair clippers apart. While all of the products included in the list can get the trimming job done, each of them has its own differences. As such, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best cordless clipper:

  • Motor

You need to keep in mind that a cordless clipper operates through a motor that performs most of the grunt work. It’s the one responsible for cutting your hair by turning the blades. If a clipper’s motor is not powerful enough, it won’t be able to cut your hair quickly or even cut it at all.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re picking a clipper that comes with a powerful motor installed. Cheaper motors tend to provide an uncomfortable cutting experience, not to mention they burn out very quickly compared to quality ones. More powerful motors, on the other hand, trim tougher hair effortlessly without pulling, hence allowing you to enjoy a comfortable trim.

There are three different motor types available: magnetic, pivot, and rotary. Magnetic motors are the cheapest option while being both economical and versatile. Meanwhile, pivot motors run at a much slower speed but offer additional force when operating. Lastly, rotary motors are the most versatile, although they’re the most expensive as well.

  • Self-sharpening Blades

Self-sharpening blades are yet another necessity when picking a cordless clipper. With repeated use, the blades in your clipper will wear down over time. As a result, you may experience frequent pulling and snag of your hair.

Fortunately, you can avoid that with the help of self-sharpening blades. Most cordless clippers nowadays come fitted with self-sharpening blades. This type of blade can automatically sharpen itself each time you use a clipper. Hence, you no longer have to sharpen the blades or even buy new ones.

  • Guide Combs

Cutting your hair by yourself is a lot difficult than you think it is, especially if you don’t have any experience at all. This is why you need to choose a clipper that comes with a set of guide combs. These combs help make sure that you can cut just the right length of hair, preventing you from trimming too much hair unexpectedly.

Most cordless clippers on the market come with their own guide combs. While you don’t really need a lot, you want to make sure that their guide combs are durable and heavy-duty so they can last for a long time.

  • Storage

When buying a clipper, you’ll find that most of them don’t just include the clipper in the package. They also come with a number of accessories such as the guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, and a storage case.

The storage case is actually more than you could ever think of. As you store your clipper and accessories after use, they should be properly protected to make sure that their performance won’t be affected. This is where the storage case comes in handy. It should also be capable of transporting your clippers with ease.

How to Use a Clipper

If you haven’t used a clipper before, here are some tips you want to follow to properly use one:

  1. First of all, you want to make sure that you properly clean and wash your hair. A clean hair makes it a lot easier to trim and cut. It also helps you spot any areas you might otherwise miss.
  2. After that, choose the right attachment based on your desired length. If you prefer short hair, going for a ¼ or ½ inch attachment is ideal.
  3. If you’re doing it by yourself at home, you want to place a plastic sheet on the floor to catch any falling hair. Make sure you properly position yourself so you won’t be hunched over for a long period.
  4. Make sure you pick the right comb attachment in order to achieve your desired length. The ideal starting point is at the base of your head then towards the top. Always work against your hair’s direction to achieve a more efficient and smoother cut.
  5. Slightly tilt your head forward then let your clipper rest on the back of your head. Turn on the clipper and start applying a firm pressure then move up towards the top. Make sure you maintain a firm grip of your clipper.
  6. Keep repeating the same step until you’re able to achieve an even cut. You can also use a comb and run it through your hair so you can achieve an even finish. Check for any spots you might have missed.
  7. You may now move towards the sides of your head. As before, start from the base then work your way to the sides. Pull your ears so your clipper can get around them. Keep repeating as necessary until you get a smooth cut.
  8. Once you’re at the top, start by running your clipper at the front then work from the hairline backward until you get to the top. Continue until you get your desired length.
  9. Now you’re done. Just make sure to examine your head and comb your hair through to see if there are any areas you missed.

How It Works

The main component of a clipper is its motor. Attached to its motor is a piston that houses a set of sharpened blades. When the motor is turned on with the help of a battery, it will move quickly in a horizontal fashion. You can also notice a vertical axis movement.

These cause the blades to start rubbing against each other fast enough to cut hair. Since the blades installed in a clipper are self-sharpening, they are capable of cutting hair without pulling them out of your scalp.

Battery-powered clippers require little maintenance apart from just removing hair from the blades using a cleaning brush and applying blade oil every other cut. The clipper’s motor is encased inside a casing that is designed for handheld use.

Most modern clippers nowadays come with clipper “guards” which are made for styling. These guards are attached on top of the blades. Depending on the size, they can cover some teeth of the blades in order to achieve your desired length. For example, a guard measuring one-half inch can cover enough blade teeth to cut your hair at a half-inch length.

Alternatively, some clippers come with an adjustable lever on their blades for managing hair length precisely to as little as 1/32 of an inch. This is often used when trying to cut a “fade”, a type of haircut which shows a gradual taper of length on both sides of the head from an unlimited length located at the top to almost hairless skin on the sides. These are basically known as clippers for fades.

Cordless Clippers Cleaning Guide

Once you have purchased your cordless clipper, you want to make sure to clean it properly. After all, we don’t want to use a pair of dirty clippers when trimming the hair on our face. Hence, we need to know how we can clear them properly. Here are some tips you have to follow:

  • Start by removing the blades. You can do this by using a screwdriver. Remove the two screws located on top of the clippers which keep the head plate secured. Once done, remove the head and blades from your clipper.
  • Using a cleaning brush, quickly remove all visible hair you can find on the head plate and the inside of your clipper. You can find a small square hole where most of the cut hair has piled up together. Make sure you clean them all out. After that, place both the blades and clipper head in a warm water for a few minutes. Doing so will help loosen any smaller hair which is hard to remove.

With the help of a blade cleaning solution, brush the blade and clipper head until they’re thoroughly clean. You can use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water as an alternative to a blade cleaning solution if you don’t have one.

Using a towel, dry both the blade and clipper head for a few minutes.

  • Once the blade and head are completely dry, reattach them to the clipper. Point it down then turn it on. Afterward, apply a few drops of your blade oil across the top of your blades. Make sure you don’t add too much. Don’t use any other oil aside from blade oil when cleaning your blades. Fortunately, they’re really cheap and easy to find.

After you’re done applying oil, you now have a thoroughly cleaned hair clipper. Ideally, you need to do this after each use, but a few intervals wouldn’t hurt either.

Care and Maintenance

Just like properly cleaning your clipper, you should also make sure that it’s cared for and maintained properly. Otherwise, it will cause your tool to deteriorate a lot quicker or result in its blades dulling too quickly without you noticing.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to properly maintain and take care of your clipper. Here are some tips you just have to follow:

  • After each use, make sure you remove any hair and debris on your clipper’s device. You’ll find the cleaning brush included in the package to be really useful.
  • Always make sure that its blades are free of any hair. Then again, you want to use the cleaning brush and also blow into the blades to make sure any dirt and debris are removed.
  • Getting rid of any hair will not only ensure that your device will keep performing efficiently, it will also help you maintain its blades’ sharpness. At times, open your clipper and remove its internal components then clean them using a brush.
  • Apply the right amount of blade oil on your blades. This will not just extend the sharpness of your blades, it also makes sure that they can last for a longer time.
  • Clean the attachment combs using soap and water. Make sure they’re completely dry before you return them to the case.

Although most clippers nowadays come with self-sharpening blades, it is still important to keep them sharpened after each use. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them, but maintaining them properly can reduce the frequency of you doing so.

Final Notes

With a cordless clipper, you can perform trimming and cutting on your own while at the comfort of your home. There’s no need to go out and visit your local barbershop or salon. However, you just have to make sure that you properly maintain your device so it can last longer.

Hopefully, you can find the right clipper for your grooming needs. My list of the best cordless hair clippers 2018 should be enough to help you with your buying decision.

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