Animal Grooming Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis UltraEdge

Animal Grooming Detachable Blade ClipperThe Andis UltraEdge clipper for furry pets has detachable chrome blades, the 14-inch heavy-duty cord, and sturdy body. Its motor produces low-noise during operations; the blades allow for ease of cleaning and replacement. Lubricate the blades with oil regularly, and keep them free from moisture and rust. This grooming tool is ideal for big and small cats with medium coats.

The sharp blades offer full-body grooming, touch-ups, and trimming of hard-to-reach body parts. More so, the round electric cord is 14 inches; allows the clipper handler to adjust to the movement of irritable pets. The pet clipper’s cover and switch are made of a strong plastic material; switching between high and low speeds is easy with a button. The sleek design and bright color distinguish this brand from other pet clipping machines.

Every part of the pet clipper has strong and durable materials. The 2-speed feature works effectively with a cool-running smart motor that has been built to last longer. Without emitting unbearable heat, the motor works with low vibration and noise. Purchase this brand to experience the performance from a super two-speed rotary motor that shreds coats of furry pets. This is one of the best dog clippers on the current market.

Features of the Detachable Blade Clipper

Detachable blades

The detachable blades feature allows amongst many uses to disassemble, clean, and store the grooming tool after use. it’s a versatile feature that makes this product trendy and stylish. However, oil the detachable chrome blades regularly to prevent rusting.

Two-speed motor

The built-in rotary motor works with a two-speed mechanism for high and low movement. Regardless of the setting, the electric motor has a smart design and runs smoothly with fewer vibrations. During operation, the low noise for it vibration will not distract sensitive pets. There’ll be less heat emission and no need for the fan or cooling system.

Sleek design for safe operations

There’s a locking switch is a safety device, it prevents an accidental shut-off while using the pet clipper. The pet clipper’s body has ergonomic designs; the feature allows for firmer and wider grip. The handler can move about easily because the 14-feet electric cord is longer than those of regular clipping tools.

Chrome blade

The high-grade chrome blade is 1.5mm thick, quick, and powerful. The UltraEdge clipper has a size 10 blade that can be resharpened and replaced. It has a longer lifespan and stays sharp even after many trim sessions. The detachable chrome blades are snag-free and don’t pull animal furs while shaving them.

  • Detachable blades
  • Sturdy (break-resistant) housing, and lightweight material
  • Two-speed rotary motor
  • Locking switch
  • Low noise, and vibration from the rotary motor
  • Little and incomplete grooming accessories

Final Verdict

The detachable blade clipper for pets has a cool-running smart motor and sturdy design. The powerful rotary motor has settings for two speed (low and high) and produces fewer vibrations. Pets can be restless and easily distracted even while trimming their coats. So, there’s a locking switch safety feature that prevents shut offs while using the clipper. More so, the pet clipper has a 14-inch cord that offers ease of movement. Detach and clean the blades easily, oil them to prevent rust. With a dimension of 10 x 2.6 x 8 inches; the clipper is lightweight and easy to grip.

The blades slice through thick coats of terriers,  poodles, and spaniels. Touch-ups, trims, cuts, and body grooming styles are easy for pet lovers while using this tool. Apart from medium size dogs, animal trainers recommend this detachable blade clipper for cats with a dense fur. Noise-sensitive animals are calm because the blades are rotary motor are cool-running.

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