Best Balding Clippers in 2022 – Head Shaver Reviews

When people want to have a clean shaved head, the first thing that they’d reach for would most likely be a razor. While a razor is more popular among people, I find that balding clippers are more efficient in scalping my hair. They also prevent ingrown and itchiness.

If you want to shave your head like me because of a receding hairline or such, why not buy the best balding clipper you can find? I’ve made a good list for you to choose from so you won’t have to research too much.

Best Balding Clippers 2022 Reviews

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

If you’re looking for quality, then you’ll find it with this balding clipper brand. It’s a brand that you’ll probably find in most hair salons because it is commercial grade and has laser-sharp precision.

One of the best things about this clipper is that it has an electromagnetic motor. This electromagnetic motor allows you to cut hair faster than the usual pivot motor that most brands offer these days. Not only will you be able to get a very clean shave, but you’ll also get it really fast.

Aside from that, you’ll really appreciate this product because it’s lightweight. It is only about 6 inches long and has a total weight of 1 pound. This is extremely light and allows you to make quick shaves yourself. Also, it’s perfectly safe because the cord is chemical-resistant and the blade comes with a blade guard to ensure that you won’t cut yourself while setting up.

Lastly, you’ll notice that it’s got a great sophisticated red design. So whether you’re a regular person or even a hairstylist, you’ll definitely appreciate the whole look of your balding clipper.

2. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to waste time setting up your balding clipper because you’re always on the go, then this is probably the best product that you’ll be able to find. What I like best about this balding clipper is it’s very compact and easy to use design.  It’s designed to fit right in your palm so that you can have an easier time using it.

To add to its overall ease of use, it has this rubber grip at the end that allows you to hold it easily without it following down. With this little feature, you’ll be able to have total control over your balding clipper, allowing you to get the ideal haircut you want. It also has a no-cord mode wherein it runs on lithium batteries so that you don’t need to plug it in all the time. Of course, you also do have the option to plug it in if you don’t have any fresh batteries.

Lastly, this brand has what is known as the Power Curve Blade system which makes use of a curved blade. This curved blade allows you to make angles and contours on your haircut so that you can get a nice and clean shave.

3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

This is yet another great product from the selection of Wahl brands. As usual, Wahl brands really don’t disappoint when it comes to quality because they’re really built for professional use. Just like the above-mentioned Wahl product, this one also makes use of a professional-grade blade as well as a very powerful motor. However, it runs on a cool-running V9000 motor instead of an electromagnetic one.

I find that this product focuses a lot on power instead of speed. While the last Wahl product gives you a quick cut, this allows you to powerfully dispose of hair because of its strength. In fact, the motor is able to produce 50% more power than usual balding clippers.

This is especially good for hard-to-cut hair. There are times when really long and thick hair might jam up the clippers. Fortunately, this one has enough power to slice through even that kind of hair.

In the package, you’ll find that there are a lot of cool additional things included. There are 8 attachment combs, a nice cleaning brush, some oil, and a manual to help you set it up.

4. Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

What makes this brand pretty unique is that it’s a multipurpose balding clipper — hence the name. This means that it isn’t just used for trimming hair on the head but the ones on your face as well. With this trimmer, you no longer need to buy a head shaver or shaving cream. This can be used really well for dry shaving.

You’ll also notice that the blade is a bit different from regular hair trimming blades. The blades are a little bit closer to each other. This was designed in such a way that it is not only good for trimming hair but also for beards and mustaches.

Now, it may be small but that doesn’t mean it lacks power. In fact, it has a high-speed motor that can really shave off the hair from both your head and your face. Not only is it strong but also very efficient. It has a carbon T-shaped blade, allowing you to have a more even shave with great detail. This is definitely an amazing product that you can use for more than just giving yourself a haircut or shaving off your head.

5. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

We’ve got another Andis shaver that is also multipurpose and can be used to shave facial hair. However, this one is different with regard to size. This one is much smaller than the previously mentioned. It’s about 4.75 inches in length and one of the most useful shavers you can bring around.

I would say that it’s pretty similar to the Remington product that I’ve mentioned earlier in this review. The only difference is that this one has blades that are closer together, making it more suitable for shaving facial hair. Just like the Remington brand, this one has also no-cord mode, if you install some lithium battery on it.

It can last for around one and a half-hour before the batteries die out. Of course, you do have the option to use the cord once the batteries die.

One of the best things that I like about this product is that it has hypoallergenic foil heads. As a person with sensitive skin, I really appreciate this feature as I usually get skin irritation when I shave. However, I don’t really experience anything like that with this Andis clipper.

Best Balding Clippers Buying Tips

As per my experience, those 5 clippers are the best ones that you can find anywhere. I have carefully tried and tested all of them and they all work really well. So all you have to do now is to choose which of the 5 suits you best.

If it’s your first time using a balding clipper, I understand that choosing the right one for you may be a little difficult because all of them have different features. You need to choose the one that has features that are good for you and your own needs.

To help you with that, I’ve come up with a little buying guide that can make choosing the right clipper easier. When you’re choosing which clipper to pick, just follow these factors in selecting the one most suited for you:


The first thing that you should look out for when buying a hair clipper would be the motor. You would want a smooth and powerful motor if you want your hair to be totally shaved. When checking out the motor, I usually look at the voltage to know the motor strength. I find that 120V is a fairly standard figure for most hair clippers. Anything above is pretty good too.

Cord or No Cord?

Another thing to take into consideration would be whether you want to buy the one with a cord or the one that can work without a cord. Obviously, the one without the cord would have to run on batteries. So if you happen to buy one without a cord, then you’d have to buy some batteries to make it run. If you buy one with a cord though, they are a bit more powerful and don’t rely on batteries to run.

The choice will really be up to your own preference. For me, I would suggest that those who travel a lot should buy the cordless type as it’s more practical for them to shave whenever they’re traveling or on the go.

Blade Quality

When you look at brands, you must always look at the blade quality. While most blades are already self-sharpening, there are those that aren’t and are of low quality. Personally, I prefer the self-sharpening types because they give more value for your money and produce much better results.

Accessories Included

This isn’t such a crucial factor, but it does add to the whole attractiveness of the package. When you buy your hair clipper, you might want to check the accessories that come with it. Obviously, the more accessories the package has, the better the purchase. The brands that I’ve mentioned above all come with a lot of great accessories like a small storage bag, oil, extra combs, and many more.


The last thing that you would have to watch out for is the price. While we’re all trying to save money when we make our purchases, we have to watch out for products that seem to cost too low. These are usually the low-quality types that break easily. The brands in my review above are all reasonably priced and of good quality.

Bald Head Maintenance

Now that I’ve mentioned some of my favorite products and given you an idea on how to choose the best product for your needs, here are a few other tidbits that you may find useful.

It’s important to take note that even when you shave your head, your hair will grow back little by little. Sometimes, your head could produce ingrown hairs that will look terrible on your scalp. In order to keep your shave looking good, you need to maintain your bald head.

How do you do that?

Well, depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll need to shave quite regularly if you want to keep the bald look. However, it could be a problem if you shave all the time. You see, the friction and heat from the blade may irritate your scalp and even cause rashes.

In order to prevent that, I load up on a lot of moisturizers. This will help keep your skin moist so that it won’t itch or irritate. We all know that moisturizers are very important for the skin because they keep the skin from breaking out in rashes. The same thing goes for your scalp. After shaving, your head is now more susceptible to rashes—especially if you always shave. Keeping it moisturized will help lessen the chances of such things occurring.

Aside from moisturizer, I suggest that you also put some SPF on your head. When you’ve just shaved your head, you’ll notice that your scalp is rather sensitive to heat from the sun. To protect your head from the elements, you may need to buy a good SPF or sun protector so that your scalp won’t get burnt. Apply your SPF every time before you go out during the day.

How do you keep your head bald?

One of the most common questions that a lot of people ask me is how do I keep my head bald? I noticed that most of my friends who try out the bald look can never seem to get it because they still have traces of hair after they shave. Eventually, the hair goes back and ends up being uneven. If you want to keep your head bald, there are a few things that you’ll need to do. Here are the steps I took:

  • Use your trusty hair clipper to buzz all your hair away until you have no more hair left.
  • Soak your head in some warm water and wash away all the remaining hair.
  • Pull out some shaving cream and apply the shaving cream all over your head.
  • Take out your razor and glide it all over your head until all hair is gone.
  • Make sure that you glide the razor in the direction where your hair is growing.
  • Soak your head in warm water and wash all the remaining hair out.
  • Apply a bit of your post shaving oil or moisturizer on your head so that you don’t get any type of skin irritation or the like.

After that, you should be able to have a nice bald head. The next thing to think about is maintenance. As I’ve mentioned in the section before this, you have to make sure that you maintain your bald head well so that it will remain like that. You have to regularly put moisturizer and the occasional SPF when you go out.

More importantly, you’ll need to shave it every week as you would with your mustache or beard to prevent it from growing. If your hair grows really fast, you may even need to shave it every other day. The good thing about maintenance though, is that you can skip the buzzing part and just directly use your razor along with your shaving cream.

Of course, I know that it’s quite a hassle if you’re going to have to shave your head very regularly (especially if your hair grows really fast). That is why I have a few friends who use hair removal cream or have undergone hair removal laser treatments to maintain their bald heads.

Personally, I would avoid these sorts of things because I’m very careful with chemical ingredients and lasers. I would rather just shave regularly and keep safe. However, you may go for these treatments provided you get the go signal from your physician. Otherwise, I’d not recommend it.

How to clean balding clippers

If you want to maintain your bald look, then you must also make sure that you maintain your clippers well. You’re going to be using your clippers a lot if you want to retain your bald look so you better make sure you keep it in good condition. The best way to do that is to clean it regularly so that it will continue to work well. If you’re a first-timer in using balding clippers, then I’ll teach you how to clean them the proper way:

The first thing that you have to do is to disassemble the clipper so that you can clean even the deeper parts found inside. After you’ve disassembled the clipper, you have to clean out any remaining hair that’s left in the clipper. In most packages, you’ll find a small cleaning brush inside. You’re to use that cleaning brush to brush away any remaining hair on the clipper.

The next thing to do is to use the oil found in your package and apply it to the blades. You have to apply oil to the blades after each use.

If you do this religiously, then you’ll definitely be able to maintain your clipper well. What happens if you don’t clean your clipper well? For one, all the trapped dirt and debris from your last haircut can give you skin irritations and rashes. Also, dirt and hair might jam the insides of your clipper causing it to stop working. If you want your clippers to work well continuously, make sure to clean it.

Final Notes

Are you now ready to buy your first set of clippers? I definitely hope that this little guide was able to help you make your choice. For me, it’s important that you compare all the features of the potential clippers you want to buy before you make the actual purchase.

Also, you should have some criteria when choosing your product so you’ll know which one suits you the most. That’s where my buying guide comes in. Put that all together and you’ll be able to buy the best balding clipper you can get.

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