What are the Best Clippers for Fades in 2022

The fade haircut has become a widely growing trend among us men, and part of the reason for its popularity are online personalities and athletes who rock their own fades. Needless to say, I did try rocking the hairstyle, and I have to admit it was great.

The thing is, for me to achieve that cool cut, I have to use a clipper intended only for fades. If you also want to achieve the same look, you’ll have to invest your money in the best clippers for fades.

I have compiled my list of the best clippers I found on the market along with a quick buying guide. Let’s start.

Best Clippers for Fades in 2022 Reviews

1. Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl has established its name as one of the leading hair clipper manufacturers in the market. One of their products, the cordless Magic Clip, is just one of the best products they have to offer. This versatile clipper is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a product that can help you achieve that fade haircut with ease. Though it’s designed for commercial use, it’s very easy to use that you can even use it to cut your hair while at home.

As a versatile clipper, it comes with the precision that most professional hairstylists looking for. It sports a V9000 motor for a precise cut along with a lithium-ion battery which is capable of running up to 90 minutes straight on a full charge, you can charge this battery with the provided charging transformer or you may purchase a high quality 18650 battery charger from the market. Due to the Magic Clip’s motor, it actually offers 50% more power compared to other generic clippers.

What makes it stand out though is its variable thumb lever which allows you to adjust both the taper and texture without the need to change the blades. As a result, you can easily get the most intricate fade possible. Also, the fact that it’s cordless simply means you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. This is a popular clipper for balding as well.

Included in the package are a cleaning brush, blade oil, instruction manual, 8 attachment combs, a recharging transformer, and a blade guard.

2. Best Wahl Clippers for Fades – Wahl Professional Super Taper II

Another excellent product from Wahl, the Super Taper II is what you need when you’re looking for a professional-grade clipper. Aside from being really versatile, it’s also engineered to offer excellent cutting precision and a smooth, quick fade.

Powering the Super Taper II is a V5000 motor that ensures convenience and efficiency. As such, you can rely on this clipper when it comes to fades, tapering, and even heavy-duty cutting. Also, it runs a lot faster compared to standard clippers, which is why a lot of barbers prefer using this one.

Its ultra-sharp blades allow you to cut with precision, not to mention they’re designed to last for a very long time. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can change the cut length, taper, and texture with ease using a side lever.

The Wahl Super Taper II is no doubt a complete package. Included are 8 multicolor attachment comb guides to help you change the cut length with ease, a blade oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, and an instruction manual. With a sleek and premium-looking design that is perfect for fades, it surely is an excellent investment.

3. WarmLife Cord/Cordless Clipper

A really affordable choice for a hair clipper, the WarmLife clipper is the one you need if you want to achieve a fade cut on a budget. It’s powered by a 3.7V copper-axis motor which is stable and doesn’t make any noise, thus allowing for a quiet haircutting operation.

Perhaps one of the selling points of the WarmLife clipper is its battery life. It comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery which is capable of running up to 4 hours on a full charge. Additionally, it has a corrosion-resistant titanium blade plus a movable ceramic blade for efficient and long-term cutting. This results in a significant reduction of friction and wear, hence making it safe for use even on a baby’s skin.

You have the option of using the clipper corded or cordless. The package includes 8 attachment combs, a cleaning brush, a pair of scissors, blade oil, 2 lithium-ion battery, an instruction manual, a storage bag, and a 100-240V recharging transformer.

Lastly, WarmLife offers a 90-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. Hence, if you feel that the clipper can’t give you the fade you’re looking for, you simply have to contact their customer support for a refund.

4. Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

There’s never a shortage of quality products made by Wahl in the hair clipper market. The Designer is simply one of them. Just like the other Wahl products on this list, the Designer is designed for use by professionals and is known for offering sharp and precise performance that professionals look for.

Aside from its excellent performance, the Designer clipper also features an ergonomic design to offer you maximum comfort and ease of control. There are also high precision blades, an adjustable lever to allow you to blend and fade with ease, and a powerful electromagnetic motor that is responsible for its performance. With these features packed in one powerful clipper, you can expect it to cut all hair types both dry and wet.

For added convenience, the package includes 6 attachment combs, a blade oil, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, a comb, and a red blade guard. It also comes with a 1005 universal precision blade, an 8-ft chemical-resistant cord, and an electromagnetic motor. The product comes in two color versions: red and black.

5. Andis Master Adjustable Blade Clipper

Andis is another well-known manufacturer of hair clippers on the market. Their product, the Master clipper, is a versatile clipping tool designed for professional barbers for cutting through any hair type. As one of the most popular and reliable clippers for fades, this can help you get the cutting job done regardless of your hair type and thickness.

The product is built using high-quality materials which is easily recognizable by its durable and lightweight aluminum frame. It’s also got an ergonomic grip design to allow for a comfortable and secure grip.

One of the features of the Master clipper is its magnetic motor which is powerful yet operates silently while in use. It runs at 14,000 SPMs (strokes per minute), thus allowing you to enjoy that extreme efficiency and precision. It also comes with carbon-coated blades so you can get that precise cuts without having to worry about the blades corroding any time soon.

Another cool feature is its easy-to-use lever which allows you to adjust the blades easily. As a result, you can have complete control with the help of the side switch. While you can have a great investment with the Andis Master clipper, it doesn’t include a comb and guards in the package. Hence, you’ll have to buy a separate set of attachment combs.

6. Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

The Senior is deemed as the “father” of all the electromagnetic haircutters in the market. As a product made by Wahl, you can surely rely on its durability and quality. It’s designed to meet the needs of professionals with its sharp and precise performance.

The clipper comes with a powerful V9000 motor which is responsible for its quick and precise performance compared to most clippers on the market. The motor is designed to continuously run for hours without even overheating, hence making it the preferred choice by most barbers. It also features an ergonomic design that allows you to have a secure yet comfortable grip.

The durable metal housing makes sure that the clipper can last for a very long period of time. Its premium-looking design and sharp performance are the reasons why most professional barbers prefer using the Senior clipper.

Included in the package are 3 attachment combs, a brush, blade oil, and a blade guard. Overall, it’s a really excellent clipper to help you achieve that stylish cut anytime you want. Although it’s a bit bulkier compared to the other products on this list, you can surely count on its durability and performance.

7. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Like Wahl and Andis, Oster is also a well-known brand when it comes to hair clippers. This Fast Feed adjustable clipper is a classic-looking, professional clipper. Compared to the ones by Andis and Wahl, the Oster Fast Feed doesn’t heat up quickly and easily. Paired with an ergonomic design, it’s not surprising that it has managed to make it to this list.

This classic-looking clipper features a Whisper Quiet pivot motor for that excellent and long-lasting performance. You can also enjoy a quiet operation with the help of its fast feeder clip. Another notable feature of the Fast Feed is its excellent design which can fit in your palms perfectly and reduces the level of vibration significantly.

When using this clipper, you can surely notice the cut it can deliver, which is really helpful if you want to achieve a perfect fade. Its adjustable blades make it possible to change the settings quickly and easily. The package includes cleaning accessories, four attachment combs, and a blade guard.

Aside from possessing excellent tapering abilities, the Fast Feed Clipper is also made of high-quality materials, allowing it to be extremely durable and capable of lasting for years. It also has an 8-ft cord to allow you to maneuver it with ease. However, that might come as an inconvenience at times, especially if you want to cut your hair on the go.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Fades

Most clippers on the market nowadays come with a lever that allows you to change the blade length. Needless to say, it’s a really important component if you want to achieve that perfect fade. Aside from that, there are also a few other important factors you have to consider when shopping for quality clippers for fades. They are as follows:

  • Sharp and stainless steel blades

The sharpness and material used for creating the blades of a clipper will help you determine the precision of your cuts. The good thing is, most blades nowadays are self-sharpening. It simply means that you no longer have to do manual sharpening as they’ll do it on their own each time you use your clipper.

What you have to consider, instead, is to go for a blade that’s made of stainless steel. Don’t settle with blades that are prone to rust and corrosion, as they’ll only end up ruining your cuts and might even cause some injuries and infection.

Another popular material used in clipper blades is ceramic. However, despite being corrosion-free compared to stainless steel blades, ceramic blades are a lot more fragile. Therefore, they won’t last long since they are prone to breakage. Additionally, they are a lot more expensive to replace than steel blades.

  • Motor

Another important component to consider when buying a clipper is its motor. There are a variety of motors used in various hair clippers. Therefore, you need to consider how often you’ll be using your clipper along with your skill level.

You should also think about your hair type as some motors are designed for better cutting precision on certain types of hair. You want to ensure that your chosen clipper has a powerful enough motor to get the cutting job done without getting too hot quickly. If you plan to use your clipper for cutting your kid’s hair, you should also consider the vibration and noise level.

  • Corded or cordless

To be honest, choosing between a corded or cordless clipper all boils down to personal preference. If you want to get a quick trim, going cordless is ideal. Also, a corded clipper could cause a potential safety hazard when used on your kids simply due to its cord.

Cordless clippers, on the other hand, are a lot more convenient since you can use it just about anywhere you want. However, as they run using a built-in battery, you’ll have to recharge it first before you can even use it. Also, a fully charged clipper can only last for a few hours of usage.

Some stylists also claim that cordless models are less powerful compared to corded ones. But then again, the choice will fall down to personal preference.

  • Accessories

Accessories are yet another important factor when buying a clipper package. Ideally, you want to go for a product that comes with a number of essential accessories for its price. Most of the time, clippers come with their own set of attachment combs, a blade guard, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.

However, there are also some instances when you have to make a separate purchase, especially if you want to achieve a perfect cut.

How do you do a fade haircut?

Achieving the perfect fade can be really difficult, even for seasoned barbers, considering the number of factors you have to take into account. However, with a bit of practice along with the right tools, you can achieve a fade with the help of your clipper. Here’s how:

  • To start, damp your hair by using a water spray. Once it gets wet, cutting will become a lot easier. Let it dry for a while, then use a comb to part your hair. Make sure you park it in the right position.
  • After parting your hair, pick the right guard size depending on the fade you want to achieve. Typically, a lower guard size will give you a shortcut while a higher guard size results in a long cut.
  • Next is to determine where you should include the fade lines. This might be a bit tricky, but you can easily do so by taking your hair’s stature into perspective. The fade line is where your hair transitions from one length which starts from the back of your head and goes from one ear to another. Keep in mind, however, that the position of the fade line will matter based on your preference.
  • After including the fade line, section your hair’s top portion. You can do so by using a comb then tracing a rectangular shape on top of your skull. This will require skill and experience, but if done right, it can perfectly separate your top hair from the shorter hair.
  • Before you start clipping, use a hair band to separate your hair’s top portion from the sides. After that, trim your hair using the clipper. Make sure to move it vertically as you shave your hair. Start by trimming the sideburns, then slowly make your way to the back of your head. Don’t forget to maintain an arch with every movement.
  • Make sure you move in small sections as this will play a very important role in the end result. As you trim, push the trimmer forwards so that the blades can catch all of the hair. Then again, make sure you trim in small sections while maintaining a vertical motion.
  • After completing the surface using a specific guard, make sure you change it to one with a lower length. I recommend repeating the same technique used earlier.
  • Once you’re done, simply clean the fade with the help of a comb. Angle the comb in 45 degrees then run your clippers over the hair. Keep on repeating until you get a short hair with each shave. Don’t forget to use a comb, otherwise, you’ll ruin your fade.

What size of clippers do you use for a fade?

The Clippers used by barbers and the ones for personal use come with clipper guards which are attached to the clippers to help change the cut length. Each of the guards has its own size which signifies the haircut size they make.

Typically, you can use a clipper without a comb guard on. This will result indirectly in shaving your head using the blade, likewise known as size 0. Now, keep in mind that regardless if you use a size comb or not, you have to align the blades every time to make sure they perform perfectly.

Most people use a clipper guard size that ranges from ½ to 10. Basically, the higher the number, the longer hair will remain after cutting.

To answer the question, the size will vary depending on the fade you want to achieve. If you want a shorter fade, using a guard size with a lower number is ideal. Meanwhile, if you want to achieve a long cut, going for a higher guard size is recommended.

Final Note

The bottom line is, the best-looking fades were made possible with the help of the best clippers for fades. Hence, if you want to achieve precise and perfect cuts, investing in the best clippers is ideal. I have tried my best to review some of the best on the market along with a quick buying guide and a few helpful information.

Hopefully, my review of the best fade clippers can help you make an informed buying decision. Good luck shopping!

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